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Top Ten Safe Pranks for April Fool's Day

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Sometimes pranks can end up not only hurting your dear ones but also enrage them. So, here is a list of fun pranks that are safe as well as great fun!

April is round the corner and we stay alert on first day of April saving ourselves from becoming fools. While many of us have grand plans to play a prank on friends, relatives or anybody who seems to be the right target, pranks might turn hurtful. Sometimes pranks can end up not only hurting your dear ones but also enrage them. So, here is a list of fun pranks that are safe as well as great fun!

  1. Add some salt in the morning tea. It will be very annoying but it is absolutely safe. And imagine the look on your victim's face!

  2. Place biscuits, crackers or papads (crusty Indian snacks) under the bed sheet of the victim. As soon as the person sits on it, he/she will be in for a sudden shock. Pulling this off at midnight can double the fun.

  3. Stain someone's shirt with invisible ink. But do not forget to test the ink on a scrap of cloth for stain resistance. The nasty prank might transform into tragedy for you if your friend's dress is soiled for ever.

  4. Apply vaseline on door knobs, alarm clock keys, jar covers or any other place that is appropriate to your situation. This is very safe yet disgusting. Imagine the look on the person's face, struck with this one.

  5. Stick some scotch tape on key holes. It is not easily visible and can be quiet a shocker.

  6. Try smearing salt onto your victim's toothbrush. Wet the tooth brush and dip it in salt. Dust off the extra particles and place it back.

  7. Use a pen that gives out light electric shocks. They are easily available at toy shops. Circulate an autograph book and the pen too.

  8. Replace cornflakes in the cereal pack with confetti and glitters. The surprise in the cereal bowl will surely be fun to watch! Just pray the victim is not sleepy enough to eat the surprise.

  9. Switch the keys on a computer keyboard. Stay back and watch the fun.

  10. Paint a soap bar with old nail polish. Let the soap dry and place it back. Now wait for the next person in line for a bath.

Now you have a list of pranks that can be safely used. These might shock or surprise but they will surely not hurt. All you have to do is, decide whom you are going to use them on and make April Fool's Day memorable with laughter and fun.

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Mandy.3 years ago
Good n simple pranks ....can be played on anyone.
gia.3 years ago
nice pranks and even safe.. i am surely gonna try..!
Peter.4 years ago
I used the which is ideal for sending funny messages on 1'st April
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