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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)
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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) >>>
 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The doctor diagnosed my daughter as adhd. She is not a hyper child and is otherwise normal. The problem is that she is not interested in studies. She does not understand what is being taught in the class room and does not pay attention. Even the school gives no additional support. The doctor has recommended medicine named adwize which is a steriod and helps concentration. The medicine worked and she passed her examination. But the problem still exists. Currently we have stopped giving her the medicine as we are worried about the side effects it could have on her. We would want advice on this problem as we dont know if we should restart the medicine or how we can handle this problem from here.

Suraj (Bangalore, India)

A: The symptoms described by you are suggestive of Attention Deficit Disorder and your doctor was right in prescribing Addwize. That is the best available molecule for treatment of the condition. If you are concerned about the side effects, you could express the same to the consulting psychiatrist and ask for an alternative. The available alternatives are not as effective but may not have the side effect profile, which gets you concerned. Stoppage of medicines only leads to loss of the effort already put in- completely or partially and hence is not advisable.

Dr. Jyoti Sangle

Q: My son is 36 months and has not started talking yet. He has just joint play school but is unable to adjust there. He behaves like quite a loner and interacts with nobody at school and not even his sibling at home. If we tell him anything which may be to correct him he acts aggressive and starts screaming and misbehaving. We have received similar complains from his school. When I try to teach him words and how to speak, he refuses to learn anything and just goes off. He speaks very little and am worried as children of his age speak a lot more.

Krisha (Jamshedpur, India)

A: It would be very difficult to opine with regard to your child unless I have the following information: 1. Were his motor milestones age-appropriate head support, sitting, standing? 2. Are you a working mother? 3. Is there any history of late communication in your family? 4. Does he really comprehend age-appropriate spoken language (without the use of gestures from your side)? 5. Is the child's spoken vocabulary increasing every month? 6. Is there any medical history of illnesses during your pregnancy or during birth or in the child since birth? 7. Has he been exposed to one language or to multiple languages?

Mrs. Maya Sanghi, Speech Patho

Q: Thank you for the reply and here are the answers to your questions. When it comes to the tv or the music system, he is very much aware of that and responds by moving towards it. He also responds very well to the beep sound of the washing machine. There were no complications during his birth. I also started speaking at the age of 3 years, could that have an impact on him. Are there any good speech pathologists in Jamshedpur? We have also done the medical test for hearing (BERA TEST) in which his hearing was found to be perfectly OK.

Krisha (Jamshedpur, India)

A: The fact that he does not have a hearing impairment is a good sign. Next would be to rule out attention disorder, for which only a speech pathologist could help you. The fact that you also began communicating could very well be that he is following the same pattern. Besides medical aspects, there could an emotional aspect to your son's problem. 1. Is the mother a working mother? 2. Is the relationship between the mother and the father harmonious? 3. Has he gone through any traumatic experiences? 4. Are there any other problems in the family? 5. Does he have any older or a younger sibling that could be the cause of anxiety? A child could be affected by any of the following situations, as result of which he is feeling insecure or troubled. If this is the problem diagnosed by the speech pathologist, then appropriate steps can be taken (perhaps in conjunction with a child psychologist) to improve his communications skills and bring them in line with his age. I will try to send you some addresses for speech pathologists within a day or so.

Mrs. Maya Sanghi, Speech Patho

Q: My 2 year old daughter has not yet started speaking and neither does she communicate well. She does not respond to all our calls. Is this a sign of attention disorder, if yes what am I to do and will she be cured of the same. She has had no birth defect and my wife had a normal delivery. I find her playing with her shadow at times.

Sohil Khan (Mumbai, India)

A: You must consult a speech pathologist at the earliest. The doctor will be able to observe her personally and first rule out a hearing impairment, and any other related problems. Next, he/she will try to rule out attention deficit disorder. Some of the questions that the speech pathologist will ask will be along the following lines: 1. Were her motor milestones age-appropriate head support, sitting, standing 2. Is there any history of late communication in your family 3. Does she really comprehend age-appropriate spoken language (without the use of gestures from your side) 4. Is there any medical history of illnesses during your pregnancy or during birth or in the child since birth 5. Does she consistently respond to his name? 6. When the TV is put on, does she come running from the other room? If a hearing problem is diagnosed, then please write back to us, we will be able to give you some additional information.

Mrs. Maya Sanghi, Speech Patho

Q: Thank you for your reply. The answer to your questions are: 1. Yes, her motor milestones were definitely age appropriate. There was never anything of concern then. 2. No, my wife is not working. 3. No, there is no history of late communication in my family. 4. She doesn't comprehend a lot. If I try to make her focus on something she just ups and runs off. 5. Yes, I would say that her vocabulary is increasing ever since school has started. 6. Yes. Throughout both the pregnancies my wife suffered from high BP. 7. She has been exposed only to English. .

Sohil Khan (Mumbai, India)

A: You should definitely seek professional advice for your daughter. She probably has poor concentration and very often these children are known as hyperactive children. She may have attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) or a moderate degree of hearing loss. Her tantrums could be a result of frustration that nobody understands her. An ADHD can be confirmed only through direct observation and assessment by a psychologist/psychiatrist and a hearing problem can only be confirmed by a speech pathologist.

Mrs. Maya Sanghi, Speech Patho

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