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You are here : home > Child's Healthcare > Keeping your child healthy > How to Take Care of Your Child's Health during Winters

How to Take Care of Your Child's Health during Winters

How to Take Care of Your Child

Are you worried about your child falling sick during winter? Here are a few tips to take care of kid's health during winter.
During winters children get affected with common illnesses easily. If some precautionary measures are taken, it is easier to keep the common winter season illnesses at bay.
When winters arrive, there is a chill in the air. The weather is cold and mothers are often worried about their child's health. Here are a few ways to protect your child's health in winter.

Eat Fatty Foods

It is often said that eating foods rich in oil or ghee is good for winter. Many people in North India eat more of foods rich in fat content during the winter because the body loses fat in winter and skin becomes dry. In order to provide some moisture to the skin, one can prepare foods with cream, butter, oil, ghee, etc. There is no harm providing parathas, eggs, etc to children in winter. Eggs generate heat in the body which is good for winter. However do not end up feeding too much also.

Warm Clothes

Ensure that kids wear warm clothes in winter. Providing warm clothes in winter prevents children from falling sick. In case, the weather is very cold, you can also give your kids socks or gloves. Children can wear a sweater while going out or to school. Thick clothes will help your child feel warm and cosy. Mother's hug can also make children feel warm, happy and nice. Warm clothes provide comfort and cosiness.

Moisturize Skin

Skin often becomes dry during winters. Hence, ensure that your child's skin is moisturized well enough. You can buy moisturizer and some lip balm for the lips after consulting your doctor. In case, skin becomes extra itchy or dry, you can certainly consult a doctor. Sometimes skin becomes scaly and dry causing discomfort. If the moisturizer does not help then speak to a doctor. As mentioned earlier, eating fatty foods also helps in making skin healthy during winters. Skin which is well-hydrated does not become dry.

Sleep on a Mattress

Ensure that children sleep on a mattress. Tell them to avoid lying on bare ground. The floor is often cold during the winter and children can fall sick lying on bare floor. Children should also avoid remaining bare body during winter. Remaining bare body especially during winters is not good. Ensure that you and the kids drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Sleep on bed or mattress preferably. Close the doors and windows at night as your child can fall sick due to the cold air.

Bathe in Warm Water

Children should bathe in warm water during winter. They can also sip warm water while they are at home. Ask children to dry themselves properly with a towel after taking bath. They should avoid sitting directly under the fan after taking bath until they are totally dry. As much as possible avoid spending time in air conditioned rooms.

General Healthcare Tips

Provide children warm water and warm soups while they are in the house. If possible ask kids to go out in the evening instead of mornings. To boost your child’s immunity try some home remedies. You can mix juice of Tulsi leaves with honey and tell children to have it. Do not visit hill-stations during winter as children will feel cold. If you want to take your children for vacation, take them to places with warm or reasonable climate instead of hill-stations.
Thus, here are some precautions which you can take in winter. At the same time, one should enjoy winters as well. Do not desist winter. Look forward to all the wonderful things this season brings with it. Take care of children's health but enjoy the weather at the same time.

How to keep children healthy during winters? Which are the common winter season illnesses affecting children? What kind of home remedies help to prevent illnesses in children during winter? Discuss here.

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Sonia.6 years ago
Children must wear warm clothes and should be made to wear socks while sleeping.
Barkha.6 years ago
Making them drink purified water is important to keep illnesses at bay during winters.
Palak.6 years ago
It is a must to take care of child's health during winters because it is usual for them to catch illnesses like cough and cold during season.
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