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Fun Activities to Do With Children on Weekends

Fun Activities to Do With Children on Weekends

Weekend is a perfect time to plan great activities with children and spend quality time with them. Here are some fun activities which you can do with your children on weekends.

Summer vacations or weekends alike, children look for things to do in their free time. As children, their weekends would be spent on the playground or with books. With the television, video games and computer in place, outdoor activities and inner creativity have been replaced by mindless gaming or cartoons. Smart parents decide to take things into their own hands and try to change ‘I’m bored time’ into a learning experience for their kids. So how can you turn your child’s weekend into something where you can create happy memories?

1. Go For a Tour

Take your child to a nature park, a historical monument or a museum. Get a tour guide and let them explore the new things they see. Ask the tour guide lots of questions and engage your child’s mind in some critical thinking about the things they see. Even a radio announcement or an old newspaper will help to bring out the local culture of the place.

2. Plant a Garden

If you are lucky to have your own yard, grow a flower or a kitchen garden together. You could clear a small space for your child to grow flowers in it. Gardening is a challenging outdoor activity and is fun, healthy and educational. Gardening will teach your children to be responsible and you will save money on produce. If you live in an apartment, you can easily create a garden in your unused balcony.

3. Visit Your Nearest Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are not just for watching movies and eating out at Food Court. Have a look at the decorations during seasonal festivals and tell your child about the significance of the festival. Do not miss out on the beautiful merchandise and keep a look out for discounts and other offers.

4. Spend Quality Family Time

Weekends are when the whole family is at home. Go back to the old times of playing home games or treasure hunt which will not be great fun but also a happy memory your child will cherish when older. Researches have also proved that families who have frequent family dinners or play games together generally have a stronger bonding.

5. Visit the Public Library

Books can be a man’s best friend only if your child is introduced to them at the right time. Take them to the library and get them a membership card. Encourage them to read one book a week. Bookshops are also good for buying books that you really like. Create a book club and invite over their friends as well. These libraries also have workshops, movies, puppet shows, children’s theatre and others to keep your little one occupied. Inculcate the habit of reading in them as soon as you can.

6. Get Creative

If you clean out your cupboards and drawers, you will find a lot of things that you probably want to throw away. Get innovative and work with your child to make something new out of them such as a doll from leftover cloth, cotton, beads and some thread. Decorate your creation the way you like and show it to family and friends.

7. Cook Together

Cooking is another one of the many activities that will yield great results – try making a new dish, or simply bake a cake together. Let your child help you as per their age, take their suggestions as well. Click lots of pictures and treasure them as memories.
Therefore, anything can be a fun activity to do with kids only if you think out of the box. Choose whichever activity is most suitable for you and your child and get set to a fruitful and enjoyable weekend ahead.

How to spend weekend with children? What is the importance of spending quality time with children? Which activities can be carried out with children on holidays? Discuss here.

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Sonia.6 years ago
Reading is a good way to bond with children and spend quality time with them.
Palak.6 years ago
Playing board games with children is also one of the great ways to spend time with them.
Sneha.6 years ago
Spending time with children on weekends is a must. We are out for work the whole week. So, ti is a must to spend time with them at least on weekends.
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