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Speech and Hearing
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My baby is 15 months old but does not talk as yet. He makes noises but does not say one complete word. Is something wrong?

Jalpa (Calcutta, USA)

A: Good speech development has just started. It will become clearer by 2 years.

Dr. Subba Rao

Q: My daughter keeps sucking his lips. She used to speak, but has stopped doing that also, because she's constantly sucking and chewing on her lips. How do I make her speak?

Usha (Mumbai, India)

A: Your child is just learning to talk. The sucking habit has nothing to do with speech. Keep talking to her. She will gradually pick up phrases.

Dr. Balasubramanian

Q: My friend's 3 year old daughter had been affected by rubella virus when she was born. Consequently her hearing and sight is defective. She is unable to speak. Is this curable?

Amar (Salem, India)

A: Did the mother have rubella during pregnancy? In that case the child is known to have a hearing impairment with a vision problem. Hearing impairment is due to a nerve problem (sensory-neural type). Unfortunately, since the nerves are damaged, there is no cure for it. However, with technological advances, fitting of a good and appropriate hearing aid, coupled with intensive specialized speech and language training, the child can certainly develop the ability to communicate. This entire training should start at an early age, and therefore you should ask your friend to see a speech and language pathologist at the earliest. There is also a correspondence course for parents of children with hearing impairment offered from California, USA and is free for parents. Thousands of parents are benefiting from this clinic set up by the actress Tracey Spencer, when she learned that her son John was deaf. This is the address that your friend can write to, with the reports of the child, stating that they would like to be on their mailing list. This correspondence course comes in the form of lessons every month for the parents. John Tracy Correspondence Course 806 West Adam Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90007 USA

Mrs. Maya Sanghi, Speech Patho

Q: Thank you for your reply. My friend would like to know if he should go in for a second child. Would this second child be free from any defect?

Amar (Salem, India)

A: It would be difficult for me to make an assessment whether the problem with the first child was genetic. If it was genetic then it is advisable to get the reports checked and validated by a gynaecologist before planning another child.

Mrs. Maya Sanghi, Speech Patho

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