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  1. My divorce and my child

    Yes, I am a divorcee! And I am not ashamed of it. Why should I be? It was not me who was wrong.

    Belonging to a middle class family, educated to take care of myself and independent. This was me. I was 24 years of age, when I got married to Subhash. His parents told us that Subhash drinks occasionally. I was fine with it. My father drinks too at events, parties or get together. However, he has always been the most sober man I knew. If it was not for my granny, I always believed that ...
  2. My career and my child

    A software engineer before marriage, after marriage and now I am a mother. It did not mean that I was not happy with the role I was playing right now. Oh, it was bliss.

    After completing my education and landing on a job, my parents decided to marry me. So, I got happily married. I was pursuing my job then. Since, the multinational I was working has its branch in the new city, I easily relocated. It was fun. Weekend getaways were on our priority. I was doing well in my career. My ...
  3. I am pregnant with my second baby!

    With this write up, I do not intend to advise or recommend any mother. I simply mean to share my experience as the mother of 5 year old. It is because I firmly believe that getting married, having children, purchasing abode, pursuing a career is an individual choice. There is no one better than you, who can understand your situation. You are in your own shoes. And it is literally not possible for someone to gain the understanding or depth of the situation you are in.

    I have a younger ...
  4. Helping my child deal with exam pressure

    I love to read the newspapers in the morning. In fact, even with a super busy schedule, I have 30 minutes kept aloof to pursue it. However, now a day I somehow want to skip most of the news. It is because most of the time the newspapers are brimming with suicide cases of children. These children are of tender years of 16 or 17. It is downright disheartening to read this news. The kids are doing this more often than ever. There is one trend which is being observed and that is, that these cases occur ...

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  5. 5 tips which will aid you in finding the best preschool for your toddler

    It seems just yesterday that I was pregnant. My sweet little munchkin is now a toddler. I have a treasure full of memories associated with the little one. Every day spend with the little one passes in a jiffy. The first time he looked at me and smiled. That day and hour he said mumma is registered in my heart forever. His big rolling eyes whenever something irritated him. The first time he left my finger and ran. His first birthday celebration still makes me so emotional. So, now as am typing ...
  6. Spending summer holidays with your little ones

    With the summers docking in, most of the mothers are really apprehensive with regards to it. No, it is not the scorching heat we are worried about. There is more to it. The children in their day to day life are half of the time busy with their schools and rest with the homework. And then there is that one hour of play, which they enjoy. However, as summer approaches it gives a hard time to this entire time table. Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, you can definitely relate to it. With no ...
  7. My daughter's first Diwali celebrations!

    Diwali has always been my most favorite festival. Pursuing prayers, offering Prasad and lighting earthen pots involve the essence of the festival. Jubilance, merry making and happiness are the terms related with celebrating this festival. I do not want to sound biased, but for Hindus, it is one of the most important festival. Since I have been born and brought up in a joint family, we have always celebrated the festival with fervor and festivities. My mother, my grandmother and my aunts would make ...

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  8. The lessons I learn from my child every day

    Havent our parents taught us so much? And as parents, we continue to take the flag of teaching. When I was pregnant, I read good books all the time. I read the Bhagwad Gita. I read parenting books. I watched nice videos. At the same time I was all the time advice to neither watch anything inappropriate nor read. The idea behind this was very simple. In accordance with the principle, when the child is inside us he sees the world through our eyes. And we as parents definitely want to protect them ...

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  9. It is alright to be average!

    by , 02-09-2016 at 07:18 PM (Joys of Pregnancy and Childbirth)
    When you as parent are successful, it is equal implication that you expect the same from your little one. And I was no different. I am a professor at a college. My husband is an IT professional. It goes beyond question that when I gave birth to a baby boy, I expected him to be really intelligent. As an individual I was not wrong. But, as a parent my dreams for him were on way to deteriorate his life. Of course, when you expect from your child, you push them to attain the same. I am sure that many ...
  10. Bridging generation gap with my teenage daughter

    Blessed are the families who have a daughter- My father always said that. I attributed it to his love for me. So, when I got pregnant, I wanted to reciprocate the same love. My husband wanted the first child to be a girl. It seems God listened to us. I gave birth to a cuddly, sweet, healthy girl child. The day she was born I started to relate to her. Dressing her, choosing accessories for her, selecting baby lotions for her, these were not my errand ever, it was something I loved to pursue. I ...

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  11. My first vacation as Sid's mother

    by , 01-09-2016 at 07:02 PM (My Baby's Health in My Hands)
    It seems just yesterday when I was carrying Sid. And now he is 4 years old. It has been such a beautiful phase of my life. Every moment I spend with him is a treasure of memories. We laugh, we giggle and we live. It is indeed beautiful how nicely the Almighty blesses you with a child, not just to make you a mother, but to make you complete. Yes, I feel complete when I am with my family. There have been the most wonderful moments. There has been frequent doctor visits (for every sneeze or stomach ...

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  12. My picky eater

    Every phase of my pregnancy has been a blessing. There were moments I would stay wrapped up in emotion. There were times I loved to smile alone. And there were the hours I talked to the little one inside me. I loved every minute, every second and even the fraction of the second of the pregnancy phase. The day came when my Sid, was nestled in my arms. Tears flushed my face and I could not cease smiling. A healthy, normal and happy child! What more could a mother want? (I was soon to be answered this ...

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