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Safety precautions during terror attack

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Terror attack in Mumbai frightened everyone. 26th November was a dreadful night. Is it possible to prevent terror attacks?

November 26, 2008 is the day that will be remembered by all of us. Though it will be forgotten as one of the events in the history of India, it will leave behind the dreadful memories. The terror wobbled entire city. Mumbaikars witnessed a dirty face of terror. Terrorists used AK47 guns and grenades. Gunmen kept firing bullets. Our courageous policemen lost their lives while combating the terrorists.

Taj and Oberoi-Trident Hotels were captured by terrorists. NSG started its operation that went for several hours. Mumbai saw massive bloodshed, yells of innocent people, and sacrifices of fearless commandos and courageous cops. It was a nightmare that came to an end leaving behind bruises and stains. Mumbai will never forget the terror attack that happened on Wednesday.

We all citizens can take some safety precautions to confront terror attacks and prevent them in future. Here are a few safety tips that you can share with your near and dear ones to be safe in critical circumstances. Being alert is the only important thing in terror attacks. Be alert, be safe and believe in god.

  • Do not take news bulletin lightly. Do not step out of the house if you come across news reports of terror attack.

  • Call your relatives and friends and ask them to stay back home.

  • Keep all helpline numbers such as numbers of hospitals, blood banks, police stations, etc. handy.

  • Keep your mobile phone charged and make sure that you will not run out of balance on such tricky situation.

  • Be alert. If you come across any suspicious person or belongings, immediately report to the authority.

  • Try to analyse the situation. Rumors spread easily in such situations. Try to know the facts from reliable sources.

  • While traveling, instead of looking outside the window keep your eye under the seats for any suspicious stuff.

  • Look for a place to hide in case of a sudden gunfire or bombarding.
Terrorists can burst into any place at any time. We can not be fully aware about terrorist's moves but we can be alert. In metropolitan like Mumbai many people commute by local trains. We already witnessed the series of bomb blasts on 11th July 2006. Mumbai train bombings were a series of seven bomb blasts that devastated many people's lives. Spirit of the people in Mumbai is outstanding that makes them overcome such man made disasters.

After such attacks reports in the newspapers and bulletins on the news channels claim that everything is back to normalcy. The life comes back on track. We will see hotel Taj as crowded as it was before the attack. Foreigners will keep coming in India and they will stay at these luxurious hotels. Life will go on, it must go on. Thousand salutes to the brave men who sacrificed their lives for people's safety. Jai Hind!

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Malamal.3 years ago
Really a good one. I liked the post.
Kitti.3 years ago
I try to tell my kids to look out for warning signs and to avoid unsafe places.
Siddesha.3 years ago
Ever since the terror attack, I have been living in fear. I am always worried about my kids, when they go out.
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