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You are here : home > Women's Issues > General Issues > Female Infanticide

Female Infanticide

Will the problem of female infanticide ever be solved? Sadly, this is a major issue still faced by many policy makers and NGOs of our country.

Rural India

In rural areas where a lot of people do not have access to sex determination facilities, female infanticide is shockingly common. The parents wait until the mother gives birth, and when they find out that a daughter is born, they go ahead and kill the baby by adopting various means such as strangling the baby, giving her poison, dumping her in a garbage bin, drowning her, burying her alive, starving her, stuffing her mouth with salt, or leaving her outdoors overnight so she dies of exposure.

What is disturbing is that female infanticide is not considered a big crime and rarely do culprits get convicted. Once in while there is a harsh conviction of the parent followed by some publicity, and it isn't long before the news dies down. Surprisingly, mothers are the ones who often perpetrate the crime, with the support of other women in her network. Since the mother is the one who has given birth to the unwanted female, she is the one who must do away with it. She is forced to do so at times, and willingly does so at others since she herself desires a male child. How much the mother, another victim of atrocities, is really to blame though, is anybody's guess.

Where the daughter's life is spared, parents often neglect her and expect her to work around the house serving her brothers and father. Girls are rarely sent to school, and if they are, they are removed after a few years of education and put to work - perhaps sent to cities to work as maids in homes, and send back money earned by them. In all probability, they are treated far better at the homes they work in as maids than they are in their own homes - but instances of harsh ill-treatment and abuse of such girls are also just as common.

Urban India

Rural life is far removed from city life. Although we may have come across villagers who perhaps now work under us as office boys, peons, waiters in restaurants, drivers, cooks and household help, rarely do we ever try and bring about a change in their mindset. Sadly though, educated, urban and fairly wealthy people too often nurse a desire for a male child, and although they may not kill their daughter after she is born, they do try and find out the sex of their child, and abort female fetuses.

Although disclosing the gender of a foetus is illegal, there are numerous doctors that disclose the child's sex for an enhanced fee, and then offer to arrange for the abortion. Thus although there is a good law in place, its implementation is not as effective as it should be.

Although all of us take pride in our Indian culture, we need to recognize that there is something fundamentally wrong with a culture that assumes the superiority of males, and that celebrates Indian women for being meek, submissive and sacrificial. One way you can help counter this mindset is by being proud of the women in your life, and by taking pride in yourself if you are a woman.

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Name: Kalpana Sarang
Country: India

Govt. has to punish those parents very strictly... Nobody has rights to kill others. When a infant is born, it doesn't have any bad thoughts r it isn't causing any ill to others. It only belives the person whoever carrying or feeding her. How hard hearted ppl r dey. after seeing the innocent face, how they get guts to kill the infant. If they r not punished severly they will not stop doing this. God blessed me with a beautiful and intelligent baby girl as per my prayer, who is 10 months old now. There is no word to express the feeling I had when I saw her first in the Operation Theatre. I love her so much. I want to comfort her with everything and bring her like a princess.
Name: Layla.Hobbs
Country: U.S.A.

THE point that everyone is missing is that the other biggest female infant killing country is the ONE CHILD CHINA!!! They too want male childrena and fined for more than one child, So if you want a Boy kill the girl! One child limits do not stop INFANTICIDE! How about making it worth it to give up the girl permanetly and legally. Make midwives who allow or do infanticide legally responsible. sex selection abortions are unfortunate But I am much more concerned about the ones that are murdered. STOPFEM ALEINFANTICIDE PLEASE Go read about one poor little girl who was murdered so gruesomely by her mother with Oreander sap ! Symptoms of oleander poisoning include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, vision disturbances, blurred vision and low blood pressure. The nervous system is also affected, which can cause dizziness, disorientation, headaches and lethargy. In some cases the poison shows up on the skin in the form of hives and rashes. The most common symptom of oleander poisoning affects the heart. A disturbance in the heart rhythm, heart palpitations and and increased heart rate all have the potentials to cause cardiac arrest. Join me in looking for a way to address these murders. I am a grandmother, with my grandchild nearly grown. But I want to do something about this problem. http://www.gendercide.or g/case_infanti cide.html
Name: Layla
Country: U.S.A.

I am heart broken about these little girls that are brutally murdered and it can not be prettied up... It must be called what it is no matter the reason, It is cold blooded murder a heinous crime perpetrated on girls by WOMEN. STOPFEMALEIN FANTICIDE@grou m
Name: Saira
Country: Canada

i am half indian, but was born in canada and have lived here throughout my entire life. i would always hear about how awful some traditions were in india, such as the dowry system and in particular female infanticide. to be honest, i was shocked (in a good way) but also very relieved to see that not all indian people think that killing innocent babies because they are girls is right. and besides, if everyone had boys instead of girls, there would be some major competition for finding a wife and having kids. women are not objects, or the slaves of men. we are intelligent, kind and strong. thank you for enlightening me with your article. meera: how dare you say to increase female infanticide? that's simply disgusting. while i agree with you in the sense that society is very male dominated, we as women have to fight to make it fair! don't give up!
Name: lingaraj
Country: India

this is one of major social problem think ourselves and this wrong things can,t made by and help others to don,t make this female infanticide. life is for living in the world for particular achievement many were born and did many unbelieveable things. so present generation plese dont make such a king of social problem.
Name: Ishan Rathi
Country: India

well i feel very sad about this problem . as the girls are not given the rights to live , they are considered burden on parents. this problem is mainly due to less education and less exposure of the backward areas. and this problem cant be solved if the mantality of people will not change and some what education and understanding can also help to solve. 'girls are precious , understand them'
Name: labonno
Country: Bangladesh

i think female infanticide should be stop because this is terrible crime against the female & this our new generation . i wish if i could stop terrible crime .
Name: PREM of Burdwan
Country: India

in humanic, should be banned with immediate effect and punative measures.
Name: noozie
Country: India

tremendous act practiced by orthodox indians
Name: Mohd Atif
Country: India

we have to must educate them. specially in rural areas and aware the importance of a girl.
Name: pinky
Country: India

i think the female infanticide must be stopped. parents never feel the burden of their children. children are not burden on their parents they are just they turban of their parents. my advice is only that don't kill the girl child
Name: lilian
Country: Malaysia

i am sad that india girl have this karma in thier life. chanting the phrase nam-myoho-renge-kyo as a prayer can change our karma. buddhism is a practical philosophy aimed at awakening people to the limitless potential and value of their own lives. practicing buddhism brings about a positive transformation in the depths of an individual's life, transforming fear into courage, deluded impulses into wisdom and egotism into compassion. buddhism teaches that a universal law (dharma) underlies everything in the universe. this is the very essence of life. one could also think of it as the fundamental rhythm of life and the universe. nichiren identified this law or essence as nam-myoho-renge-kyo. he taught that by correctly carrying out the practice of buddhism anyone is able to bring their individual life into harmony with the greater life of the universe. the result of this is that one is able to experience greater wisdom, courage, life force and compassion (the qualities of this life-essence). this, practically, is what it means to manifest buddhahood, or an enlightened life condition. must have big vitory in all life.
Country: India

its very sad thing taht such type of things prevalent in india where women concider as ' shakti'. we should aware pepole about this issue and its problems. i think women should comeout first to prevent it becoz today women become grate 'enemy' of another women.
Name: Mr.X
Country: India

female infaticide is not possible without medical expertise. you need a ‘monster’ in medical profession to tell you the gender of baby. and, they are in majority in this profession. if sencere efforts are made to nail the 'doctors', wounderful results could be obtained. sadly, law enforcing machanism is busy in making money of this grand business. it is estimated that near about 20 millions baby girls have been aborted during last two dacades. i live in punajb, where rate of female fotecide is highest in india. in our district, thanks to some awakened citizens, some doctors have been booked under pndt, 315 cr.p.c and mtp act. conviction is much likely in some cases. not surprisingly, rate of femal-foeticide has come down dramatically.
Name: concened
Country: India

encouring female infanticde is stupid. the very fact that it is the mothers who are often responsible for the killing of their female child is absurd! being women themselves, i dont understand how they can do something like that. what id they wer made to suffer the same fate? the very fact that they wer'nt should be reason enough to make sure their children are'nt victims to it. the problem with these people is that they are not education. an education can solve all india's problems.
Name: jhilik
Country: India

female infanticide is the worst sin comitted by anyone.
Name: Sakina
Country: India

it is very stupid of people to do such a thing. nowadays people in the cities believe that girls are their walking stick in the old age instead of sons. sons now do not even bother about if their parents are alive or dead. having dauthers is a happiness and lightness to your heart. now girls are no longer behind boys they are much ahead of them in many fields. we indians also pray to lakshmi and when lakshmi(girl chid)comes home we regrect her how foolish.
Name: Husna Tayyab
Country: India

i am back here coz i wanted to post something which i have written. "proud to be a woman" i bring happiness and brightness i bring smiles and i spread them i take pain and i give life i smile and i endure i am patient and i control my anger i am tender and yet i am strong i give love and i spread warmth i am not respected and i am degraded i am hurt and yet i go on i work day and night to see my family happy i sweat and i bleed irrespective of caste and creed i am the symbol of love yet i am not loved enough i do deserve a lot more than a pint of respect but i expect none in return i do not expect lavishes and luxury i do not expect diamonds and pearls i do not expect silks and satin nor do i expect publicity and praises the only thing i expect in return is your smile and your well-being. you may be wondering who am i well…is it so hard to even guess who is me? i am a daughter and i am a sister i am a friend and i am a wife i am also a mother along with the others. but most of all i am a woman, and i am proud to be a woman. hats off, to my mother and all the women out there who have been strong pillars all through these years in our lives. to the women who work during the day and who manage their home and families after coming home from work. to the women who toil night and day to keep their family comfortable and to fill their kids' hungry stomachs
Name: Husna Tayyab
Country: India

a wonderful article which gives an insight into the life and the position of women/girls in india. thank you. thanks a lot.
Name: MK
Country: Ireland

fascinating article, i am astonished that this is still praticed in todays society. but i come from a totally different culture and country so i can't pretent to know all the facts. but if female infanticide continues then won't the male population out weigh the female and upset the natural balance of life??.
Name: Anjusha
Country: India

hi dear readers..i have been longing to voice my views in such blogs...and here goes my ponderings over y a female is unwanted in our society... 1. how much ever we say that money is immaterial and values are important, a son is deemed important because he gives the money, during the sagging final years. assuming a situation where the son is not in a position to earn, then will the aged parents still dote over the son? nowadays even women work, do not they contribute to the family's earnings?! 2. the long standing belief that only a man's parents will age and need care and support and that a woman's parents will remain young and can fend for themselves, even at 70 or 80 yrs. of age!! the bone of contention in almost all the debates in tv channels...'saas or bahu' types is that the bahu chased the aged parents-in-law, and that there is an increase in old age homes...fine, agreed, but what were the aged parents who had only daughters doing. arethey not cooking and taking care of themselves all these years...what happened to our values which never spake for those parents. i do not mean to say that the man's parents should be left in other words, the daughters should also take care of the aged parents. 3. parents r bearing many children in the belief that sons will be born...instead of planning out this way, y not plan for 1 or 2 babies, bring them up well and also save for the lean years. so that no one is dependent on anyone and there is no strain. 4. finally the dowry practice. more than that, celebrating the marriage with great pomp. the lakhs of amount spent on the wedding by the girls father can be deposited in a bank on her name, so that any eventualities in her married life arises she can bank on this amount. if all these are taken care, then the famle infanticide would decrease. to top it all, please women, stop saying to other expecting mothers that -"u will get a beautiful baby boy", just to please them...there are many women who love to give birth to girls. girls are incarnation of ma kalli and lakshmi.
Name: anju
Country: India

this is a wonderful article. this will help in spreading the message and ultimately stop people from killing the girl child.
Name: Riya
Country: India

i beleive the government should bring a rule that not only male but female have equal rights on the in this 21st century women are educated and are also both men and women have rights to take care of the atleast the parents will start thinking that girls are not a burden and will takecare of them in time of their needs.then the society will completely change.even males know that their sisters are equall as they are and also they will respect their wife's
Name: Sonny Patel
Country: U.S.A.

u must change the minds of the individuals one person at a time then enforce stict laws for them to abide by if not they will pay extreme consequences
Name: xyz
Country: India

this policy of one child seems good because poverty is the root cause of all evils and promotes such kind of heinous crimes

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