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Rhymes & Songs

English Rhymes
We have more than 80 of the most popular English nursery rhymes for your toddler. If you want to teach your child about bells or days of the week or any other topic, our intelligent search engine allows you to do just that
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Hindi Rhymes
You want your child to learn all those nursery rhymes that you grew up listening. But you just can't remember all the words. Browse this section and teach your child some of the most popular Indian rhymes. We have provided audio clips for some rhymes to help you sing them to your child.
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Bengali Rhymes
Browse this section and teach your child some of the most popular Bengali rhymes
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Kannada Rhymes
Browse this section and teach your child some of the most popular Kannada rhymes

Patriotic Songs
Teach your child India's national anthem and other patriotic songs, and make him proud of India. You can further help in this effort by contributing other patriotic songs and making this section more comprehensive.

Prayers of Different Religions
Your child is taught prayers in school. But wouldn't you like to teach the religious prayers that you like? Take a peek in this section and find prayers of different religions and languages
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Ganesh Aartis and Bhajans for Kids
Teach Ganesh Aartis and Bhajans to your kids so that they can recite them on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi or during any auspicious occasion. Find popular Ganesh Aartis and Bhajans for kids right here. By reciting these Ganesh Aartis and Bhajans your kids can seek blessings from Lord Ganesh.


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