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Baby Name : Vanshya

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Read what our little munchkins say on various topics. You may be in for a surprise with their innocence. Does your little one also end up saying something funny or random? It's your chance to share it for other parents to exclaim Look who's talking!

  Papa Nahin Uthe  

Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Arti Kariro

My sweet littke daughter has a habbit of saying jai jai to sun uncle and goodmorning too and after that she goes in her room and ask papa to utho mama ko office jana hai mamma late ho jayegi.... one day same routine is going on saying jai jai sun uncle and all of the sudden she said sun uncle papa nahin uthe......... and i was surprised ki itni baatein kahan se seekhti hai.

  Complaining About Mom  

Baby Name: Rrhea
Parent's Name: Neetu Bhatia

This happened last week when i had kept milk for boiling on the gas and I sat down in the hall wiht my 2 yr old daughter RRhea watching TV and playing with her. Suddenly I remembered (which was after ages) that milk was on the gas and i ran to switch of the gas but the milk had dropped little and I wiped the cooking range. This incident happened only when my daughter and myself were there in the house as my mother-in-law had gone out. Next day my m'law knew abt this incident which surprised me

  Kha "Kha"  

Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Arti Tulsiani

My 16months old daughter has started saying her first few words. Now she tries to feed me and say "Kha" "Kha" as we do with her when we give her something to eat. Otherday she saw a dog and started shouting bhow bhow. Wonder how fast kids grow.

  Crooked Prawns  

Baby Name: Jonathan
Parent's Name: Jonjas

Jonathan my 2 year old is an Indian Chinese and English and we speak english, cantonese and hindi. We were having a barbaque and he asked his "dada when are the prawns cooked" and my husband replied "yat crook jau sook" but to my 2 year old. his understanding of 'cook' n 'sook' means the food is ready to eat and he just looked at my husband and said' it mens the same dada'.

  Mom be happy!  

Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Babli

My little (3.5 yrs old) one came back from preschool one day while I was working upstairs he came up and showed me a picture he had made in the art class. I happily hugged him and said good job. We both went downstairs to kitchen and I checked his lunch bag, he hadn't eaten anything at lunch so I frowned and said why didn't you eat anything, how come you were not hungry. He immediately retorted back saying - You were happy with me upstairs , what happened downstairs , you are angry with me now,

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