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Bowel and Bladder Movements:Sangita,Rebecca or Hetal -pls advice
Name: Nish hi,
how do you use cloth diapers in US. which brand. i want to potty train my 11month old. is it possible that i can potty train him. how long does it take to potty train with cloth diapers.
please advice.
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Anonymous Name: Nish
Subject:  Thanks
Thanks all. It was a great help & lots of information,
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Anonymous Name: Hetal
Subject:  nish
hi, for her potty i used potty seat which i felt was convinient and easier to wash then diapers. and for pee training i used cloth diapers. so that baby feels the wetness of it and tries to avoid it.babies after 9months onwards understand very well wet soiled diapers.try a while not changing, they willeither by cranky or they will come to you to change their dd startd going to her diaper changiing place whenever i would deliberately not change her diaper..then i trained her i think couple weeks in cloth diaper,,and then potty seat for potty...slowly she startd understaning the use of potty seat. it took a while for her some 5-6days to know that she is supposed to poop in that ! well for ne you use, be prepared for accidents, and cleaning your carpet, if you are leaving your baby without diaper.
so upto you,this was my personal experience and might not even work for you be the best judge !
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Anonymous Name: Nish
Subject:  Hetal
Hetal what do you think was easy to train in potty seat and cloth diaper.i guess you have used both ?
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Name: Hetal
Subject:  texas
hey there, m in texas too....
good to know,,world is a small place ? where in texas
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Name: sangeeta
Subject:  potty training with clothdiapers
see the website
wwwdotdiaperfreebabydotorg for info on training infants
you cannot buy cloth diapers in stores mainly use online stores

email me onspathakisatyahoodotcom
if you have questions i live in texas
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Anonymous Name: Rebecca
Subject:  What I liked
Hetal has offered some fantastic additional cloth diapering info below. Love the costing info Hetal - thanks! Also the diaperpin link is a good one I forgot to mention.

The key is to shop online. One warning, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are a ton of different products out there (who knew there was such a huge cloth diapering subculture -subeconomy - in the US?). I didn't know what to get and spent hours and hours online reading and researching. Finally I decided to buy a small sample of newborn sized diapers and covers before my baby arrived. I then used them in the first few months to see what I liked, then I bought more of what I thought worked best for the months to come. If you're starting out and don't have access to samples from a friend, this is a reasonable approach since everyone has different likes and dislikes and different sized bank accounts (there is great variety in the cost of these things).

Here is what I liked.

I liked the prefold diapers - they were cheap, easy to clean and easy to use (they sometimes do not come preshrunk so you may need to wash and dry them -in a hot dryer-several times before using them to make them soft and absorbant). They have been terrific in India too. And if you don't believe me, I'll get my MIL to write a review, she thinks they're fantastic. FYI, I was a little worried my husband wouldn't be able to handle the prefold - he can't wrap a gift, so how could he wrap a baby? - he got it the first time no problem and continues to share in diapering.

I got the Snappi fasteners, which I think are just about the most brilliant invention on earth.

I got a combination of wraps, but I like the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap best. It is nylon, but soft and breaths. I also have a few wool wraps, which are very nice, but a little harder to care for. The Bumkins wrap had by far the coolest designs, but I didn't like the material and the elastic around the legs left marks on my dear babe's theighs.

I also bought the Imse Vimse flannel diaper insert (liner), which I use at night for a little extra absorbancy.

I think I have spent about$500 and I have had everything I've needed for the first six months and think I have the right stuff for the next 1 to 1.5 years (I am hoping my MIL will have dd potty trained by a year, we'll see...). Anyway, $500 is a LOT cheaper then what I would have spent on disposables and I never have to worry about dashing to a 24 hour pharmacy in the middle of the night because I've run out! Also, she has never had diaper rash, and that makes a mama happy.

Good luck!
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Name: Rebecca
Subject:  Potty Training
Oh, one more thing. Hetal is right, potty train with a potty, not the diapers. At 11 months, I don't think the cloth diapers will make much difference for potty training. For information on early "potty training" consult an Indian relative. The US is just starting to catch on to early potty training. You can find information on the web under the unfortunate name "evacuation communication." Basically it gives some pointers on what Indians and Africans and many other moms around the globe have been doing for centuries! There were also some pointers on this a few threads back so check out this site, I am sure there are tons of moms here who will be able to help you out.
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Anonymous Name: Hetal
Subject:  my experience
The average baby is in diapers between two to three years(considering that most parents potty train their kids at end of 2 years or 3 years..) and uses between 8,000-10,000 diapers. How much does this equal for the average parent?

Allow me to do the math for you: On average, each diaper will cost you about .35.
let me know if you want to know how i did the math.
So for every child that uses disposable diapers, parents will spend roughly between $3,000.00 to almost $4,000.00 dollars, by the time their baby is potty train, not the mention after that you are buying good quality training pants and will end up having alot of accidents with those high quality training pants too.

Now I did hear many of you in the background shouting, \";Hello, washing cloth diapers cost money too & its alot of work. i am working and have a big family to feed, i cannot afford to spend time on diapering!\";
And yes you do have a busy schedule and you cannot afford time on diapering with zillion things around,but its just not that big picture nearly as much as you think.

For starters, washing a load of cloth diapers two to three times per week equals the same amount of water that a young child would use to flush the toilet five times a day. this was my experience washing them.

And as far as the energy used to wash AND dry your diapers, you are looking at spending a $1.25 each time you wash cloth diapers (including detergent, a rinse cycle, and drying the diapers). You'll save even more money by drying your diapers on a suit your pockets if you are having a wonderful patio with good sun or a good backyard..make use of it. some communities in US dont allow that,,i have seen mothers making use of their big windows where the sun directly comes ! comfort yourself if its that way. also, often washing loads in ne brand of washing machine, mostly washes less load than the dryer capacity of the dryer..wash 2 loads and dry them in one settin ! it often works unless the 2 loads are more than 100% filled. when washing diapers, wash with more water, and light loads, to make a good use of washer.washing in Hot setting washes really well. detergents in US like oxyclean baby,other brands of toddler prewash like totally toddler stain remover,and then washing with dreft makes your washing stain free.all of these are mostly available in warehouses or at wholesale prices..look for early bird specials,toyrus celebrations where these products are heavily discounted & sold.

The first thing many moms will do after hearing this is rush out to the nearest discount store to purchase some inexpensive cloth diapers, but WAIT! Before you do that, please consider that you will get what you pay for, and in the area of diapers, cheaper is not better!

My personal introduction to cloth diapering was not a pleasant one until a good friend told me about the \";other\"; diapers that were available by mail order only.

The Gerber diapers just don't cut it. Believe me, I know from experience that if you use the cheap products from Wal-Mart, you will have leaks, and lots of them. in short, you will get the quality that has just the right price for it.

So what do I suggest? For starters, look up the keywords \";cloth diapers\"; in a search engine on the Internet. Once you start surfing, you'll find a multitude of diaper companies that sell high quality diapering products that are not available in stores. rebecca has given really good sites about various brands.

How much will you need to spend on a complete cloth diapering layette? This is what I suggest to all my friends interested in being a Dollar Stretcher's(save $$) --- use diaper covers and diaper prefolds.

The benefit to using diaper prefolds AND diaper covers is that you'll be able to reuse them with the next baby or donate them to another mom to use.

\";All In One\"; diapers are also very popular for their convenience, but they are a more expensive choice (although still less expensive than using disposables). There are dozens of great products available; you just have to find them.

Here's a sample cloth diapering layette:
3 dozen newborn diapers (18.50 each dozen, Chinese Prefolds brand) 55.50
6 Small Diaper Covers (9.25 each, Bummis brand) 55.50
3 dozen Regular Diapers (27.50 each dozen, Chinese Prefolds) 82.50
6 Medium Diaper Covers (9.25 each, Bummis brand) 55.50

I also recommend using flushable diaper liners so that parents will not have to \";dunk\"; diapers.

Parents start using these usually around 6-8 months, when the baby starts solid foods.For this, The cost for 1,000 diaper changes is 65.00.

So for the basic diapering layette you are looking at spending around $314.00. This is a \";leak-proof\"; and absorbent diapering system and the baby will be in these diapers until about 30 lbs.

Then you will either need to move up to the Toddler size or potty train. Again, the benefit is that you when baby is done diapering, you'll have diapers to use all over again!

You will probably need to purchase new diaper covers for the next baby because after so many hundreds of washings the waterproofing material will wear out. So you may need to spend another $150.00-200.00 on the next baby.

The total cost of buying AND using the diapers for 3 years comes to around $900.00 (including washing diapers three times per week). This is a far cry from $3,000-$4,000.00!

What seems like the smarter choice? We save an additional $50.00 per month that automatically goes to our money market fund just because we do not purchase disposables!

So give cloth diapers a try, not only will your baby has less diaper rash (cotton is a breathable fiber, unlike paper or plastic) but your pocketbook will be much happier, too! a good total savings of 50$ a month, i am buying a good toy worth 50$ or more sometimes, each month or will spend that amount in her developmental activities.
also, visit forums about cloth diapering to suit yourself with a good brand and a good price for it..
reviews on various sites available on google.i liked the one at diaperpin dot com, and i was inclined to use cloth diapers after reading that site.

so this was my experience about cloth diapering. its a very personal choice whther or not you want to opt for it, or give it a try.

But down the line, i am very happy that my 1 year old is potty trained after using cloth diapers for 3months.and i too had lost my patience alot many times,couple days i made my daughter disposables too,as i was frustrated with it,,but i wanted to get her potty trained before i deliver my 2nd baby.and frankly speaking i cannot afford to bend managing a 24 lbs baby, struggling to put her diaper properly, while m pregnant & carrying another heavy baby !

I feel it being paid off now, when my 1 year old starts telling me that she needs to run to restroom !! and it makes me happy that though she doesnt know how to speak nicely, she is able to understand the need of restroom.

its alot convincing than changing her diaper trying to find a clean diaper depot or carrying a diaper bag all the time.

also,note that kids expressing about wetness, their understanding about controlling it for acouple mins and proper timings with proper instructions,, all is needed,,and its different for all babies to grasp accordingly..

i will not say that the time it took for my baby will be the desired time and it will take you the same time, it dpends on how baby feels about it and how you are able to coordinate with your child with proper instructions and timings and also alot on child moods and your willingness to show optimum patience with a really good smile !

So you be the best judge, about using cloth diapers !
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Name: Hetal
Subject:  also
rebecca post on diapering has alot of info. i appreciate the efforts.
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Sangita,Rebecca or Hetal -pls advice

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