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Significance of Women's Day

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Women's Day is celebrated throughout the globe on 8th March every year. Celebrating Women's Day is an opportunity to appreciate the remarkable contribution of women to our society. Read on to find more about the International Women's Day celebration.

'Woman'- is a word that conjures up a lot of images in our minds and brings out varied emotions as selfless love, nurturing and caring attitude. Who is a woman? The dictionary meaning of a woman is adult female human but this definition cannot do justice to the role of woman. A woman is much more than these words. Read on to find more about the significance of Women’s Day celebration.

Understanding a Woman

“A woman is a full circle.  Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” Understanding a woman is a mystery and it needs lots of perseverance and knowledge. A woman is the epitome of love, sacrifice, care and ability to nurture life.

The quality of a woman can be understood with these thoughts “If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball and saving an infant’s life, she will choose to save the infant’s life without even considering there are men at the base.” Such is the power of a woman.

The ability to nurture life makes woman the most powerful and strongest being. She can play different roles with ease be it that of a dutiful wife, obedient daughter, caring mother or adoring sister.   

Women Down the Ages VS Women Now

Women down the ages were not given their due respects yet they went on without complaints. Women since time immemorial had powers to bring a change. Women fought with all odds to emerge as a winner. History is replete with examples of courageous women like Lakshmibai, Indira Gandhi, Hellen Keller and so on.

Women now are more empowered and aware of their rights and the society has accepted their stand. The society is changing and paving way for the growth of the women. The changes can be seen in the fields of education, healthcare, equality and job opportunity. The new decade has seen a marked change in attitude towards women at large. Women have made strides in every field like politics, space exploration. 

Relevance of Women’s Day Celebration

The International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March all over the world. This is not just another day but it is a day to appreciate and give respect to all the women who are the essence of our lives. This day is a day to honour the life, grit and determination of women. These words of Charles Malik, former President of United Nations General Assembly aptly sum up the role of women “The fastest way to change society is to mobilise women of the world.” Legislations are made so that women get equal opportunities.

Need for Women’s Day Celebration

This day is the need for the hour as it is a time for introspection. This day has been recognised by United Nations General Assembly as a means of recognizing the contribution of women to the society. There is now increased participation of women in different areas such as policy making. Women have showed that if not superior; they are equal to men in all fields and taking tough decisions.

Women’s Day Celebrations

Many countries have declared 8th March as official holiday and some countries have declared it as holiday for women. Men show love and respect to the women in their lives on this day. Thousands of events are held all over the world on Women’s Day. It is a day to inspire women and promote the cause of social equality. In India women’s organizations, NGO’s take part in women’s Day celebration by staging plays, organising seminars, giving awards to women achievers. 

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Napson.2 months ago
This article is really beautifully written. Keep up the Good Job. Smaash Bengaluru is celebrating womens day special week from 8th March to 20th March 2016 Know more here *****.com
Amanda.3 years ago
To give recognition to all the women who fought for equality. It's a day of remembrance to our sisters before us
Litter.3 years ago
It's just a quaint little event where females of the species get together to bash the males of the species for a litany of sins real and imagined, mainly imagined. It's a whine-fest and thousands come from miles around to feast on carrion at taxpayers' expense.
dravvya.3 years ago
It is a celebration of womanhood, and women's achievements. It is also a day to raise awareness of social issues that women face.
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