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Sex Education Topics..

You are here : home > Sex Education > Contraception > Various forms of contraception

Various forms of contraception

Various forms of contraception

What are the various forms of contraception

There are various forms of contraception, ranging from natural family planning methods which are least invasive, to intrauterine devices which require a doctor's intervention:

(a) Natural family planning methods:

These methods are based on the principle that conception can be avoided by abstaining from sex during the woman's most fertile period. The two most popular methods are the temperature method and the rhythm method. These have a very high success rate when combined with other forms of contraception.

(b) Artificial barriers:

These methods mechanically block the sperm from entering the uterus. These include condoms, diaphragms (soft rubber cup-like devices used with sperm-killing cream, inserted into the woman's vagina before intercourse), intrauterine devices or IUDs (inserted into the woman's vagina and kept there for the entire time she does not wish to conceive), vaginal insert contraceptives, etc. In addition to contraception, the advantage of these barrier methods is that they prevent the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

(c) Spermicides:

Creams, foams, jelly and similar substances with special spermicidal chemicals can be useful contraceptives. These substances are inserted into the vagina before intercourse, and essentially immobilize the sperms and make them ineffective.

(d) Birth control pills:

Birth control pills are specially designed to control the hormone levels of the woman. These pills need to be taken daily, for the entire duration that the woman is sexually active and does not wish to conceive. If taken correctly, success rate is close to 100%, but the drawback is that one needs to remember to take it daily, else it loses its effectiveness.

How effective are these various contraceptive methods

The table below indicates that the success rates are higher for contraceptives that are more invasive:

Rhythm method80% on average
Foam80% on average
Diaphragm85% on average
Condom90% on average
Combination pill97% on average

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Dr Sachin Chitnis
Dr Sachin Chitnis.8 years ago
Though Condom is Supposed to give 100% Protection, the Efficacy depends ! As per study done, it's Failure rate ranges from 12% to 25% ( 75%-88% efficacy). This is calculated in Womans/year. Means if 100 couples opt for a particular method & Follow it for a year without using any other method, the number of Pregnancies is Calculated as failure rate.The Condom is unreliable because, it needs to be used every time which Males do not like, Improper use, Condom leakage or Slippage etc. Medical Drugs do have their side effects & proper selection needs to be done, the Females needing Contraception may not give proper history for the fear of being rejected for a particular method of Contraception. I discourage the Activity of certain females particularly mentioning Not to use any particular modality because of Side effects. These Ladies should understand that For Every Drug there are side effects which may not be encountered in Every person.
mohina.8 years ago
the article is very informative and helpful..
Rohan.9 years ago
artificial barriers are quite popular method of birth control. there are various options available in barrier methods. i would anytime opt for these methods as they are safe, effective and without much side effects.
priya.9 years ago
are natural methods of family planning effective? is it safe to prevent pregnancy using only this method? i do not want to use any other method of birth control as i fear for the side effects.
sussane.9 years ago
a comprehensive and well described write-up. it helps in understanding various contraceptive options and makes choosing a simpler process.
Yuvi.9 years ago
which is the best and safe contraceptive option for females? i do not want a baby for quite some time now so want a long term effective birth control option. are birth control pills safe for long term use?
ram.12 years ago
this is very useful information
nonso.12 years ago
this is educative
rmh.12 years ago
investigate/research the sympto-thermo method from couple-to-couple league. it is a combination of both methods to increase reliability. it is internationally taught.
karthik.12 years ago
it is nice experiance whenever
we go for the other one.otherwise we will get aids
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