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Pregnancy Topics

You are Here : Homes > Pregnancy > Week-by-Week Fetal Development

Week-by-Week Fetal Development

Once you get pregnant, you are curious to know what is happening inside your womb till the bundle of joy arrives. Find a comprehensive guide to week-by-week fetal development right here.

Week 2: Your Womb is Getting Ready

2nd week of pregnancy is actually a misnomer as you have still not conceived. There is a lot for you to do to conceive and ensure a healthy and happy pregnanc more

Week 3: Conception Takes Place

Conception is a series of events which takes place after sperm fuses with the egg. How an embryo is formed? Get more information on this complex process, read more

Week 4: Embryo is Implanted

The first month of pregnancy is literally completed after the completion of 4th week where in process of implantation is completed. The process of implantatio more

Week 5: Development of Embryo

Getting pregnant is a marvelous wonder. How a single cell transforms itself into a tiny baby is still a miracle. In these series, on week by week development, more

Week 6: Further Development of Embryo

By week 6, the solid mass takes the form of a baby. Baby can be recognized as different parts start developing. Limbs appear as little buds. Slowly other part more

Week 7: Development of Full Fledge Fetus

Week 7 is characterized by the baby taking up human shape. Its features are still in the nascent stages. Read on to know more.

Week 8: Development of Internal Organs of Fetus

Development of internal organs as well as facial features may take place during the 8th week of pregnancy. Let us take a look at the growth and development th more

Week9: Actual Growth of Fetus into Baby

In week 9, foetus actually looks like a baby as all internal organs have developed. The baby also moves around in the amniotic sac. But there is a lot more ti more

Week 11: Complete Development of Baby's Internal Organs

By the 11th week of pregnancy all internal organs of the baby are developed and they start functioning. By the end of this week, if everything goes fine then more

Week 12: Baby Passes Urine

Baby has started many movements in this week. She can suck, swallow, use muscles of her mouth and also move around. There is development of coordination betwe more

Week 14: Baby Increases in Size

Congratulations! You are now in your second trimester. Health issues like nausea and dizziness may fade away by now. However, you may face other discomforts more

Week 15: Your Baby starts Listening

In this week that is week 15, baby will be able to perceive sounds. Listening to soothing music is a good idea. Baby is growing very rapidly so proper nutriti more

Week 17: You will Feel the Movement of Baby

The symptoms associated with pregnancy begin to settle down by the 17th week. Dealing with pregnancy becomes easier. For first time moms, this is a new experi more

Week 18: Baby Starts Kicking

The first kicks are experienced in the 18th week of pregnancy. The frequency of kicks of your little champ developing inside determines the development. Keepi more

Week 23: An Exciting Week for Fathers

Pregnancy week 23 is an exciting week for fathers. This is the best time for connecting with your unborn child. Fathers can bond with their babies by talking more

Week 24: Development of Most of the Organs

In the 24th week of your pregnancy, there would be lot of growth and development happening inside and you would be gaining all the more weight. You need to un more

Week 26: Development of 'Bronchi'

In the 26th week of pregnancy, lot of developments will take place in your baby. You would not be able to experience much changes but baby's development will more

Week 27: Baby Opens its Eyes

You will be amazed to know about your baby's development at the 27th week of pregnancy. You are few weeks away from delivery. This is the time to make birth p more

Week 28: Baby becomes Viable

By the 28th week of pregnancy baby becomes self-reliant. Now, she can survive outside the womb also. Lungs are not fully matured so the baby will face some br more

Week 29: You can Identify Baby's Body Parts

Baby has now fully grown and occupies most of the space in the uterus. The baby is gaining weight rapidly.

Week 33: Settlement of Baby's Position for Birth

Baby’s development during 33rd week of pregnancy is at its peak with all major organs developed. Your body is also gearing and preparing for labour and the more

Week 34: Baby starts Blinking

When you are 34 weeks pregnant, your baby’s development is nearly complete. You need to have your antenatal appointments to ensure safe pregnancy and confir more

Week 37: Keep your Bags Packed

In 37th week, you are just nearing your pregnancy term so you have to start preparing for labour. You need to be informed about different ways you can deliver more

Week 38: Baby Starts Breathing

In the 38th week of your pregnancy, you are nearly full term and nearing the delivery. There is still lot happening inside your body and you can see developme more

Week 40: Final Days of Your Pregnancy

After the completion of the 40th week of pregnancy, delivery can happen anytime. There would be no more of weight gain and now you have to plan your activitie more

Week 1: What Happens in Week 1

Most of the women are not aware that they are pregnant during the 1st week of pregnancy. The pregnancy is confirmed when women miss period which is usually du more

Week 10: Development in Week 10

Baby in the 10th week of pregnancy is undergoing rapid developments. Mood swings and pregnancy pains are common during this time due to fluctuating hormones. more

Week 13: Development in Week 13

In the 13th week of pregnancy, your baby is quite small and undergoing development at a fast pace. You at the 13 week of pregnancy are also undergoing a lot o more

Week 16: Development in Week 16

This week is characterized by many changes in the baby. fine downy hair develops over the baby's body. It is now possible to determine the sex of the baby in more

Week 19: Development in Week 19

Are you aware of the developments a foetus undergoes during the 19th week of pregnancy? Find out what happens to a baby during the 19th week of its developmen more

Week 20: Baby's Growth in Week 20

In 20th week of pregnancy, your baby will be covered with vernix and he or she will be able to make a sense of world around him or her. This week is good for more

Week 21: Development in Week 21

As you are now in your second trimester and half way through your pregnancy, you will be gaining weight and experience leg pains and cramps. Find out the chan more

Week 22: What happens in Week 22

By the 22nd week of your pregnancy your pregnancy bump may be noticeable. But this many not be the case with all women. Find about the developments that you c more

Week 25: Development in Week 25

Baby’s development in week 25 is such that you can bond with your little one by reading out stories. There is much development happening in your baby now an more

Week 30: Development in Week 30

When you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy, you need to continue having a healthy lifestyle and resort to eating the healthy. You will be feeling di more

Week 31: What happens in Week 31

Your baby’s development during 31st week of pregnancy is still taking place and your body is also undergoing a lot of changes. To remain fit through the rem more

Week 32: Baby's Development in Week 32

You are in the 32nd week of your pregnancy and you are getting closer to your due date as each week passes. Let us find about the developments that take place more

Week 35: Development in Week 35

In the 35th week of pregnancy, you will notice a lot of developments in the baby. As the time of the delivery is getting nearer, you have to keep a count of t more

Week 36: What Happens in Week 36

You will be experiencing a lot of changes during the 36th week of your pregnancy and this is the right stage to bond with your little one. Regular visits to t more

Week 39: Development in Week 39

Anxiety increases as the delivery date nears. By the 39th week pregnant women feel more exhausted and anxiously wait for the arrival of the little bundle of j more

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