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Shaving Baby's Head

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There are many traditions associated with shaving baby's head throughout the world. In India shaving baby's head is considered auspicious. However, the procedure of shaving baby's head should be carried out with utmost care and by a professional. Read more about it.

The Indian culture is vivacious and many cultures and traditions are being followed here. The beliefs that follow these traditions are sometimes influenced by religion, region and even village from where they originate from.

Shaving baby's head is a tradition followed in many countries. People usually follow this tradition because they believe that by shaving baby's head the hair that will come will be stronger and healthier. Hair is said to be precious and gives your face beauty and identity.

The Tradition of Shaving Baby's Head

Experts are of the opinion that the tradition of shaving baby's head is just to follow the custom and has nothing to do with how the hair grows. There is scientific reason behind this. The growth of hair depends on the follicle beneath the scalp. So, what you do with the hair that has grown outside has no effect on the growth of hair.

However, some people believe that since the hair grows equally after shaving, it looks healthy and uniform. The only thing that can improve the health of your hair is proper diet and cleanliness. Heredity factors are more important and influential.

When to Shave Baby's Head

Well, this depends on when you find it suitable. Just keep in mind that the head of the infant is very soft and a little unpredictable movement of the infant can even turn fatal. It is ideal to get the head of a baby shaved when the head gets harder and can withstand small scratches.

Some of the religions believe that shaving the head of a newborn even less than one month old is ideal. However, it may not be safe as scalp of newborn babies is very soft. No matter when you shave your baby's head take care so that you do not nick his scalp.

In some religions people get the head of baby shaved within the first year while some do it when the child is 2 years old or four years old. There is a ceremony and the head is shaved following traditional ways. The function is usually carried out during this time to give blessings to the newborn followed by a lunch or dinner.

Tips for Shaving Baby's Head

Have a quick look at the tips for shaving baby's head. It is ideal to get your baby's head shaved by a professional to avoid hassles.  

  • Make sure you carry out the shaving process during daytime because the child is less cranky and upset at that time of the day.
  • Make certain that your child is comfortable and you have certain things to distract him.
  • Make your baby lay on a clean cloth.
  • Use a baby soap to lather his head before you start the shaving process.
  • If you want to cut the hair short, use a clipper.
  • Shave small parts and be sure that you complete that area and then move forward.
  • Keep cleaning the razor using warm water and disinfectant. Also keep rinsing the baby's head too with warm water.
  • Keep talking to your baby or distracting him so that the shaving is done properly and uninterrupted. You can also feed your child from time to time to calm him down.
  • After the shaving is done, give your child a good bath with warm water so that all the hair fallen over the body gets washed off.
  • Apply disinfectant and after that moisturiser on your baby's head. This will prevent drying and itching of the scalp.

Remember, shaving your baby's head is no big deal these days. Take the precautions and keep in mind the tips and you will be glad to have it done without disturbing your child or harming him.

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Sudhir Koshti.3 years ago
When my baby's head shaving ceremony was going, my baby was constantly crying. He was not sitting still and it was very difficult for us to manage. Literally 4 persons had to hold him tight still he had some nips on the head.
Parthasarthy.3 years ago
Important tips for shaving the head of the baby. Babies are fidgety so they need to be hold tightly while shaving the head or else there could be injuries.
Mohak chatterji.3 years ago
Shaving baby's head is more of a traditional significance. In our culture, shaving the baby's head is done anywhere after the 8th month.
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