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Different Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Kids

Different Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Kids

It is fact that there are no universal parenting rules which can be applied everywhere. But modifying parenting style depending upon the situation and behavioural pattern of kids can work wonders. Have a quick look at the different parenting styles and their effects on kids.

In real sense there cannot be any “best” parenting styles. Everything depends on the underlying circumstances. The one which gives the best result may not do any good in other circumstances. So the styles are variable and depend on a number of factors like the family size, temperament of the child, background of the parents, culture to which the family belongs to, religion, socio economic status and educational qualifications of the parents.
Let us have a look at the different parenting styles and the circumstances in which each of the styles prove to be the best.

Authoritarian Parenting

In this kind of parenting styles, the parents happen to be very strict. They mean what they say and the kids are expected to obey each and every rule otherwise strict punishment awaits them. The parents expect their kids to be the best in every field and if the kids fail they have to face a lot of embarrassments. This kind of attitude is generally found in parents who have a very high social status and are always in a competition with their peers. The pressure of competence to be at the top falls on the kids which sometimes become unbearable. Kids growing under such circumstances are found to be very obedient but they lack self esteem. These kids are generally not contended with life and they are not happy. They always remain scared of their parents.

Authoritative Parenting

This is somewhat similar to authoritarian parenting but is much more lenient and democratic than authoritarian parenting. The rules that the parents set can be altered if circumstances compel. Parents understand their kids and are much more forgiving. There is no harsh punishment. Parents nurture the kids well and are very much receptive towards their kids. They listen to the problems that their kids are facing and try to solve them. These kids are happy, become successful in life and are capable of facing challenges.

Permissive Parenting

These parents are the most lenient. They are considerate about their rules and can regulate the rules for the happiness of their kids. They seldom say “no” to anything. This kind of a behaviour is generally found in parents who faced a very harsh childhood and do not want the same thing to be repeated for their kids. They try to interact with the kids as far as possible and support them by remaining by their sides always. They are the best parents for the kids. But allowing everything to the kids and pampering them in every possible way can be harmful for the kids. Their demands will grow day by day as they know that whatever they will demand will be granted.

Uninvolved Parenting

This type of parenting is the lowest among priority. The parents remain detached from the kids for long time. In fact sometimes it is found that parents do not even know which class their kids are studying in. This is not at all a good parenting style as the kids are denied love and affection of their parents. They cannot share anything with their parents. They are never close to their parents and prefer maintaining a distance with their parents. A cold relationship is established in the house where there is no warmth and affection.
So the different styles of parenting have different cause and effect, which cannot be linked to one another. It may happen that kids growing under authoritarian parenting go haywire in spite of the strict rules at home. On the other hand kids under uninvolved parenting may grow to be disciplined and successful despite of lack of the parental attention. It depends on the overall environment and conditions in which the kids are growing. There is no universal parenting style that can be followed everywhere. Every child is unique. So, parents need to understand the behavioural pattern of their kids and then implement any style that will suit them and the situation best.

Which is the best parenting style? What are the effects of being an uninvolved parent? How can parents maintain a balance while using different parenting styles? Discuss here.

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Kaumi.7 years ago
Every parent should try to maintain a proper balance between all styles of parenting.
Hetal.7 years ago
Parents need to deal with children according to their behaviour and need.
Neerav.7 years ago
It is very important to adopt right parenting style at right time.
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