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Eclipse and Pregnancy

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In India it is believed that eclipse rays can harm the fetus and as such pregnant women should not go out during solar or lunar eclipse. Lots of other rituals are followed to protect the unborn baby and pregnant woman during solar or lunar eclipse. Read on to know more about myths and facts on eclipse and pregnancy.

When a woman is pregnant, she has to hear a lot of instructions from elders. Some of them are myths while some have practically faced facts. Well, the woman, specially if it is her first time, gets totally confused and is unable to distinguish between myths and facts. A reliable and trustworthy source is important here.

Lot of things that pregnant women hears have no scientific base and so it is advisable that if you are pregnant, you should find out what is true and what not from a reliable source. You must have also heard about the effects of solar or lunar eclipse on a pregnant woman. However, there has been no scientific cause or reason behind going out in eclipse that would have harmed any fetus.

Is it Safe to Step out During Eclipse for Pregnant Women?

In many religions and culture, pregnant women are forbidden from going out when there is either solar or lunar eclipse. Some do not even allow eating or drinking during the period of the eclipse. Many still follow this tradition and they give the reason of taking precautions.

There is no scientific reason or evidence that shows that going out during an eclipse can harm a fetus. Many women avoid this because if due to any reason there is some other complication, she might get blamed for going out during the time of an eclipse. Some avoid because they do not wish to hurt the emotions of their elders. So, it is completely a personal choice. 

(Chandra Grahan) Lunar Eclipse 2011 Timings in India

Chandra Grahan or lunar eclipse will take place on 10th December in 2011 in India. It will start at 6.14 pm in the evening and will end at 9.48 pm. Along with India, Chandra Grahan or lunar eclipse can be seen in Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Australia and United States. As per the indications of NASA the timings for eclipse will be same all over India.

An Overview on Eclipse and Pregnancy

You must be aware that moon and earth are moving. It is obvious that sometime or the other they might come in the same line with the source of light and energy that is sun. This causes eclipse. So, eclipse is mere shadow and logically, a shadow cannot cause any harm to the fetus.

In fact, there is a list of things that are said to be avoided during an eclipse. Most of these are myths and there is no concrete reason or evidence. Actually, a solar eclipse is a wonderful experience and no one should miss it. The only thing important is that you take proper precautions and save your eyes because if you directly glare at the sun it will harm your retina. 

The best thing is to find out details and facts from reliable websites on internet and read articles written by professionals and knowledgeable persons. This will help you learn more about facts and myths and you will be easily able to distinguish between the two. Always view things practically and remember science has explanation for complications during pregnancy.

Taking bath after eclipse or not eating or drinking during that period may be dangerous for pregnant woman. The most important thing is that if the woman is extra conscious and gets anxious about all things, this might raise her blood pressure and harm her as well as the fetus.

So, the vital point is that a pregnant woman should be regularly checked up by a good doctor and she must take care of her diet, rest and follow a moderate exercise regime. All this will help in comfortable pregnancy period and will also help her have a less painful labour and child birth. Follow the instructions of the doctor and pay attention to the signs that your body gives you from time to time.
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sheetala.3 years ago
Many myths are figment of imagination without any scientific basis but by following the advice of elders we are just making them feel more respected, wanted and happy. It's a way of counting the blessings. There is no harm in following the advice if it makes somebody happy.
Stacy.3 years ago
I didn't follow any of the advice that my elders gave me to follow during eclipse but i had a healthy baby. this shows all these are just a figment of imagination that is being passed on from generation to generation.
Nima.3 years ago
There are many myths associated with eclipse during pregnancy. My pregnancy coincided with lunar eclipse. I was told not to have any food or drinks during the period. I was also not allowed to go out and what i find funny is that i was not allowed to hold anything sharp such as knife or needle during that period.
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