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How to set a caller tune?

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Say something even before you answer a call, with a caller tune. Read on and learn more about setting caller tunes on your mobile phone.

It was a 'do or die situation' for Nina. Her dad found out that she is dating a boy. Without any delay he fetched the contact number of that boy. Nina was anxiously biting her nails. Her mind was blank and her sight was blurring. She was not sure what her dad was going to do. She could not believe that her dad was about to call her boy friend. Drops of sweat formed on her forehead and soon goose bumps became visible on her hand.

Nina's dad dialed the number on the keypad and pressed the mobile phone against his ear. All of a sudden there was a smile on his face and next words he uttered were, "I think he is a nice boy, I would like to meet him". Nina jumped with joy! She realised later that the caller tune on her boyfriend's mobile saved their relation. He had activated the 'Hanuman Chalisa' (a prayer to god Hanuman) as his caller tune and Nina's father was a great devotee of Hanuman.

Jokes apart, a caller tune can really make or break your first impression. A nice piece of music is always better than the mundane and boring ring ring? It can say a lot about your personality and likings. Read on, to know caller tunes better.

What is a caller tune?

A caller tune is a tune that people hear on your mobile phone when they call you. The usual ringing tone can be easily replaced with a more meaningful tune. You can make callers hear beautiful notes till you attend the call by setting a caller tune. Caller tunes are compatible with all mobile phones and all telecom companies provide it.

What is the difference between a ringtone and a caller tune?

Ringtone is what you hear when someone calls you and caller tune is what others hear when they call you. Charges of activating a caller tune are somewhat higher than setting a ringtone though rates can differ as per your service provider. Ringtones can be downloaded for free whereas a monthly rental is charged for activating and setting the caller tune.

How to set a caller tune?

Setting a caller tune is quite easy. To get a caller tune you have to contact your mobile service provider. You have to choose a caller tune of your choice from the list provided. You can also set a caller tune by sending a text message. A code will be provided to you for sending the SMS to the provider asking for activation.

The chargeable amount will be subtracted from your account if you are using pre-paid service or you will have to pay the amount thorough bill if you are using the post-paid service. You can change your caller tune whenever you want and choose other songs or tunes that you like.

There is a code for each caller tune and you have to activate that code to get the caller tune. You can find the list of the caller tunes easily through advertisements published in newspapers, magazines, service provider websites or the internet.

Have you noticed that some codes pop up when a particular song is playing on a particular television channel? It is the quickest way to set a caller tune.

If you are unable to set a caller tune, call the customer care of your service provider and they will help you to set the caller tune, with the song of your choice.

You even deactivate your caller tune with a simple SMS. It is an easy process which varies according to the mobile services.

Get innovative with your caller tunes

Some mobile service providers also have caller tunes that will inform callers with a message, if you are busy. You can put a call on hold without making keeping callers waiting.

You can even assign ten different songs to ten different people at one time. You can select a caller tune you want from the wide range of Hindi movie songs, classical songs, Hollywood songs, movie dialogues, cricket updates, quotes, jokes, mimicries, voice of a cartoon character and many more.

Caller tunes can convey moods. If you hear a sad love song on your friend's cell phone you will know that he is surviving a break-up. Caller tunes can talk about your temperament. One can say that person is devotional if he has a bible verse as his caller tune and fun if he has famous Santa-Banta lines as his caller tune.

Let caller tunes entertain your callers. You may even start getting more calls than usual after setting a striking caller tune. May be, you will soon have people dancing to your tunes.

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sanidhya.3 years ago
sometimes caller tunes are a nuisance. Some people keep caller tunes which are irritating.
Sudipto.3 years ago
I like to keep devotional songs as caller tunes so that the caller feels happy on listening them. Devotional songs are soothing and give peace.
Ravi Kissen.3 years ago
caller tunes reflect one's personality. they help to define your character so it is better to choose a caller tune wisely.
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