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Sushmita Sen and Her Beautiful Daughters

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Sushmita Sen is one of the topmost celebrities and a successful single mother of two adopted children. She has adopted two girl children and she is raising them successfullyRead on to know more about Sushmita’s adoption story and her journey as a single mother. 

Before a few years, Adoption was only an option for the couple who due to some reasons could not have biological kids. A person decides to give a special part of his or her life to an unknown child which in a few seconds with a few formalities becomes an essential part of his or her life. A child always gives birth to a mother and in return gets all the love and attention.  Nowadays adoption has been very popular within the society.  People who do have biological kids are also opting for an adopted child.  There are a lot of celebrities who have adopted kids and Sushmita Sen is one of the celebrity adoptive parents.

Sushmita’s life

Sushmita Sen is one of the beautiful Indian actresses and Ex Miss Universe 1994. She is not only beautiful but also the first woman in India to become Miss Universe. She has not only worked with many celebrities but also has been a recipient of many awards like Film Fare Award, Star Screen Award, IIFA Award and Zee Cine Award. She has also been honored with Rajiv Gandhi Award in 2006 for her achievement in Bollywood.

The greatest achievement of all was her firm decision and her interest in kids.  She has deep love for kids and therefore she decided to adopt a child at the age of 18. Her obsession towards kids was irresistible and therefore she decided to adopt a girl child. Sushmita Sen is an example to Indian women of becoming a single parent through adoption. The decision of adopting a girl child was also a serious agenda and the news was all over. But this Bengali Beauty readily took this challenge and adopted a girl child.

The Feeling of Adoption

Sushmita adopted a girl child and named her Renee. Renee is loved and cared by her "Mommy Universe". Sushmita and Renee are the limelight of all the fashion events, shows and inaugurals. Sushmita Sen proudly called as a single mother is always accompanied by her daughter at all major events. Renee also has a dream to participate in the Miss Universe Pageant and get back home the same trophy and award like her pretty mother.

Also Sushmita celebrates her little angel’s birthday with great pomp.  She had thrown a party on the tenth Birthday of Renee i.e. 5th September. She celebrated Renee‘s birthday with all her family members and believes that this is a family time and so it should be spent along with the close ones.

Sushmita's Second Child Adoption

Sushmita adopted a girl child again in the year 2010 and named her Alisah.  Alisah was only a three month old baby then. Sushmita is very happy and is all set for the shopping of her new angel.

Alisah, is a peaceful baby and Sushmita is busy buying all the toys and gifts for her. Also, Renee (first daughter) is excited to have her sister come to their world. Renee has all the plans for her sister. The two sisters are going to share the room for a start till then Alisah’s room is not prepared by lovely mom Sushmita.

This is how a famous personality has filled up her life and brought in two little angels who will accompany her and also provide her a family feel. It is a good example for people who want to complete their family but are still not taking a step ahead to adopt a child. So move ahead and fulfill a child’s dream. 

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Thanks to sushmita for promoting girl child adoption and single mother adoption
Riya.1 year ago
Sushmita is a best example of single mother adoption and adoption of girl children.
great.3 years ago
such a great story.
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