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Green Indoors

Green Indoors

Lush green sprawling gardens are a luxury only those staying in bungalows or row houses can afford; no such luck for the apartment dwellers of sky-rises. But there is a certain charm in indoor gardening, where small open spaces such as terraces, balconies, patios or even largish windows of a house can be converted into green corners. You many not have the good fortune of watching the wonderful climber intertwined on a giant flowering tree or an emerald lawn, or yet again, a colourful fence or multitude of birds, but the smell and feel of the greens can be yours.


Houseplants are a great way to bring the verdant outdoors inside. Plants bring in fresh air and aid in purifying the home environment, not to mention that they enhance the decor greatly. Rows and rows upon pots of varying shapes, sizes and designs give the matchbox garden a unique appeal. Terracotta pots or attractive ceramics can be flaunted and displayed under this pretext. Indoor gardening is entirely different from outdoors, in fact it is more controlled and therefore, easier. Of course, you need to weigh the natural conditions of light, wind and rain before you decide where and how to put the potted plants and more importantly, what to plant.

Plants that thrive in shade or do not require direct sunlight can be cultivated at home. There are some plant-lovers who particularly fancy the wild dense-forest look; they can achieve it by exclusively growing foliage. For others, who lay store by colour and fragrance, flowering plants would be the obvious choice. But most flowering plants require special care.

If you are a beginner, then you could possibly grow these common varieties in pots or containers in your terrace garden.


One of the oldest plant-life, the perennial, fern, comes in dazzling varieties, each one more attractive than the other. The rich green fronds of the large bracken fern and the exquisite beauty of the Maidenhair and Spleenwort make them very popular as indoor plants. Ferns prosper in moist places and need to be watered well, otherwise the leaflets can dry out. Precisely for this reason, an ideal place for it in the house would be the bathroom or even the kitchen sink, if place permits.

For the forest-like feel, there is the Staghorn fern. It's large forked leaves, much like the reindeer's antlers and dark green in colour will give your garden an exotic appeal. This plant requires partial shade and can be put on a Sphagnum moss stick for better support, alternately you can hang it in a wire-mesh basket filled with moss.


Philodendrons are low-maintenance foliage plants found in all imaginable shades of green. The leaves have a very attractive gloss and sheen that is also an indication of its good health. They come both as climbers and trailers. Climbers can be trained on a moss stick. The trailers, on the other hand make great table-tops, as they sprout new growths at the base and cascade beautifully. The trailing roots can be clipped and the runners repotted. Alternately, they can be gently redirected to come in contact with the soil so that they sprout fresh foliage again.

Philodendrons require medium light - not too low and not too bright. The soil should be barely wet and should be allowed to dry in between watering. A small pot will be conducive for thicker foliage, as in case of these plants more crammed the quarters for the roots, the better it is. Spray water on the leaves everyday to wash off dust for the moist glistening look.

Philodendrons are survivors and hence, a good choice for the amateur home-gardeners.


Palms are very graceful and elegant plants. The long leaflets of lady palm and the fans of umbrella palms, in shades of rich deep green, are a popular choice with five-star hotels and auditoriums, precisely for their majestic appearance.

Palms are essentially wild tropical and subtropical plants, but some species are sturdy enough to survive home conditions. Some palms are single-stemmed, while others have multiple stems branching out. The common indoor varieties are bottle palm, fan palm, parlour palm, lady palm and bamboo palm. Baby palms require shade or else their translucent, delicate leaves will burn out. But the mature ones can do with a bit of sunning for a while everyday for them to flourish well. Unlike the wild palms, the potted palms slow down in growth. That is So much the better, as they grow up to four to six feet outdoors.


Poinsettias Poinsettia is a stunningly beautiful flowering plant with yellow or red star-shaped blooms, the bracts of which look very similar to the leaves. Poinsettias are very popular as Christmas decorations because of the legend associated with it. Indoors, they add a dash of colour to the garden, but are not easy to cultivate.

The plant should be potted in an organic mix and fertilized periodically. Poinsettias love the sun, but rather than bathing them in direct sunlight, they are better placed near a window with sunlight streaming in. Periodic pruning of leaves is desirable to give it a thick bushy silhouette, or else it will grow an ungainly lanky stalk without much foliage.


Crotons Crotons are very common and can be seen in gardens and parks and even homes. In fact, they get lost in the verdant foliage of parks, but make it a standalone at home and see how different and glamorous it looks. Croton's charm is in its variegated foliage, streaked with veins and dotted with spots. The leaves are mutli-coloured with shades of yellows, pinks, reds, oranges and greens.

Crotons should be misted often; in fact, it is better to wipe the leaves with a sponge or soft cloth to remove dust. Healthy plants should have glossy and crunchy leaves. They need to be watered well but ensure that there is no water logging. The potted variety will look eye-catching if it is bushy and not sparse. Hence, pruning of leaves and pinching of stems is advisable.

And lots more…

The above-mentioned five species are just guiding examples for you to start on home gardening. Apart from these, there are the rubber plants, dracaenas, marantas, spider plants and cactus. The list is endless. But remember a few points when it comes to a home garden.

  • Place all pots together on the terrace or balcony and let this be your main garden. Plants prosper well when they are in the company of others.

  • You can remove pots from the terrace garden and place them in attractive bigger ceramic pots or brass containers to decorate spaces in your living room, kitchen and bathroom.

    But, ensure that you keep rotating the potted plants, so that they come back to the company and comfort of their fellow-beings. That way you can also alternate them between shade and sunlight.

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    Green Indoors
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    lekhani.10 years ago
    this article is good but does not tell about taking care tips. each type of plant need different types of care. if you add how to take care of indoor plants then really it will be useful.
    Croton.10 years ago
    just want to know how to propagate from cutting sin warmth.

    note: if many lower leaves drop, air-layer the tops and replant when new roots form.i have a croton and lost all lower leaves please tell me what i can do with it. thanks kathy
    anthirrium.10 years ago
    please tell about it
    anthirrium.10 years ago
    would like information on how to care for anthirriums
    upendra.10 years ago
    ratna.10 years ago
    definitely explained in the easiest way and even amateurs will find pottering with plants a joy.
    Santosh Donde
    Santosh Donde.10 years ago
    this artical is good and intesting but i dont have a more knowledge about indoor plant and planr care,maintanence
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