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Name: Sarah
Country: India
Hi, check out this blog on how to manage twins in India, its really good: raisingtwinsblog

Name: rashmi
Country: India
i am mother of indentical twin daughters and loving this

Name: praveen
Country: India
hello i m mother of twins faternal girls 0f 3 yeras and feel happy being mother of twins. they quarrel but love also and cannot live without each other. both arte very naughty and very lovely.

Name: Bailey Milliken
Country: Other
help i'm pregnant

Name: Natalie
Country: Australia
i have twins and i love it. they are a bit more work but they are so much more fun and joy. i feel so proud to say i have twins.

Name: Aryan
Country: India
hi salima,its great knowing u have twins. are they boys or girls. i am father of twin girls who are going to complete 2 years on 21st september. i too feel different of being dad of twins as compared to single-kid-dads. well,i would say twins are double the fun with double the hardwork. seeing them quarrel and play with each other is really spectacular. tell ur experiences abou raising them.

Name: catherine
Country: Other
hello,i am mom of 20 month old identical boys,not to mention a seven month old and an eight year old and they are all boys,lots of laughs along with alot of is hard ,but i believe we were blessed.

Name: leah
Country: Canada
i have fraternal twin girls,they are now 2.god help me through these stressfull years.good luck to yall.

Name: Amanda
Country: Canada
hi i am a mother of 2 year old twin boys i also have a six year old daughter. having twins has been an expierence of a lifetime. my husband being away for work weeks at a time i am the only parental influence and i find it very hard

Name: rtipps
Country: USA
what are the chance of identical twins having the same sex offspring the first time?

Name: Coretta
Country: USA
i have 2 year old twin girls, who are identical and they are a trip. they both talk plenty of trash, but the youngest twin talks the most. they are a joy and a handful. good luck to all new mothers who are just starting out.

Name: aylin
Country: Other
hi iam a mother of twins 1year old girl and a boy. it is a great feeling to have twins. i am so happy. turkey istanbul

Name: ruchi
Country: USA
hi i am mother of boy-girl.its very tough can u give me some best ideas for feeding sleeping.they r 7 months old. u can email me at thanks

Name: the Dude
Country: USA
hi all parents of twins. i am an expectant father of twins and am very anxious yet nervous. i have never been around newborn babies really, so i have lots to learn. whew! thank goodness for sites like this to share ideas/views and to read up on more good suggestions about raising twins.

Name: nomi
Country: England
nomi is expecting quads after her 1st time help us wot shall i do!!!!!!!??????? troy was the father

Name: sarah
Country: England
i have identical twin cousins so does my best m8. we r dead proud of them as they all get along gr8

Name: kristen
Country: USA
i have boy/girl twins that are now 6 months. my husband is away 28 out of 30 days a month. i also have two other children ages 14 and 6. it is exhausting and lonely even though i know i have been blessed with a wonderful family. i need to join a club of other busy mom's of twins. any suggestions??

Name: nomi
Country: England
nomi is expecting quads after her 1st time help us wot shall i do!!!!!!!??????? troy was the father

Name: Peter Pan
Country: Netherlands
i'm peter pan from neverland and the netherlands are the closest i could get! i don't have children because i'll never grow up.

Name: ivanna humpalot
Country: Zambia
when i was giving birth to my first twins, my husband fainted 3 times and stayed in hospital longer than i did!

Name: Betty Lou
Country: Mauritius
there are actually three types of twins. i would know because i have all three.

Name: Diane Fisher, Ph.D.
Country: USA
fraternal twins share an average of 50% of their genes, as do all non-identical siblings (not 25%, as the article states). they have a 25% chance of sharing a gene from their father, and a 25% chance of sharing a gene from their mother, so that adds up to a 50% of their genes being shared.

Name: Carla
Country: USA
i have fraternal twin boys who just turned 2 and a 3 month old. it is hard at first but you get used to it. i wouldn't have it any other way. i enjoy watching my twins grow and watch them become individuals.

Name: Allison
Country: USA
i had such a rough time with my twins at first. my oldest (by 2 mins) was in the nicu for 2 months and my smallest, for one. my advice to new twin parents is to be very careful with them once they're home cause you don't want to have them rehospiitalized with something like rsv.

Name: Marces Sadler
Country: USA
i am really glad that i got a twin because he can read my mind sometimes.

Name: Mayra
Country: USA
it's a blessing from god to have twins. my first pregnancy was with twins. i found out when i was four months pregnant and almost lost it. god gives you the patience to deal. to me it's the same as having one baby you only have to do everything twice. it's wounderful, my son and daughter are nine years old now and i have a two and a half year old son. god bless.

Name: Mike
Country: USA
my wife and i are expecting a set of twin fraternal boys. we already have "three daughters". we feel so blessed, it's incredible.

Name: mother of twins
Country: England
hi i have a girl 6 yers old and then identical twins who are 5 years old. it was such a problem bringing them up my husband didnt want me to get preg 8 months after the firt delivery and i forced him and when i got preg it was twin. the were normal delivery but hospitilised for 43day.because they were premature( born at 30weeks) the second twin had immature lungs and both had respitory problems and a hole in the heart as well. but by god grace they are very well now. going to normalk schools and very much a normal chile and over weight boith of them. there birth weight was 1.5kgs now 5 years old and 25kgs each. i am thanking god for blessing me with themm and makingthem normal kids with no health problems. they grew up with difficulty but now the only complaint i have is that they are so naughty the treacher alwasy complain they are so talkative and figgity and fighting with eachoter in classs. parents of twins. i know it seems like enless problems with bringing up twins but the are so much enjoyment you woill learn to appreciate it in time i did!!!

Name: Anastasia
Country: USA
i am pregnant with twins in my fourth month (15 weeks). i have a feeling that i'm going to be a single mom since the dad is never there. he says everything is going to be okay, but i'm seeing differently. i know i'm blessed, however i don't know how i'm going to raise two children on my own. i live with my mom and dad right now to save money, just got a new job (maternity leave with no pay). i don't know what to do. is there any help out there?

Name: rexann
Country: USA
i'm the mother of 5 wonderful kids. 4 boys 19, 14, 4 yr old fraternal twins (who w/be 5 on sept 21 aryan) and a beautiful (not spoiled at all lol) 2 yr old girl. i've got to say that having and raising the twins is by far the hardest thing i've ever done!!!! what one doesn't thing of getting into, the other one does. (and the both love making their sister a partner in crime) they love each other dearly, but fight like cats and dogs, one literally broke the other ones nose tonight!!! (its never boring here). but no matter how much work and how hard it is, they bring me, their siblings and their dad ten times more joy and love. it is worth it!!! i always tell them that they better take care of me when i get old (or older i should say, i'm 42) because of all the work they cause me now taking care of them!! lol good luck to everyone else out there, (your gonna need it!!)

Name: Anu
Country: Germany
im a mother of fraternal twin boys aged 19 months. its absolutely great to have twins despite all the hard work. i have actually no words to express my joy, but i guess all twin parents here would understand exactly what i mean.

Name: Schultz Clan
Country: USA
i have three singletons ages: 6,5,3 and i also have fraternal twin boys who are 17 months. we are always busy, but i couldn't imagine it and wouldn't want it any other way!!!

Name: mita
Country: Australia
i have 19 months twins i love them

Name: kirstan
Country: England
ihave twin girl s age 3 months it may be a little har d work but it is such a blessing

Name: Anne
Country: Kenya
i have twins boy and girl aged is quite a task attending to both of them at the same time.their father is palalysed so i have to do allthe work for all of is quite a task.but it is very satisfying

Name: deblynn
Country: Other
i have just left my husband because his drinking was really driving me insane. with two pretty neat kids (3 and 10mths)we r doshing with my parents in a very little 1brdm shack!went to doctor with colds and am informed that i am pregnant wowee i said what excellent timing!after scan today now realse its twins!what a curveball you could husband is currently not wanting us back and i am vomiting alot.i have no idea what to do, i have the best family and friends, is that enough?some advice would be somwhat handy

Name: Shelley
Country: Canada
i am the proud parent of twins girl and boy 17 months my husband and i are both greatful be both work full time and come home and work full time again we have no time for ourselfs, we get to do alot of things but never together. it will all get easier good luck to all the twin parents out there it gets better.

Name: SJR
Country: USA
for the expecting mothers its a shock to here your having twins but in the long run its great.its a lot of work but you get the hang of it and before you know it their growing up and you'll ask your self how did i do it. i'm single to and family and friends are enough. my family is very loving and are a great help. just all mothers with twins hang in there

Name: Ashley
Country: USA
anastasia, i can relate. im 21 on aug 20 and found out 2 weeks ago i am expecting. 2 days ago found out its twins. dad wants nothing to do with the babies because he doesnt believe their his. im still living with my mom (who is overjoyed) and dont know what im going to do. it was just sinking in thak i was pregnant and now there is two!!!!!! does anyone have any advice?

Name: ashley lucrisha
Country: USA
i am a 19 year old mother of 8 month old identical twin boys. they are so much fun to watch. when i'm having a bad day i can just sit and watch my boys and they always seam to brighten my day.

Name: Gwendolyn
Country: USA
my husband and i a 5 yr old and 2 yr old twins a boy and girl and its the most challenging and rewarding life one could imagine. if your have twins you are in for a double blessing!! my husband and i both work full time but flex our schedules so one of is always home to take them to the park, hug them or just enjoying them growing up.

Name: adele
Country: Southafrica
i am the proud mother of 6 month old non identical twin girls. i have been doing the "pajama drill" all on my own as my hubby works late and on weekends. it has been the most difficult time of my life as they were my first babies. my hubby thinks only he works hard and doesn't think that i do all that much. iwork full day and then get home after fetching the kids it is time for nightshift!!!!! any other mothers have the same problem?

Name: Rachel
Country: USA
i have identical twin girls, 6 mos., also 2,10,11,and 12 year olds. raising 6 kids is hard work, but the best advice i have is to only accept respect from them. the rest of their behaviors will follow. be consistant, but respect is key. it will make them so much more enjoyable to you and everyone else.

Name: robin
Country: USA
i'm a mom of fraternal twins a boy and a girl. i feel blessed to have twins at first i freaked out but it's so awesome that god trusted us enough to give us two miracles instead of one.

Name: Kizzy
Country: Other
i have fraternal twins who are one and a half years old . they are really a blessing and wonderful to be with. sometimes i just sit back and watch them talk to each other. (funny isn't it)my husband and i are profetionals, we work from monday to friday. even though its tough taking care of them, we still have time for them. i thank god for giving them to me .

Name: Dave
Country: USA
i am a twin and it is good to have one she might get on my bad side once and a while but it is better and funnyer to have a twin than just a brother or sister just because we think alike we say some things alike all the time so it is a funny time and a great time and i am really glad to have a twin.

Name: ranjini
Country: Singapore
its really a blessing to have twins.i have faternal twins boy and girl who are 20 months old.they are so very cute and we love them.

Name: T.C.
Country: USA
i have fraternal twins, a boy and a girl(5 years old). my husband, their father, has a twin sister. my husbands mother has a twin brother. my husbands maternial grandmother has a fraternal twin sister. no fertility drugs were used for any of these pregnecies. four generations of fraternal twins! does anyone else have a story like this?

Name: lekha
Country: India
hi everbody i am mother of twin boys reyans & rithwik of 6months they r fraternal twins with two diff.nature.i really feel blessed being a mother of n my husband feel ourselfs very lucky to have them.

Name: Amy Stoughton
Country: USA
i am am a mother of a set of identical twin girls. they are 12 years old now and at first i was very scared but it is the best feeling ever that god gave you enough strength to take on two not just one. having twins is the best thing ever that happened to me because i always wanted twins as a small girl.

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