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You are here : home > Teen Issues > Career Options > Armed Forces, a Great Career Option

Armed Forces, a Great Career Option

Joining armed forces can be one of the great career options for kids. Read on to know more about armed forces as a career option.

The most difficult stage in a teenager's life comes when it is time to contemplate professional goals or chalk out a career path. Many teenagers, out of high school and college, are confused and aimless about what they want to do in life. Children come in social contact with doctors or teachers often, so that they may subconsciously think of these professions as obvious career options. But, away from such mainstream professions, there are as many off-beat professions today as there are ideas floating around. At such times, as parents of a teenager, you have to be aware of the various career options yourselves so that you can guide your son or daughter well.

Here, we will dwell over one such career option - the Armed Forces. It is a matter of honour and pride to join the Armed Forces as these personnel are looked upon as saviours or defenders of nations and its people. It is one of the few noble professions left today.

The Armed Forces comprise three arms or services, that of the Army, Navy and Air Force. Apart from defending the borders from external threats, the Armed Forces are often involved in humanitarian missions like the UN Peacekeeping forces and in disaster management. In the event of earthquakes, floods or avalanches, the Army, Navy and Air Force are the first to reach the disaster-prone areas for search and rescue missions. In the recent tsunami disaster, the Indian Navy did yeomen service in sending its ships and its men with food and medicines to Sri Lanka for relief operations.

The Indian Military Academy's Chetwood Hall bears an inscription, which reads: "The safety, honour and welfare of your country comes first, always and every time. The honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command, come next. Your own ease, comfort and safety comes last, always and every time." That truly epitomizes what a solider stands for and what he should be. Selfless service for the nation and its people is a soldier's brief, which he is trained to follow unfailingly.

But, apart from that, the military also offers a great opportunity for growth and a good life. Today, even women are welcome in the Armed Forces in education, logistics, air traffic control and legal branches. Let us see what you stand to gain by joining the Armed Forces.

1) Head start

In the Armed Forces, you get to begin your career early in life. Candidates begin their career and training when they are anywhere between 15 - 20 years of age, of course, eligibility varies from country to country. Some countries have conscription or compulsory enrolment, but most modern democracies do not have such a provision.

The training period can be anywhere from one to three years, again depending on your nationality. Aspirants can join as officers or in non-officer cadres as ratings, but both follow different career patterns. The officers, of course, are entitled to greater privileges and perks. An advantage of this early head start in career is that after 10 -15 years of service, you are still young enough to choose a career outside the Armed Forces, if you so desire. Moreover, the military training and service, by its very nature highly equips you for other jobs, say in managerial positions. Naval personnel can make a smooth transition to Merchant Navy and Air Force pilots can shift to commercial airlines without much ado.

2) Training

Training and education in most defence academies is free or, at least, highly subsidized. Considering the prohibitive costs of education in other streams, this is quite a scream. Academies around the world have tie-ups with university programs and along with military training you stand to get a graduate degree or a diploma.

Military training lays great emphasis on physical fitness and discipline. In India's National Defence Academy, every cadet's study table has Rudyard Kipling's inspirational poem, 'If' framed. That singularly epitomizes what the academy training seeks to achieve.

As part of the training, you will get to indulge in a wide variety of sports - from sailing and mountaineering to horse-riding and rifle shooting. Later, into the service you can continue with the adventure sports either as a hobby or take it up seriously as a profession. The silver medalist in shooting in Olympics 2003, Major Raghvendra Singh Rathore is a professional archer apart from being an Army officer. Indeed, it was his Army training and coaching which has been instrumental in his success.

3) Leadership skills

Soldiering is all about facing situations whether it is waging wars, encountering militants or going on humanitarian missions. Soldiers have to rise up to difficult challenges, offer succour and battle with life and death - all this amidst great expectations from people. If you relish challenges and like to live on the edge of life, then this is the job for you.

Life in the Armed Forces also gears you to rise above individual aspirations, forget differences and work as a team towards a common aim. It calls for great leadership skills and fosters the spirit of camaraderie which shall stand in good stead in any walk of life.

4) Broadening of horizons (Lateral education)

Armed Force personnel get posted in a variety of places - islands, forests, mountains and even deserts. They come in contact with varied flora and fauna, heritage, cuisines, people and culture - which is like lateral education for their children and families. They get to dine with the kings and sup with the commoners, so to say. Such kind of living makes them truly cosmopolitan. After a while, the distinction of race, caste and creed disappears and they assume truly homogenous identities.

In a country like India, with its diversities, inter-caste marriages in the Armed Forces are rampant and you get to see national integration at its best, here.

5) Travel

While they get posted in interesting and remote places, the personnel also get great opportunities to travel. The Indian Navy's motto has been: "Join the navy and see the world". But that holds true of all the three services of the Armed Forces. Today, as the world is shrinking, there is a lot of interaction and as such the military personnel are constantly touring foreign countries for expositions or exercises, whether it is air shows, fleet reviews or peacekeeping missions. Many go on diplomatic postings or are sent for undergoing certain formal courses.

6) Pay and perks

The pay scales in the Armed Forces are fairly competitive and in most cases, the perks include accommodation. The living quarters - the cantonment areas or the designated townships - invariably have good surroundings and are ordered. The officers are the cream of society, and they have an unmistakably enhanced quality of life.

Contrary to some notions, the Armed Force personnel are not war-mongers; they are simply conscientious soldiers carrying out the duty of defending their nation against external threats. But there are facets to their work which many of us do not know. A career in the Armed Forces makes for a wholesome personality, and indeed, a wholesome life.

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Ajay Sharma.9 years ago
indian army short service commission give us lot of good opportunity to do something to our country. one of my cousion brother has join the indian army. he is really enjoying it, when it will get retired from the army. he will get preference in applying for job in government institutions.
Zebra.9 years ago
cool! people in the military are defending our country. they sometiems give their lifes for the usa! have you ever throught about the children and widows of the military men who died. they need love. pray for them!
Chick.9 years ago
my chick is joining the marines? is it right of woman to fight like in war??????????? waht's like people say and god like say about that?
jamie.9 years ago
how old do u have to be to be trainer for the summer i am 16 going to be 17 and i want someone to train me for miltiary cause i want to go to military boot camp
Bhakti.9 years ago
is the armed forces really a career option? considering the nepotism and corruption plaguing the forces, i do not think so. please project the harsh realities of this life as well.
Gulf Vet.9 years ago
i to have ptsd and it took me 3 years to get benifits from the va. that transition time from military to civilian life gets real difficult. i am now 100% disabled. the best thing to do is that when you get your rating which is wromg most of the time. just appeal.appeal.appeal...i almost gave up. many vet give up. it is easy to do because it is so frustration. i appealed 7 times. and the last appeal i contacted my congressman and after that stuff speed get your congressman to do a look into your claim. i hope this helps
kartik.9 years ago
army an option for youth?
no…….. never ……………
to get the answer read the lines below very carefully and seriously.
in an organisation where 80 percent of officers get superceded at the service of just 16-17 years it means that 80 percect get no promotion after the age of around 38/39 years and start waiting for retirement till their age is 54 years. not only this, once they get superceded at the rank of lt col (at the age of 38/39 years) they are forced to stay in the pay scale of 15100— in this pay scale they reach at the maximum of this pay scale at the service of just 22 years (it means at the age of 43/44 years).
now just imagine when this lot of officers interact with young boys in civil do you expect them to give a good image of army? this superceded lot which is increasing every years at the rate of approximately 500/600 will impact much more than any other advertisement campaign by army.
this country is not giving army officers even equal to what any other class one job officer is getting (just forget ias /ips for a moment)the calculations in support of this fact is given at the end of this article.
in ima the first thing is taught is that “when rape is enevitable enjoy it” that is what all army men who are forced to stay in army due various reasons are doing it. no amount of disscussion can bring the realities of army life. mind you it is worse than your imagination.
if you want to do something for army at least put them equal to other class one job. do not try to make brigadier of general just give them the minimum basic pay scale which is being given to any other class one job.
for example in any other class one job all officers who are directly selected and start with the pay scale of 8000 –13500.
100 percent of them achieve the pay scale of 16400—22400 at the service of 15/16 years . at least give this much to army also. at present only 20 percent ( colonel rank)go into that pay scale that too upper limit is just 19350 for them
it is suggested that put all lt col in pay scale of 16400—22400 at the service of 15/16 years and forget about there promotions. also let them serve till the age of 58 years.

shortage of officers in army
atleast put them equal to other class one jobs

the table given below shows the pay scale of few class one jobs in indian government
ias ips university
lecturers army
the pay scale includes the
rank pay
8000-13500 0 years 0 years 0 years 0 years (8250-10050)
1000-15200 4 years (10650-15850) 4 years 4 years 4years (10000—11800)
12000-16500 9 years(12750-16500 9 years 9 years 9years (13125-16050)
14300-18300 13 years (15100-18300) 13 years does not exist 13 years (15100-18700)

does no exist 14-16 years

(100 percent of direct ips officers reach upto this level) 17 years

100 percent of lecturers reach at this level 17-18 years (17100-19350)

(only 20 percent of direct commisioned army officers reach at this level)
18400-22400 16 years

(100 percent of direct ias officers reach upto this level) —– —– ——-

the conclusion
1. the indian army officers are not even equal to any other class one job of indian government.
2. every xyz who joins any class one job in india is sure shot to reach the pay scale of
3. on joining indian army a young boy can not even hope to get the what other class one job officers get.
4. only 2o percent can hope to go beyond the rank of lt col in army . it means only 20 percent of young boys who join as an army officer can hope to get the pay scale of 16400—22400 or more ( note the point here that in every other class one job all xyz officers who join initially gets this pay scale).
5. the above point indicates that 80 percent of army officers (who has more than 17 /18 years of service are rejected and dejected
6. now a request to pay commission
army officers never hope to get what ias gets. but kindly give them what other class one job officers are getting. that means the pay scale of 16400—22400.

the solution
1. there is a simple solution for this problem.
just put the lt col in the pay scale of 15100—22400 instead of 15100—18700

and this will ensure that army officers get atleast what other class one job officers are getting
KARTIK.9 years ago
more for army officers?
i feel army is creating unnecessary hype on pay commission report. because the young boys who join army with a second class degree(the ss and direct entries) in their hand are well aware of the fact that they are going to become only a second class officer (in compare to other class one officers in govt of india)in indian army. the only exception may be the nda boys .but then the government must advertise all the facts about army through media like 90 percentof you will be thrown out of army at the age of 54 years.before that at the age of 42 years 80 percent of you will be proved that you are that only those chaps join army who are looking forward for spiritual satisfaction and require minimum amount of money.
ANIK CHOWDHURY..9 years ago
can any of you give the real picture of comparison between corporate and the armed forces?i would be highly obliged.
ajay.9 years ago
please dont make the mistake of joining indian army. i will give three solid reasons for it:-
1 promotions r slower than other govt organization and life is harder.
2 after 6th pay commission
indian army officer has even become junior to police/crpf/cisf etc officers in status if u compare them with veing same yrs of service.
3. when u r reqd by ur parents and family be rest assured u will not be there on the name ntional securit.
4. if u die, after death ur family will be made to struggle for every thing.
5. u will loose ur social circle at ur home town and will feel the pinch after retirement.
6. indian army offrs unlike other organisation r not given uniform pension based on ur rank.
7. if not promoted u wil retire equal to a director that too if u put in 26 yrs of service , so even state govt officers r better in status then army officer.

even after all this u want to join then please go ahead.
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