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Performing Garbh Sanskar during Pregnancy

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Do you know what garbh sanskar is? It is an astonishing way of teaching good things to the unborn baby in womb during pregnancy. Though it sounds surprising, it is a scientifically proven fact. The literal meaning of word garbh is womb and sanskar is teaching good or right things. Garbh sanskars should be performed by mother during pregnancy. Read on to know more about garbh sanskar.

The literal meaning of garbh sanskar is educating the fetus in the womb. Many parents found this interesting and felt quite satisfied too. In Indian culture it is believed that education of real and traditional values and parenting starts right from the time the fetus is confirmed in the womb. This is why when anyone gets pregnant in home, the elder people advice to have positive thoughts and emotions to the pregnant woman.

In the Hindu epic, Mahabharata, there was a warrior named Abhimanyu who is said to have learnt a war skill when he was in the womb of her mother. He could only learn to decode and enter the trap because by that time her mother felt asleep. This was one of the reasons why he was killed because he did not know how to come out of the trap.

Scientific Evidence

The popularity of garbh sanskar is also because researchers have proved its relevance and importance in the development of the child. There are scientific evidences that prove that a baby inside the mother’s womb responds to the outside stimulus and has the ability to listen. Doctors and experts also believe that there is a significant effect of the hormonal secretions that are activated by the thoughts of a mother on the unborn baby.

Communication with the Baby inside You

Although it may sound strange and weird, your bond with your child starts right from the time you conceive. It is not that when the child is born you know him. The baby listens to you and feels your feelings even when it is developing in your womb. You can shape up your baby’s first impressions by listening to good music, visualizing, massaging gently meditating and of course, with the help of positive thinking.

Benefits of Garbh Sanskar

The advantages of garbh sanskar are not only that you educate your child and there is development of a bond between the mother and the child. In fact, this has a great impact on the health of the mother also. The positive thinking and attitude promotes physical well being of the mother.

How to Give Garbh Sanskar to your Child

There are many ways of educating your unborn child and some of them are mentioned here.

Read Books

Read books that give positive feelings and thoughts and avoid books that are filled with horror or thrilling feelings.

Positive Thinking

Think positive always. Try to retain a happy atmosphere around you. Bring only positive thoughts to your mind and think about your good times in the past or beautiful scenery or landscape or anything that makes you smile and feel happy. 

Talk to Your Child

You can literally talk to your child when he or she is in your womb.

Listening Music

When you will listen to music, it will not only sooth you, your baby will feel good and it will calm down your nerves too.

Practice Yoga

Prenatal yoga will be of great help here. Take help from an expert and do yoga asanas under his supervision only.


Breathing techniques and meditation also helps in developing positive thoughts and will make you feel good from within.

If you want to get the best out of garbh sanskar, you must be very careful with your lifestyle during pregnancy. Avoid watching horror movies and also avoid very spicy or fermented food items during this period for better physical, emotional and spiritual health of the baby.

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pooja jyani.3 years ago
thanks love it i had my child my friends and cousins told me it has come into practice nowdays
Prashant.3 years ago
I think garbha sanskar has been commercialized. Good thoughts and positive mind affect the baby in a positive manner. Just let go of negative emotions and enjoy whatever you do; you will surely have intelligent and happy baby.
Mrinal.5 years ago
Garbha Sanskar CDs have become very popular. I used Garb Sanskar CDs during my pregnancy. Garb Sanskar CDs are very helpful but the tips given in this video do not need Garb Sanskar CDs. Therefore, pregnant women who want to perform Garb Sanskar can just follow the tips mentioned in this article.
Jaya.5 years ago
Garb Sanskar is a wonderful way to raise an intelligent baby right from the time when he or she is mother's womb. It is very good to perform Garb Sanskar during pregnancy as it aids in the development of baby. The Garb Sanskar helps to give birth to a wise child as per Indian mythology.
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