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Working Mothers
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a working woman and my child is constantly in the care of my MIL, who doesn't speak about me to her at all. I am afraid that my daughter will grow up more attached to her than to me.

Noopur (Bali, Thailand )

A: Do not worry; children know who their mother is even immediately after birth. Nobody can prevent mother-child bonding. Do not harbour any guilt feelings, and continue with your work.

Q: I have a full-time job. My son is looked after by my mother-in-law. We live in a joint family and he is well looked after by the other members of the family as well. However, will this affect my son's love for me?

Anthara (Nainital, India)

A: Life is full of compromises. However, make the best of the time you spend together. When you have a holiday, try and take a vacation out of town with your immediate family. Do things with your son on weekends. Take him with you wherever you go, if it is not work related. Don't worry, he will not stop loving you.

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