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You are here : home > Hindu Rashi > Birthstones for Hindu Rashis > Vedic Astrology Predictions Related to Childbirth

Vedic Astrology Predictions Related to Childbirth

Vedic astrological predictions related to birth of a child many not always work. Let us have a look at some Vedic astrological predictions associated with various aspects of childbirth.

Bringing a new baby into the world is a
very exhilarating and life-changing decision, but it can also be filled with anxiety and uncertainty. So much to consider: family support, financial capacity, lifestyle changes… It is essentially a leap into the unknown. It is the biggest irreversible decision that you as a couple will ever make in each other’s life.

No matter how varied and different India’s culture may be, prevailing norms amongst all Indians indicate the necessity of starting one’s family as soon as possible. In the staunchly patriarchal society that we live in, the pressure to get pregnant never lets up. No sooner than a couple gets hitched, “when are we getting good news?” is the question on every well-meaning yet annoyingly intrusive aunt’s lips.

Difficulty or even a delay in getting pregnant can play havoc on a marriage. The stress can put excessive strain on relationships with your spouse, in-laws and extended families.

So before you start trying for that little bundle of joy, turn to Vedic astrology to know what destiny has in store for you and your future children.

Jyotish Shastra, or Vedic Astrology, meaning the science of light has its origin in the ancient Indian scriptures known as the Vedas.   The following are the key Jyotisha indicators that are used to predict and enlighten us about the possibilities and the hindrances, if any, of having children:

Fifth House in Horoscope

This house in your horoscope shows the prospects of having children. Association of good planets with the 5th house like Jupiter, Venus or Moon support in the healthy development of the foetus, while dry and malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars or Sun may not be favourable for childbirth.

Lord of the Fifth House

The fifth house lord is the ruler of the zodiac sign that falls on the cusp of the fifth house. For instance, if Scorpio falls on the cusp of the fifth house, Mars will be the fifth house lord, since Mars rules the Scorpio sign. Since Mars is a masculine planet, the first child could be a male. Also the placement of 5th lord in the horoscope matters. If it is placed in malefic houses like 6th, 8th or 12th house, which represent sickness, sorrows, death and losses then childbirth could be denied. If the 5th house lord is placed in an auspicious house like the 9th house, i.e. the house of fortune, it would mean a favourable position for childbirth.

Jupiter, The `Significator` For Children

Jupiter, which rules the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces, is the main significator for children. If Jupiter is weak in the horoscope, being placed in a malefic house (6th, 8th or 12th houses) or in conjunction with malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn, it may deter the prospects of childbirth.

Placement of Moon

If your Moon is sitting in the 5th house, and gets favourable aspects and/or association of other planets, you may be blessed with many children. However, any influence of evil planets like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn may act as a deterrent to childbirth.

Barren or Fruitful Zodiac Signs

Signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are considered fruitful signs for childbirth, while signs Virgo, Aries and Leo are considered barren. The remaining signs offer mixed results. So if your fifth house is at the cusp of a barren sign, you may be denied the prospects of having a child.

D-7 or Saptamasha Chart

It is a continuation of the birth chart or the birth horoscope. It gives a deeper insight into matters pertaining to children like, impregnation, gender of the child, birth of the child, comforts from the child, grandchildren etc. In this chart a zodiac sign is divided in 7 equal parts of 4 degrees 17 minutes

Therefore, as per Vedic Astrology, the fifth house of your horoscope is the primary determinant of your children. Moreover, factors like strength and placement of 5th house lord, the zodiac sign at the cusp of 5th house, strength of Jupiter in horoscope and Saptamasha or   D-7 chart can help us predict about our children and happiness from them. Believers or followers should consult expert or seasoned Vedic astrologers either before planning a pregnancy or in cases of miscarriages, difficulty in conception, etc.

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Name: Want Baby
Country: U.S.A.

When will I have child, Nov 10 1984, 15:55,Ladnun(india)-Male Wife-May 22 1988,4:21 am,Jodhpur India, Please respond.
Name: Prakash
Country: India

My dob 23/6/74 time 1.00am(22nd nite) & my wife is 4/8/77 time 10.30am...what we need to do for a baby ?
Name: Prakash
Country: India

My dob 23/6/74 time 1.00am(22nd nite) & my wife is 4/8/77 time 10.30am...what we need to do for a baby ?
Name: hemlata
Country: India

my bob is 17/10/1976 1.45pm & my hubby is 02/09/1971 16.15 pm marriage date is 14.07.2010 we will get baby or not
Name: appp
Country: India

My dob is 30.08.1984. 9.30am(Dharmapuri) and my hub on 17th april 1980 1.30pm.(Kanchipuram) My baby born on 11 th june2011 2.47pm(salem) I desire for a boy baby...can I ve next as baby boy and wen?
Name: sahana
Country: India

my d. o b 19/04/1990 9.15 am and my husband 18/03/1987 10.55 am marriage date 25.8.2013.when we wil get baby
Name: DollyBS
Country: India

My DOB 27-09-1979 TOB 01:30 pm and my husband 16-11-1978 TOB 07:35 pm . Our marriage date 14-05-2006.When we get baby
Name: Anajurs
Country: India

My dob nov 30 1983, my husbands dob may 1st 1983...we are married for 4yrs we have been trying for kids for the past 11/2yr. When will we have kids??
Name: Anonymous
Country: India

Wife dob: 21_07_1984 Husband dob: 23_07_1982
Name: farahth
Country: India

my dob is 17-4-1987 tob -9am and my husband 29-2-1984, will u plz tel me when we get our baby.
Name: Sona
Country: India

My dob is 17/4/1987.. At 9am. When I wil get my baby. Im trying from 2 years
Name: sh
Country: India

My dob 22-12-1983 tob -3:10 am and my husband 14-03-1983 tob - 8:30 pm . Marriage date14-06-2010. When i will get baby
Name: sh
Country: India

My dob 22-12-1983 tob 3:10 am and my husband 14-03-1983 tob 8:30 pm . Our marriage date 14-06-2010.When we get baby
Name: happy
Country: India

My date of birth is 3rd april 1986 (12:55pm)and my husband date of birth is 22nd september 1986 (6.55am) . Our marriage date is feb 17th 2012 .Please tell us when we will have our baby
Name: Govind
Country: India

My date of birth is 3rd June 1982 and my wife date of birth is 2nd April 1986. Our birth palce and marriage is Muzaffarpur ,Bihar. Our Marriage date is 28th January 2011. Please tell us when we will have our baby.
Name: Chaya
Country: India

I am 22 feb 1975(8.55 am) born in Bhopal and my husband is born on 3 April 1968(9.30 am) Howrah,got married in 17th Jan 2013,pl tell me when will we have baby.
Name: Sunita
Country: India

I m born on 27.09.1983,at 8:45 a.m in Kolkata,my Husband DOB 29.11.1983, at 12 noon,Bokaro,Our marriage date 11.03.2011 at kolkata. Kindly let me know when we will have a baby.
Name: sapp
Country: India

hi ..i m born on 13 aug 1984 at 3.05pm married since 14 july 2010 kindly let me know when we will be able to have kids
Name: Mina
Country: U.S.A.

Hello, my DOB is 14-October 1979 and have a daughter. Would I have another child and when?
Name: ice
Country: India

Hi Sir, My date of birth is 16 july 1987 2:05 pm and my husbands dob is 9th jan 1987 5:00 AM. We are married for more than 2 years now when can i expect to get pregnant
Name: sarika
Country: India

My 14 Jan 1987,Wednesday,morning 7 a.m.....sir let me kno when will i hav babies.....marriage date is 12/2/2013....
Name: devlina
Country: India

My dob 28.08.1984 time 09:13pm kanpur my husband 10.01.1982 time 10:00am kanpur marriage date 07.02.2011 When will I get pregnant?
Name: Shweta Pandey
Country: India

My dob is 28.08.1984 time 9:13pm place kanpur and my husband 10.01.1982 time10:00 am place kanpur my marriage date 07 .02.2011. When will I get pregnant and we ll have a baby?
Name: gauri
Country: India dob is 29 sept 1982. Time of birth is 7:40 pm. Are there chances of baby boy...
Name: gokul
Country: India

sir.. 5 the house in my birth chart is empty.. is that means I am not blessed to have childrens. my dob 9 October 1989.. tob 22.40... please clarify my doubt and fear

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