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Advantages of Bottle Feeding

babys-diet Bottle Feeding
There are many advantages of bottle feeding over breast feeding. It is very convenient and gives freedom. Bottle feeding babies are less cranky and they have a sound sleep. Know more about the advantages

What are the advantages of bottle feeding

  • Bottle-fed babies need to be fed less frequently since it is more difficult to digest.
  • If you are bottle feeding your baby, you know exactly how much milk your baby has had.
  • You do not need to be present each time the baby has to be fed; some other family member or friend can also feed the baby.
  • Your social life does not need to be curtailed.  You can resume your normal life.

Bottle-fed babies need to be fed less often 

If for some reason breastfeeding is not an option, a woman can consider bottle-feeding. There is a school of thought that sees some advantages in bottle-feeding. For instance, formula milk is not as easily digested as mother's milk. Consequently, the baby feels satiated for longer periods and this extends the time between feedings at an earlier stage.

I know exactly how much milk my baby has

In the case of bottle-feeding, a mother knows exactly what her baby's intake of milk is, whereas a nursing mother often worries that her baby has not had enough.

Anyone can feed the baby

Bottle-feeding gives a mother more freedom, as she is not tied down to feeding times. Anybody can feed the baby if given the bottle and the formula. Fathers and older siblings can also participate in feeding the baby and share the burden of caring for the newborn.

You can resume "normal" life sooner

  • Unlike the breastfeeding mother, the bottle-feeding mother can dress as she pleases. A nursing mother will have to wear something that can accommodate a hungry baby. 
  • A nursing mother is limited to only using those methods of birth control that are not harmful to the baby. This restriction does not apply to bottle-feeding mothers. 
  • A bottle-feeding mother does not have to be as particular about a nutritious diet. 
  • She can have a few drinks and take an aspirin without worrying about what effect it will have on the baby.
  • She can begin to diet six weeks after delivery. 
  • Bottle-feeding is more convenient and less embarrassing in public. 
  • Lovemaking is sometimes not easy for the breastfeeding woman because the hormonal changes associated with lactation leaves her vagina dry. In addition, breastfeeding can lead to sore nipples and leaky breasts, which are not conducive to lovemaking.

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Breastfeeding Mama.3 years ago
This article is ignorant and promotes selfishness and ego above the baby's nutrition. Breastfeeding is natural and has oxytocin effects for the mother, helping to ward off depression. The longer the mother breastfeeds, the less likely she is to get breast cancer. Nature has designed thebreastfeeding to benefit both mom and baby. Breastfed children have higher IQs. These are just a few facts that should encourage women to breastfeed when possible. It is a labor of love, not easy. That is what being a parent is all about.
Rhonda.4 years ago
Life allows us all to make choices. Some are based in ignorance others from a place of more awareness. If you choose not to breastfeed there are consequences to this decision (and some women are desperate to B/F and just unable to get an adequate supply).

If I were a newborn babe I'd be pleased to have a mother who chose to breastfeed me. For her to have this level of awareness of what works best for mother and babe - then maybe she would be capable of providing other precious opportunities in this human lifetime for my continued growth in being consciousness. What a lucky lifetime.
Monica.5 years ago
Formula feeding is not as healthy as the breast. Companies have been trying since the 1800's to get formula right and have made a lot of children sick along the way. In many of the name brand formulas you all know of like similac, enfamil, & nestle is a toxin called melamine it gets in the powder in the factory. This causes kidney failure and can cause death. Mother's should be more careful with what they give their vulnerable babies. Especially when they eat nothing but that product. Many of you believe it's just as good as human milk because that is what the companies advertise. Pump your milk & give it in a bottle if you don't want to breast feed in public. Freeze your milk if you know you want to go out and have some drinks. Life doesn't end it's just time to become a parent and start planning ahead & being responsible. Give your child what nature intended it to have, you. I can't believe some of you never even tried to breastfeed. It helps you lose weight, gives you hormones that make you calm so you won't feel as stressed, and your children will have less risk of diabetes,allergies, infections & obesity. The bond between mother & child becomes so strong.The breast really is the BEST!!!
.6 years ago
breast feed is the best feed for your baby.avoid bottle feeds as much possible as u can
marry.6 years ago
pros and cons of bottle feeding
charlotte.6 years ago
i am sick of hearing 'breast is best' and being looked down on because i dont breast feed, when some narrow minded tw@ts dont realise not everyone can breast and not all babies can breast feed!
Miranda.6 months ago
Breast is best isn't an opinion, hun. It's science. No one is looking down on anyone for bottle feeding- and less than 2% of women ACTUALLY can't breastfeed. In that case, there are wet nurses and milk donations.
laurialle.6 years ago
it seem that all the pros of bottle feedings are in faor of the mother. the baby should come first the you bottle feed should not be so you can you won't be embarassed while makin love. your partner which should be the father should under stand and there is nothing embarassin abotu breastfeeding in public.
sarah.6 years ago
bottle feeding is only best if you don't prop feed your baby. prop feeding them with a bottle is dangerous as if they need be sick or cough then they can't the bottle out there mouth quick enough and can die from choking!
Miranda.6 months ago
Bottle feeding isn't best no matter if it's propped or not, because #science.
Kindra.6 years ago
there is nothing wrong with bottle feeding! not everyone can do it! women need to realize at least we're not starving the babys...
Kanikwa.6 years ago
bottle-feeding rules!!!
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