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Name: Neha
Country: India
hi can u plz share her contact details..she is not working at hiranandani now

Name: priya mehra
Country: India
I used to face the same problem with my child. She used to observe everything but wouldnt reply at all or reply in a single word like ma or pa. I was extremely worried. However, after attending school(Orchids the International, Bangalore), she has improved a lot in communication. As, they make the kids listen to stories and also conduct a truckload of activities that encourage children to communicate well.

Name: Teena Jha
Country: India
I am looking for a speech therapist for my 3 yr old in thane west.... Thank u

Name: sandyjules
Country: India
Hi this information can be helpful to anyone looking for a speech therapist in Chennai. Pls do contact regarding any queries or for therapy.number is 9789058025.

Country: India
Speech therapy can give the desired results. mayankadlakha9 3

Name: DR.SAJIV ADLAKHA (9811157179)
Country: India
Hearing Impaired can learn how to speak fluently in an articulated manner. watch http://w /watch?v=4hU_i gqsPdE&fea ture=c4-overvi ew&list=UU _twitczAy_-8xV HhnPjGGA

Name: deepshikha
Country: India
My son 26 month old, respond to music and watching Tv, But doesnot hear except me when I call him. pls help

Name: deepshikha
Country: India
My son 26 month old, respond to music and watching Tv, But doesnot hear except me when I call him. pls help

Name: Shiva-sagaar
Country: Mauritius
Hi all,am new here,just read something abt speach in lad is 3.5years,doesn't talk much,still wid the baby talk,he understands perfectly our commands,knows A-z, 1-30, says mama,papa,lolo{water},nana{means he is hungry},but he sure is an obedient child.i would like to hear from parents who did experience same as very anxious.thank u.

Name: Abhishek
Country: India
I hope this info helps others. My 6 year daughter was having tough time in speaking.. She could barely speak, and whatever she could, it was not clear. I Consulted many doctors in Mumbai but there was no improvement. Then one day my office colleague informed me of Dr. Pragati Jain, who is a Speech Therapist & Audiologist at the famous DR. LH Hiranadani hospital in Powai, Mumbai. I booked appointment & went there with my daughter. Dr. Pragati was very humble & polite. She did some detailed analysis & enquired information regarding my daughters speech right from her birth. After examining for almost 20 min, Dr. Pragati told me that my daughter can be cured. Dr informed me my daughter needs to take therapy sessions for about a month, which would happen on alternate days. I was not sure if this doctor would be able to help my daughter, as many other doctors had failed. However, after some discussion with my office colleague, I decided to take 10 days therapy package(got discount on taking package) instead of whole month. 3-4 sessions passed, nothing happened. Dr. Pragati used to play with my daughter with toys, colorful books. I was upset & thought my money & time is getting wasted. However, after about 5 sessions, I was at the top of the world, when my daughter for the very first time called me “PAPA”. Tears came into my eyes on hearing this word from my little daughter. I can’t describe in words, how happy I was. Went to thank Dr. Pragati Jain. She was humble as always. She explained the root cause of my daughters problem & told me that my daughter would be able to talk like a normal child in some time. One important thing, which she told was not to miss any therapy sessions or to take any gaps. I continued to take my daughter alternate days for about 25 sessions & could see amazingly significant improvements. Its been almost 4 months now, since last therapy session. My daughter can speak very clearly now & its all due to this wonderful magician doctor, Mrs. Pragati Jain. Thank you Dr. I would say, she is the BEST SPEECH THERAPIST in MUMBAI.

Name: Sundararajan
Country: India
hello everyone, can anyone suggest me a good speech theraphist at coimbatore who can actually drop-in to my place for an hour everyday ? your help is highly appreciated conact me

Name: Aryaman
Country: India
My case is simialr to that of Soma Pandey. My son is now 2 year 5 months young, and he does not speak any word at all. he only speak single letters like ma, papa, da and likes, i tried a lot to make him speak, but he never try to repeat what i am saying, and tries to run away from me whenever i ask him to speak. all other developments are normal. he also listen and understand most of the things we say, like if we ask somthing which is known to him, he will bring that, if i give something to him and say "put it there in the kitchen", he will go and keep the thing in the kitchen. he also understand what we say. It must be becoz he stays whole day alone with my wife.he does not hv any hearing problem as he hear even small sounds also. whenever we call from behind, he turns to us. when someone rings the bell from outside, he is the first to notice that. i am from guwahati,assam. please suggest. my email id is dutta.aryaman@g

Name: speech therapist
Country: India
my mail add. purshottamtripath contact no 9911545256 9289297391 contact for home speech therapy

Name: aditya.tripathy
Country: India
for speech therapy contact me aditya 9911545256 9289297391

Name: aditya.tripathy
Country: India
i m given home speech therapy in delhi nd ncr my no is 9911545256 9289297391

Name: aditya
Country: India
hi i m speech therapist my mobile no 9911545256 9289297391

Name: Anil.Nayak
Country: India
I have been suffering from stammering since last 10 years. Can anyone suggest me any good speech pathologist in Bangalore? my email id is my contact number is 09439406677.Just give me a miss call I will call back.

Name: S Ganesh
Country: india
it has been great reading this article and i am sure many new parents will benefit from it.

Country: usa
i am extremely impressed by the thoroughness of this web page. congratulations to each one of you who may have contributed directly or indirectly in the emergence of this wonderful web site. my good wishes for all future endeveours. by the way, mrs. maya sanghi and i were peers at the topiwala national medical school and i was alerted to this web page by a fellow peer, sunita kavrie, phd,who is a practising clinician at the baylor school of medicine in houston, texas.if either of us can be of any assistance in enhancing your web page please do not hesitate to contact us. my emai address is

Name: Gauri Mehta
Country: india
language : don't hold back. please expose your kids to your mother tongue as sson as they are born. keep this up for the first three years. make a conscious effort. remember it is a long-time investment in the development of their neural connections - whether or not they pick up the language, this wil help them to develop with richer neural structures, making it easier for them to pick up any language they want to later on. if you and your spouse speak two different langauges, speak your own and let your spouse speak your own. your kid will sort things out in a few months.

Name: Sharda Ramlackhan, M.A.
Country: usa
i have visited your website. it is a very informative site. my cousin was visiting from india, who introduced me to many fabulous and good sites from india. i loved your site. i am a mother of a 14 year old boy with autism who has had a significant language delay. i am always looking for input from other professionals. i am a professional in the field too. i work with child with autism, pdd, add/adhd, dyslexia, learning disability, language delay, and other behavior and communication disorders. i have a web site which i would like to link to your site and i would like to link your site to my website. jointly we can reach and educate many parents and professionals. i am a practitioner in auditory integration training. i have been in practice for the past 8 years. in these 8 years i have travelled many countries administering auditory integration training. countries like canada, japan, barbados (west indies), dubai, kuwait, india and ofcourse many states in the united states. i am based 25 miles out of boston, massachusetts. my next travel plans are coming up very soon to madras, india. i will be working in chennai as of january 9th, 2000. if i can be of any help to any of your readers, they can email to me at: and also visit my two websites: www.a w i look forward to your response. good luck and keep up the good work. together we can make a difference. sharda ramlackhan, m.a. 54 jennifer road lowell, ma 01854-2106 usa

Name: Mrs.Jyothirekha
Country: india
i would like to have some more information. my son is 3 and half years now he has just started speaking few words now, i am worried a lot about his clear speech. i am giving him syrup memoir daily it one month now, but still not much difference. he say few words like papa, my name mama,thankyou, 1 to 10, a to k but no sentences. i would request you all to please answer my question. my email address is and iwould like to have some doctors address also in mumbai so that we could consult them. thanking you, jyothirekha

Name: shabina
Country: india
i have 18 month old twin boys who were born prematurely. (34 wks) i've often read /heard that twins tend to speak later than normal. has any of you heard something to this effect? are there any twin moms out there who are faced with this? if you've read/heard of any studies/research on this, pls forward it to me at my sons are saying around 10 words each. no sentences yet. i see 18 month olds around me saying many words more and some sentences too. pls help!

Name: Nipa mehta
Country: india
it is a good site but ican not downloadyour site. inrhymes there is no voice for children to hear.

Name: ranjani arunkumar
Country: india
i have a son aged 28 months. he had normal physical milestones and mental milestones. we stay in jammu as my husband is a service officer. we are from south india and speak telugu and kannada at home. outside he is exposed to hindi and english. though he understands most of telugu words, he is unable to speak fluently in any of the languages. we are interested in teaching him mother tonguei.e., telugu first. how would i acheive this.please help me at

Name: vitha
Country: india
you can send mail to me at

Name: vitha
Country: india
my daughter is 2.5 years old. she has not yet started to speak. doctor has diagonised her condition is autistic child. she is otherwise very active and quite intelligent. i am worried. please advice. thanks

Name: sunil idnani
Country: india
i have a baby girl who is 16 months old,she does not speak she understands everything what we say but only replys by shaking her head yes or no. iam worried pls. help.

Name: Muriel
Country: southafrica
good day my daugher is 3yrs 5 months old and she is not yet fluent which is not really my problem 'cause she's improving daily with her speech but my main problem is that she's developing very slow i.e can't play with other children, hyperactive and does her own things at her own time, it looks like she's not interested in what i like her to do like colouring pictures,drawing circles or even to concentrate for few minutes. i've been to several paedatricians and there's nothing wrong medically and they told me it might be psychological problems- took her to the child psychologist and she said my baby is still young to solve this problem and i feel i am wasting her time by not doing a thing right now. what can i do really to help her?

Country: india
i am a mother of a son 2 yrs 8 months. he has picked up a lot of words but in incapable of communicating in complete sentences. he has started going to nursery. i am really worried that his school performance might go down because of his incapability to communicate. of communicate. otherwise he is very active. i have recently taught him a few colours. kindly reply back. do you think i need to take him to a speech therapist. pls advise

Name: Soma Pandey
Country: india
my child is now 2 year 2 months old, and he does not speak any word at all. he only speak single letters like ma, ba, da and likes, i tried a lot to make him speak, but he never try to repeat what i am saying, and tries to run away from me whenever i ask him to speak. all other developments are normal. he also listen and understand most of the things we say, like if we ask somthing which is known to him, he will bring that, if i give something to him and say "put it there in the kitchen", he will go and keep the thing in the kitchen. he also understand what we say, mostly, as whenever he see his sister doing something for which we use to stop him, he will start saying to her (as we say to him). he does not hv any hearing problem as he hear even small sounds also. whenever we call from behind, he turns to us. when someone rings the bell from outside, he is the first to notice that. i consulted some doctors, but they said that it will take some more time. kindly let me know what should i do, if there any tests which i should do for? i am from nagpur, please let me know if there is any doctor available for this in nagpur. please help. my email id is

Name: reena
Country: india
i am very enlightened by this article and would like to add that my son 3yrs 2months is also late in speaking. he only utters words and is not able to speak sentences. i have been advised by my doctor top give him mentat. though he is improving but the progress is reallly slow. he understands everything and also goes to a play school. he sings songs but the words are not clear. i would request views/ ideas from any one of you to guide me if anything needs to be done by me. my email address is m

Name: selvakumar
Country: dubai
best wishes for everybody this is the first time i knew about this site which was introduced by my friend senthil kumar, father of two weeks girl baby insisted me to have a look of this site. it is really good and i have taken some print out of diets and receipes for my wife and will tell my wife to have a look into this site. i have many friends whome i will definetely ask them to brouse the same thanks and regards selva

Name: hemaelango
Country: singapore
hi, iam very glad to see like this website for children. very son 3 yrs old, he can speak 1 to 20 a to z and sing a nursery songs, but he speaks some words like yellow means he spell y-----ellow c----ocacola like that he stuttering like this. if you are know any tamil speaking doctors in singapore, pls mail to me. my mail id is thanks a lot.

Country: japan
waat waat waat

Name: bobie browm
Country: india
where am i ?

Name: venkat
Country: middleeast
you are doing great work.. thank you very much

Name: prasad
Country: india
the article relates to subject of speech and the help of the adults in that ragard. but it does not cover the question of selection of the medium of school. it is essential from the point of view of the parents who have completed their education from vernacular mediums and generally people admit their their wards in english medium schools.

Name: chetna
Country: india
my problem is somewhat like soma pandey's son is 2 yrs now but speaks only a few words.that too when being prompted.otherwise very active and sensible should i consult a doctor?my e-mail id is nishu66@hotmail. com.

Name: Adrian.
Country: other
my name is adrian and i'm speech and language therapist. during february i'll be in thailand and may be in india. i'd like to know about my profession in thailand and india, if someone is interested to have professional contact with me, e mail me at i live in chile. south america.

Name: prabhu
Country: india
indeed a nice site creating awareness about speech pathologies in children

Name: Mukesh
Country: india
my son is 6 years old and he is going to school. he speaks but his pronounciation is not clear. his teacher suggested me to take him to speech tharapist. could you please advice and suggest me the name of speech therapist urgently, my email id is

Name: yamuna
Country: india
a very good site indeed.

Name: Kunal Kanti Ghosh & Preeti Ghosh, SLP
Country: singapore
we're glad to see the website of isha.we believe a lot of efforts were put into it. although we're away from india, but our best wishes are with isha always.

Name: Mamu Gaonkar
Country: india
my daughter is two & half years old and she hardly speaks and and also she doesnot chew or bite the food given to her she just swallows everything. kindly advise email id:- sonu6@rediffmail.c om

Name: lakshmi
Country: india
a good site!but many of them are not enabled,more information could be added ,like the list of proffesionals e mail i.d etc .kindly do the needed

Name: raj
Country: india
please take them to all india institute of speech and hearing- mysore(821-514449), ayjnihh bombay ./. the y are the best speech and hearing institutes in that part of teh world

Name: jyoti
Country: india
my daughter is three year and she is not speaking even a single word.she bable a lot like mama,papa,bha,kaka etc .her ears is normal.she also have othere develpmental dealay but more in speech.her understanding is around the agr of 30 months child.if she is in happy on that time she is also repeat the sound or easy words which i speaks like papa.and i also notice that if one new word come the previous one was no anymore.please write me a suggestion about it.i am so much worried about email id is jyotidama@hotmai thanks

Name: Latetalker
Country: usa
press release for the late talker http://www. speech-express .com/latetalke rrelease.html out now and off to a flying start---"the late talker: what to do if your child isn't talking yet" by marilyn c. agin, m.d., lisa f. geng, and malcolm j. nicholl. the book hit #394 on the list on its second day of publication. in a great review, publisher's weekly described it as an "expert guide to understanding speech delays and problems," and went on to say, "a careful, thorough and realistic book, this will be a great resource for any parent dealing with these issues." other reviews: "this gem of a book provides useful, field-tested advice.offering comfort and counsel for the anxious parent." -richard d. lavoie, m.s., m.ed., visiting professor at simmons college. "full of terrifically practical and encouraging information.everyone on the team helping your late talking child will benefit from reading this book."-martha r. herbert., ph.d., pediatric neurologist at massachusetts general hospital and harvard medical school. "a definitive book for parents and professionals alike. i hope everyone involved with children reads this."-theresa cavanaugh, m.ed., ldt-c, co-president of the learning disabilities association of new jersey and lda teacher of the year, 2000. in the book's foreword, paula tallal, ph.d., board of governor's professor of neuroscience and codirector of the center for molecular and behavioral neuroscience at rutgers university describes "the late talker" as "a comprehensive handbook for parents concerned about their child's speech or language development" and "an empowering call to action." if you like the book (and i'm sure you will) please feel free to copy this message and spread the word ---and also feel free to add your review on positive comments always help! (just in case you think this new book may not relate to someone you care about read

Name: Jyoti
Country: india
can you provide details of speech therapist in mumbai? e-mail :

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