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After-School Snack Ideas for Busy Moms

Growing children feel hungry frequently and when they come back from school they definitely crave to eat something or the other. Have a quick look at some after-school snack ideas right away.

As a busy mom it is very important you have some after-school snacks ready or some quick fix snack preparing ideas before you pick up your children from school or creche. Children get tired in school and need something to get recharged immediately. Eating right and nutritious is equally important here. You want your child to have something to get energized, but do not want them to miss the dinner. Here are some snack ideas that would work exactly as you are thinking of right now.

1. Fruit Salad

Fruits are the best snacks especially when children are back from school. You can offer your child the daily dose of fruits in many different ways and one of them is to make fruit salad. Take more than two fruits and mix them with topping that your child likes. You can make it little spicy by sprinkling chat masala on it or make it sweet or creamy, as your child prefers.

2. Sandwiches

Varieties of sandwiches can be made from whatever you have at home at that moment. Right from putting cucumber, tomato and many other raw ingredients, you can also serve your child sandwiches made with cooked chhole or rajma kept in fridge. Add butter and cheese as per your child’s taste and serve with chutney or tomato ketchup. Boiled and mashed potatoes with additions of different tastes can also help you offer a changed and delicious option for your child.

3. Smoothies

Milk or yogurt with different types of fruits and flavours works best when you have to offer your child something for immediate release of energy. Just add fruits with natural sweetness so that you can avoid sugar in smoothies. Your child will have the fruits which she does not like in the best way. Make sure you do not tell her the names especially if she does not like one.

4. Readymade Cereals

Although you should not go for these often, but keeping packs of readymade cereals at home will be of great help especially when you too had a tough day at work. Just add milk or anything that is a favourite of your child and serve her.

5. Milk Shakes

Milk shakes in varieties of ways can be made and is more than enough for your child when she is hungry and needs some quick and tasty option to get recharged. Fruits can be blended with milk. You can add some homemade ice-cream or natural flavours like saffron, cardamom etc to add up to the taste.

6. Groundnut Laddoo or Chikki

Make groundnut barfi or chikki when you have a day off from work and store in an airtight container away from heat. You can let your children have this anytime they feel like.

7. Dry Snacks

Prepare some dry snacks and keep so that if you feel tired after work, you can provide your children something to stay active, physically and mentally till bedtime. It would give you the energy and feel to prepare dinner as well.
In addition to above mentioned after school snack ideas, you can come up with many more options especially if you prepare food at home. It does not matter if you do not have much time because many quickly prepared food items are also there which you can choose to make at home. Make some pre-preparations so that you have to spend less time in the kitchen at least less time in a stretch. Take care of your health and nutrition while caring for your kids and other family members. Keep fruits, salad items and dairy products in your fridge so that you can always have something new to come up with.

Which are healthy snack ideas for school-going children? What kind of snacks should be avoided by children? What can busy moms prepare quickly during snack-time? Discuss here.

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Alesha.6 years ago
Something nutritious like peanuts,chana, Nachni khakras, dry fruits and nuts etc, can be given to children as after school snacks.
Hemali.6 years ago
Nice ideas, children do ask for something to eat when they come back from school.
Arushi.6 years ago
After-school snacks are a must for children. After coming back from school children are so hungry.
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