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How to Celebrate New Year with Kids

How to Celebrate New Year with Kids

As a parent, how have you planned your New Year celebrations? Are you looking for any ideas to welcome New Year with kids? Read on to find tips for celebrating New Year with kids.

Once you become a mom or a dad, it becomes really difficult to go out whole night for the New Year’s party and spend time with friends. Well, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy your New Year’s Eve after having children. In fact New Year celebrations with kids can become one of the memorable parenting moments for you.

One of the most important aspects that people have to face on a New Year’s Eve is that the prices at normal restaurants is extremely high and you will not find a good and reliable babysitter as well for the night. So, why not celebrate this New Year Eve at home? Here are some wonderful ideas from which you can select one that suits you and your lifestyle.

Tips for Celebrating New Year with Kids

Let us have a look at some tips for celebrating New Year with kids.

Homemade Party Supplies

A party looks boring without hats, poppers, noisemakers and confetti. You can engage your kids to make some at home so that they get the feel of having a party as well.

Different Type of Meal

You can plan and cook a different meal on the New Year Eve so that you and your family have a different feeling. You can also imitate the clothes and style of serving and eating of the community whose food you have cooked.

Family Snooze Party

You can shop for favourite movies of your kids, some snacks and soft drink bottles for the evening. Cook one of the most favourite meals and enjoy movie with snacks after dinner. You can play different games and enjoy with kids and have a slumber party by making sleeping arrangement for all in the living room.

Movie and Dinner

Many of us have the home theater and plan to watch movies but for one reason or another, it fails. You can plan to watch a good movie on New Year’s Eve and then have a special dinner served to enjoy the evening. To make this plan interesting, you can even choose one of the top 10 Disney movies.

Ballet Dance at Home

If your kids are old enough to dance and enjoy everything, you can plan and prepare for ballet dance at home. If possible, invite some of your friends with families so that you get the feel of the party as well. You simply need curtains and string of lights along with music and partner.

Make Resolutions

Since waiting for the New Year to come becomes boring for small kids, you can ask everyone to write down their resolutions on paper. You can also make some family goals like eating healthy, arguing less, keeping fit and so on so forth.

Craft the Night Away

If your kids are imaginative and creative you can engage them in some craft work whole night. You can make a collage to remember things done this year.

Develop a New Family New Year Ritual

Every family has different ways of living and interacting within. Depending on the common fields of interests you can sit and talk about the finest moments you shared with each other this year. Let everyone make predictions about the coming year. Write it down so that you can check them out from time to time.

Tips to Make Party More Enjoyable with Kids

  • Schedule the countdown early if kids are too small to stay awake till midnight
  • Make sure you have sufficient supplies so that everyone enjoys the most.
  • Do not try to have things perfect, just have fun and enjoy with family.
  • Keep the kids engaged.
Choose one or couple of ideas from the above ideas and make the New Year celebration special and enjoyable for yourself as well as your kids. You may not know this New Year celebration may become one of your most cherished celebrations with your kids.

How to make New Year’s Eve more enjoyable for kids? Which games will kids love playing with parents on New Year’s Eve? How to celebrate New Year with kids in a unique way? Discuss here.

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Soumya Khurana
Soumya Khurana.9 years ago
This year I celebrated New Year with my kids and really felt very happy. It was a change from usual partying. Thanks for the tips
Mahi.9 years ago
Celebrating New year with kids is the best thing to do for welcoming a New year...very good tips.
Reena.9 years ago
Nice tips for celebrating new year with kids...thanks..:)
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