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How to Cope with Stress after Break Up

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Stress is an inseparable part of break up and all other ups and downs which take place in life. However, human beings have to move on and learn to smile again after going through incidences like break up. Read on to find some helpful tips for coping with stress after break up.

It is not easy to handle when any significant relationship ends. No matter whether you wanted it or not, a committed and long-term relationship can turn your whole world upside down if it breaks up. There are all sorts of upsetting and painful feelings that get triggered. But do not worry. There are things that you can be done so that you come out of this difficult time without much damage.

Tips to Cope with Stress after Break Up

Stress is an inseparable part of break ups, fights and all ups and downs in life. Read on to find some helpful tips for coping with stress after break up.

Divert your Mind

The best thing that you can do is to divert your attention and concentrate on your hobbies and try to develop them.

Start new Activities

Try to join a gym or start an exercise routine as that it can help you calm down as well as help you remain fit too. If you will become fit and healthy, it will be beneficial for you in the long run.

Chat with Friends

Hang out with friends that can really help you forget about everything. Choose the friends that care for you and they will do their best to bring a smile on your face. It is also better to prefer the friend whose company makes you happy and you enjoy the most instead of going in the crowd of friends. It can even work in the opposite way and you may feel more depressed and lonely.

Do not Binge

Do not ever binge into drinking or eating a lot. Drinking alcohol will only worsen your condition and if you seek refuge in eating anything and everything you will end up having severe health problems.

Stay Safe

Stay safe always, both physically and emotionally. This is very important because you may find some selfish individuals coming near you if they come to know about your breakup. Do not let them take undue advantage of your condition.

Take your own Time

Take your own time to get recharged. Think positively and practically. Analyze the relationship that ended and try to forget about it.

Build your Self Esteem

Try to build up your self-esteem. Take professional help if needed. There is nothing wrong to consult a specialist if you are not able to cope with the stress of the breakup.

Many think that why a breakup hurts so much even if they wanted or expected it to happen since long time. The main reason is that the breakup represents the loss and leaves you lonely for the time being. You feel that the dreams and commitments that you shared has ended and this triggers the pain. In such situation, if you feel like crying do not stop it. This will help you get out of the stress easily.

Romantic relationships initiate with a high note of excitement and take you to lots of future planning together. When you fail to get these dreams off the ground and the relationship fails, there is profound disappointment, grief and stress experienced. In fact, everything gets disturbed, your routine, your home, your duties, responsibilities, friends and relatives and even your priorities after the breakup.

However, you have to restart your life now. You can learn about relationships and everything related to it by this breakup. You need to be honest when you are going through this heal up process. Do not deny if you feel depressed. Get along in something exciting but never get into any other relationship just because you want a shoulder to cry.

Are you facing lot of ups and downs in life? Are you coping with stress which is caused due to recent break up? Are you finding difficult to cope with stress after break up? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Feedback on article

Name: Saurabh Dalal
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   I recently had a break up because I care for her a lot, mentioned by her (Riya Vohra). She said i need space in my life. Whenever she was upset and angry i be her´s punching bag. She shout at me scream at me, i never mind but one day i was really upset with some issue and i scolded her that was absolutely normal She broke up with me i said sorry to her about 100,000 times and still counting but she never showed up.

Name: odongo fredrick
City:   Nairobi
Comments:   plz we boys and girls; i think the best thing is first to know someone inside ou before you surrender your heart and feelings onto him becous you doesnt know how he/she will handle them.

Name: bhushU
City:   mumbai
Comments:   boy be far from girls in mumbai i m also dealing with girl she is worst gave fake promises commitment tourchering me. take money by giving fake reasons. SHE FUCKED my life and she is enjoying her life . i request u all girls plz PAISE KE PICHE MAT BHAGO .PIASA HI LIFE MAIN SAB KUCH NAHI HOTA. through she is teacher in school but she dont have honesty. she is catholic an im hindhu but religion no matter within ous she got good proposle changed her mind and now got married. plz before going to any relationship pz alyways prepared ur plan B and meet there frds and family if ur serious relationship. i mso much depressed plz help me out.

Name: bhushan
City:   mumbai
Comments:   boy be far from girls in mumbai i m also dealing with girl she is worst gave fake promises commitment tourchering me. plz before going to any relationship pz alyways prepared for plan B and meet there frds and family if ur serious relationship

Name: Ashok
City:   Vishakapatnam
Comments:   My story started very tragically the day she proposed me I felt nothing. But going on she used to cry a lot then I am not there for her. But when I realized the importance she gave to me I got addicted to her lot. But also surrounded my self to her this where she took the advantage. She always has a feeling that any went wrong in the relationship. That I will say sorry so any how he will come to me at any cost. But now we had a fight. She is saying that I don´t want to talk to you and asking to leave me. But she left me some where. Now I can not find way´s like living in hell. Can´t eat properly. Sleep properly it´s hell. Why these girls do like this. They want all fancy life. By ruining the boys life. Now I am no where. Can´t find the way back. It´s like some one squeeze the heart from inside.but I still love her till my last breath. Missing her love badly. Same time never love some at same extent

Name: khushi
City:   chandigarh
Comments:   i dont kw what i should say about him initially i said yes because i cant see him like that he use to cry infront of me for hours nd i even myself cannt understand exactly about the moment i have fallen for him but once i said yes he changed himself completely i waa mad after him still i tried to manage with all those changes he became my love nd then my life i never accepted ever but i loved him more than my family he wasnt able to qualify his entrance on which our future was dependent. he told me now kets end it up but i have been in love i cant i decided that i will make my carrer i will took a financial stand but i cant live without him now nd te most interating part was we were on a telephonic relationship till this tym he tooj addmission in new colledge nd suddenly he left me that once in a blue moon kind of call was the last hope i had. those people or attraction i think is a better word he left me for left him betrayed him he again came back nd accepted him made him smile again and again he ditched me but this tym i have decided to move on to cum out it nd this article is a big boost thanks a lot

Name: machoene
City:   polokwane
Comments:   thanks a lot this article really helped me a lot i finally manage to quite in this relationship it was easy to stay with the father of my child who doesn´t care anymore for the sake of the child everything was just a mess i was tired of crying

Name: curl
City:   kampala Uganda
Comments:   She dropped me from nowhere am now stuck coz i didn´t expect that from her.

Name: curl
City:   kampala
Comments:   She dropped me from nowhere am now stuck coz i didn´t expect that from her.

Name: rakesh sahoo
City:   bhubaneshwar
Comments:   hi friend.. Me and my girlfriend were in relationship for more than 7 years....i gt married on this june but my wife is not supportive to me... she lept me.. at that time my girlfriend support me and show me her love which help me out to overcome that situation.... after few days she got engaged .. then after there is a sudden change in her behavior..... She totally start ignoring me..... She told me that she cant continue with me.... and i m looking at my future... i know my exception are much for her are wrong... i m standing on a path which lead no where... i cant stay without my girlfriend.. This january she gt married.... Before marriage she used to call me casually and told me that she will b in touch wid me.... as she told she love to be in contact wid me... but my heart is in full of anguish when i thought her with some one else. During our relationship we share very beautiful moments . These moments flashes in my mind...... I can do any thing for her.. Now i m on a stage without any love... My wife leaves me as well as my girlfriend.... No idea when i ll get my divorce.... I Full been to a depression condition.... I cant share my feeling for my girlfried with my parents as well as my friend... as i m wrong... Dont know how to deal with this sitiuation..... Please help me out.

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