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Sex Post Delivery
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Sex Post Delivery >>>
 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My wife had a caesarean delivery two months ago. We have not yet had sex. Can we resume sexual activities?

Ajay (Delhi, India)

A: A patient usually goes to the doctor 6 weeks after delivery for her 6-week check-up. Once the doctor assesses that her body has returned to normal, the couple can resume their sex life. If you haven't been to your gynaecologist after delivery and have had no problems post-delivery, then it would be safe to resume sexual activity. But please use contraception, because even if the mother is breastfeeding, she could get pregnant.

Q: Our son was a caesarean, and was born two months ago. When can we resume our sex life? I don't want my wife to undergo any trouble. What frequency should we maintain? My wife has a 28 day cycle. What is the safe period to have sex? What will be the best way to avoid having another baby for few more years?

Sushil (Mumbai, India)

A: Normal sexual life can be resumed one and a half months after delivery. The frequency should be less, so your wife can enjoy sex and devote time to the baby without getting unduly tired. After delivery the cycles are irregular for 6 months, so it would be difficult to predict a safe period. If your wife's periods are regular, the middle week between the two periods is when she is most likely to get pregnant. For example, if she starts her period on 1st of feb, 12th to 20th feb is when pregnancy is most likely to occur. It's safest to have sex outside of this period. A good method of contraception is Copper T. Inj. contraceptives or oral pills will also do.

Dr. Purnima

Q: How long after birth can we resume normal sexual practises? Is oral sex o.k. after two months?

Jaydeep (Newjersy, USA)

A: You can resume normal sexual activities two months after delivery but with adequate contraceptive precautions as can fall pregnant even while she is breastfeeding. Oral sex is okay if it is okay with both partners.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I had a caesarean delivery 2 months ago. When can I resume sex with my partner?

Nainia (Portland, USA)

A: Normally we advise the mother to go for a check-up 6 weeks after delivering, after which it is safe to have intercourse. You must practice some form of contraception as you could easily get pregnant.

Dr. Mansukhani

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