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Raising Children Topics..

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Name: Swapna Wagh,
Country: India
its a great article and i agree playtime with kids is a best way to bond with them and teach them and i know justa place where you can find some amzing educational and fun.

Name: Tell-A
Country: India
Tell-A-Tale has a good list of stories and articles on storytelling

Name: Arunima
Country: India
Storytelling is another great way to spend time with children. Here's a good list of stories one can read with their pre-schoolers ***** .com

Name: Payal Raval
Country: India
Thanks for the good information! I sit with my kid whenever she does her homework or any other activities. She enjoys doing any activities with but I will make sure that my presence doesn’t make her uncomfortable at any situation.

Name: Kiran
Country: India
I saw the importance of playing with kids at Hello Kids - Bright Sparks (www.brightspark

Name: Saini
Country: India
A wonderful article. Spending time with your kid is important. Lot of times I pay attention to my child's feelings to help him out in a better way.

Name: divya
Country: India
This is just too good. It’s on replay ever since I first saw it

Name: saaaloni
Country: england
wemusthavesomee xpectationfrom ourcchilddddre nsothatouurchi ldrencandoit

Name: praveen
Country: india
encouraging a child to play on his or her own develops creativity & independence.

Name: Vasundhara Chowdhary
Country: usa
parents using a little imagination can teach kids while playing with them that way kids won't feel the pressure and fear of learning.

Name: sunny
Country: india
childrens are like thefragile glass we should give in lots of attention towards them

Name: Been there, Done that
Country: usa
children learn a lot just by observing adults. sing and dance with them, draw and colour for them. read to them when they are babies. they don't need expensive toys - most of which are wasted on them. talk to them like they are intelligent people (no goo-goos and gaa-gaas), and show them things in their surroundings. they understand a lot even when they cannot talk.

Name: natasha
Country: india
we should encourage the children to play with other kids as this inculcates the habit of sharing among them.

Country: india
children generally tend to copy their parent's actions. they try to repeat what their parents say. so the parents need to sit with the child and talk to them. though the infants cannot talk, they just look at you and make some noise. allow the child to say something and repeat the same after her. this will help the child to be more confidence.

Name: Meena
Country: india
playing with children makes them confident and they learn a lot from the parents.

Name: nisar
Country: india
would like to know as to what is the effectiveness of introducing computers in early childhood learning days viz - a- viz good quality books and age related toys?

Name: Storm
Country: england
children learn about the world from play. with the help of parents they can learn a lot. as long as they are taught to share they will learn from other children who are playing as well!

Name: Vinod
Country: usa
my son is 13 month old. i have joined him in day-care center when he was 6 weeks old. i just cannot imagine myself he has learned lot of things from day-care center. at age 13 months he has a vocabulary of 50 sounds and words. i recommend other parents to encourage the children to computers at very young age. now, he know how to turn the computer on, he uses the mouse to start his computer educational cd's. he will click on objects and it makes sound, he has memorized the sounds it makes, so before he presses the button, he will make that sound, and wants to confirm the computer makes the same kind of sound. thank god, i am in usa easy to buy computer and education cd's, its inexpensive here. another thing, don't ever say "no" to anything, just give to them, let them feel the texture of the object they touch. ( i will give you the following examples that i implemented on my son, at age 4th month, he wants to grab my eye glasses, i let him touch and play with it, just made sure he doesnot drop and break it, at age 5th month onwards, he doesnot want to play with glasses anymore, everytime he finds my eye glasses, he calls daddy and gives it back to me, another example most parents want to feed the baby, my son at 13th month can eat by himself with spoon and fork. initally used to make lot of mess while eating, not anymore). sorry, i am not braging about my son, i can go on and on with examples. just enjoy playing with them, listen to their needs, respect them, give them responsibility, when the finish the responsibility, reward them. so here is the secrete "rrr" - respect, responsibility and reward. they work amazingly. good luck to all parents.

Name: Raji
Country: singapore
allow the child to walk on the footpath with your guidence and allow him to stand on his own when he falls to make him confident in walking.

Name: Madhu
Country: india
parents have to resign from adulthood and accept chilhood when they are with their children

Name: sandesh
Country: india
though they can not say by words children always need their parents to be with them so they should spend as much time together as they can.

Name: chithu
Country: india
i am the mother of 2 year old twin girls. i am working lady and inspite of my very hectic schedules i make it a point to play with my kids for atleast 1 hour in a day. but sometimes i run out games!! can any one suggest a list of interesting games. also i tried reading stories to them, but they just won't isten, is it too early to start stories? any guidance for story telling? pls help

Name: Purva
Country: india
i used to read my daughter alphabet book when she was just an year old.soon,she started recognising all the pictures in the book and if i ask her where is the cow or where is the apple , she used to point out even before she learnt to repetitive reading helps kids a lot even from the age of 6 months.

Name: val
Country: southafrica
thanks for the wonderfull information, i am a first time mom and i would really appreciate it if you guys could have more topic on babies 0-12 months.

Name: munira
Country: india
parents are the role models for their children.hence through the medium of games and playway parents can inculcate ample of good values in the growing minds.

Name: nivetaa
Country: india
my child always talks against. if i say don't do, he says,"i will do like this only" if i say very softly then he accepts. but most ofthe time he goes against. for sometime he plays very with other child, but sometime he figths them, even if i tell him that you should give your toys, snacks to them and they are your friends he does't listen.pls tell me how to handle him. he is 3yrs old

Name: Malini
Country: india
my son who is 7 yrs old is just not listening to me, he gets angry when i tell him to do something, he just wants to play all the time please help me

Name: malini
Country: india
i also have a very similar problem

Name: nisha n nitin
Country: india
we have triplet. parents have to play with children n teach them good things while playing.leave u r adulthood n become child. they will do all things u teach them,our's have race to clear utencils after lunch/dinner at the age of 2 yrs.they fight amongthem but forget when told and also say "sorry" by touching each others face by their little hands, full day they playing among themselves n the house is silent only when they r sleeping n we also feel lonely when they r resting,should have lot of stamina n strength to go about the triplets. we have a rare experience, thankyou the all mighty god, who has given us strength n stamina.

Name: Full of questions
Country: usa
i have a question, should a boy play with barbies at he age of five. if a boy plays with dolls it is for him to ge motor skills would they get it from playing with barbies? at what age is it not appropriate for boys to stop playing with dolls and what are the danger signs? in this day and age parents aren't spending that time with their parents, so is it okay?

Name: Mokshitha
Country: india
i used to read my daughter alphabet book when she was just an year old.soon,she started recognising all the pictures in the book and if i ask her where is the cow or where is the apple , she used to point out even before she learnt to repetitive reading helps kids a lot even from the age of 6 months

Name: irene dsa
Country: India
i am a single mother of a 9 yr old boy. my son is so good that he listens to everything that i tell him. he seldom fights back. i do not know if i am being too good to him that he listens to me or is he being too good to listen to everything i tell him. sometimes i get scared to have such a wonderful child. i want to make him a little naughty. i am scared to see him being too good with me. any advices please.

Name: ddd
Country: India
thank you this helped a lot

Name: sajedamemon
Country: India
my daughter is 2 yrs old.she is very cranky and restless child.she hates toys. how can i cultivate a habit of playing with toys?

Name: Play with kids
Country: Thailand
yes you do have to play with kids but i believe that you teach them the rules of games amd don't lat them play with their self created rules . this is espicially for games like chess that hace a strict set of rules. show them that the needent always win and tell them ways to win . oh yes ans some parents i completely undersrand the geniuosity of your kids.

Name: Chandan Rajashree
Country: India
good information. please advise which games would be suitable for a daughter who is 1 year and 7 months old.

Name: smita
Country: india
your childs play is more valuable than the things in your house

Name: Omesh
Country: india
parents need to spend more time with their children, so why not spend more time and play with them.

Name: mo
Country: India

Name: asha
Country: U.S.A.
iam the mother of 19 month old girl.she can grasp anything easily.not yet started talking properly.use to say a few words,and also she did not allow me to do anything,always surrounding me.when ever i sit any where to do something she starts crying.i dont know how can i develop her learning skill.i always try to learn her but no use.please advice me

Name: sari
Country: India
i have 3 yr old son,he doesn't share his things wd nybody suggest me smthng..

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