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Women's Issues Topics..

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Women's Rights


Woman is in no way inferior to her counterpart, man. Read what Ruchi Sharma has to say on this issue.
A major civilization transformation has taken place throughout the 20th century: the evolving empowerment of women together with the recognition of women's rights as human rights. 8th of March is universally acknowledged as International Women's Day and 26th August is observed as Women's Equality Day which means that the woman of today has come of age and wants to lead a dignified life of equality with man. The slogan raised today by the women of the world is: "Equality, Dignity and Self-Respect is what we want". This slogan is indicative of the new awareness among women the world over. Modern women have raised their voices against the male dominated and feudalistic society.
Level of consciousness, emergence of successive generations of women at the forefront of knowledge, growing numbers of women with enough education to investigate the conditions, aspirations and perspectives among the poor - all this was an impulsion to react to the need for change in societal patterns. Other factors also contributed to this process: the growth of women studies in many universities throughout the world supplemented by burgeoning networks of the cross fertilization of ideas, approaches, tactics and strategies. Added to these was the active role played by women in the struggle for democracy against oppressive regimes in Latin America, Africa and Asia.
The role of women as a separate issue of more than merely token significance entered international debate at the first UN Conference on Population and Development, held in Bucharest (Romania) in 1974. The United Nations Conferences on women and other development and socio-economic issues, held since 1975, have helped to heighten the visibility of the role, the plight and the potential of women on the international scene. To quote United Nations Development Program (UNDP's) Human Development Report "human development is impossible without gender equality".
Woman is in no way inferior to her counterpart, man. From time immemorial, woman represents history in all its grace and distress in terms of time and space, social ups and down, political subjugation and freedom. In religion, social intercourse, education, literature, art and culture, her status was never in doubt.
As a significant measure towards initiating women's empowerment, equal-pay legislation should be adopted and expanded in all countries so as to incorporate the principle of equal pay for work of equal value. This would allow for a re-evaluation of women's professional and 'pink-collar' occupations, with increases in both pay and status. Affirmative-action measures might include the provision of day-care centres, flexible working hours, women's quotas in retirement, promotion, and retraining; and outlawing and prosecuting sexual harassment in the work place.
Labour laws need also to be expanded to provide better conditions, benefits and job security for domestic and agricultural workers, part-time, temporary, and miscellaneous workers in the home, and employees in export-processing zones. More research should be conducted on the contribution of women's unpaid work to family and national economies - including work in subsistence agriculture, livestock husbandry, domestic work, child-care, and care for the elderly, the disabled, and this time. This analysis should incorporate time-use data, and should be used in the design of future policy. All new development initiatives and economic and social planning should be subject to a 'gender audit' to assess their effects on women's quality of life as well as on the inequalities persisting between men and women.
The majority of the world's women are poor citizens of the poor countries; they are 'deprived' and 'backward'. About 40% of females worldwide are children under the age of 15. The World Health Report 1995 highlighted the grim prospects facing a baby girl born in one of the least developed countries, where one-sixth of all births occur annually. Equity demands that the conditions of such deprived infants and children be improved without delay.
There is a need to formulate a comprehensive global action plan for girls and adolescent females. It will redress many of the prevalent injustices suffered by women.
The greatest need of the hour is to change the social attitude to women. Women's empowerment means a lot, but the ultimate goal of the equalization of man and woman would materialize only when her complimentary role is recognized by the society.

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xyz.8 years ago
Women has rights, weather they are implementing (50% share from their parents). They do not want do it.

Ruchi Sharma , you are thinking one side of the coin.

Men too have many problems.

1. If man do not have job or getting less salary , no one will marry him.

2. Men treated as ATM machines by women.

3. Girls can expect higer salary, huge property, highier hight but men should not expect as society will not accept.

4. Girl, Girls parents expect boy's parents property. But inturn, girl parents not giving 50% share for their daughter.

5. no value for men as human being.

6. Society says it's men responsibility to maintain family, but govt, society gets all schemas which are befinifical to women. How come?
Shania.8 years ago
why women have to fight for their rights always? why they do not get their rights?
xyz.8 years ago
Womean want equality. Thats good.

Then why women expecting from boy more than her in terms of property,salary. if woman has job, is she giving life to boy who does not have job.
Priyanka.8 years ago
कहा safe है औरत बोलने की बात है कोई आदमी उन्हे अपने बराबर नहीं मानता उन्हे खुद से छोटा ही मानता है चाहे वो कुछ भी ना हो लेकिन वो अपनी पत्नी को खुद से नीचा दिखाने का कोई मोका नहीं छोड़ता और उसकी पत्नी चाहे एक अच्छी position मे ही क्यो ना हो वो उसे अपने से आगे बढ़ता नहीं देख सकता और अगर पति आगे बढ़े तो उसकी पत्नी को खुश होना चाहिए ये कहा का rule है किसने कहा है बोलने के लिए सब बहुत कुछ बोलते है लेकिन ऐसा होता है जो सब बोलते है आज भी औरत घर के अंदर सताई जा रही है उसके साथ जुल्म हो रहा है और बस कागजो और अखबार मे चार अच्छी बात करके सभी को लगता है हम औरत के साथ अच्छा कर रहे है उन्हे वो respect नहीं मिलती जो एक आदमी को मिलती है क्यू औरत को बराबरी का दर्जा नहीं मिलता। जब वो बराबर का कमा सकती है घर से बाहर बराबरी मे चल सकती है तो घर के अंदर उसके साथ भेद-भाव क्यू होता है। जब तक उसे भी बराबरी का दर्जा नहीं मिलेगा वो यू ही मरती रहेगी घुटती रहेगी और जिम्मेदार कोन होगा इन सबका।
जब लड़की शादी करके दूसरे घर जाती है तो उसकी सास उसे अपनी बेटी क्यू नहीं मान पति उसे अपनी बेटी का दर्द तो अच्छे से होता है लेकिन अपनी बहू को तकलीफ देकर उसे परेशान करके अपने बेटे को गलत बोल कर उसे पिटवाना उसके लिए जहर घोलना क्यू करती है वो क्या मिलता है उसे बताओ। समाज के ठेकेदार बेठे है न तब वो कहा चले जाते है। क्या उस लड़की के कोई सपने कोई ऊमीदे नहीं जो उसे हर बार तोड़ा जाता है कहा का इंसाफ है बताओ। ??????????????????????????
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