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You are here : home > Pregnancy > Related Articles for Pregnancy > Skin Problems during Pregnancy > Comments


Name: melinda
Country: U.S.A.
Dear friends now i can testify about the good work of Dr Gboco because last 2months i contacted Email: and i ask for a help from him because i and my husband has been married for the past 5years now and i have not be able to get pregnant and this has really been a problem to me and my mother in law, because she feel that i am not the right person for her son but last 2months after Dr Gboco cast a spell on me and he told me what i needed to do which i did although i never believe on spell before but since i had this spell cast on me i have been seeing changes in my life and now i am 2months pregnant and i am so happy and i have to do what i promise Dr that once i see the good result that i was going to testify of the good work so that anyone in need of help can contact him for help.

Name: rinku
Country: India
i am not pregnant bt still my skin is getting more darker due to my oily skin... wat can i do to control this oil??? and specially in winter its very bad..

Country: India
god!!! you guys have scared me. I am having extremely dry skin and lots of acne all over my face and back. Along with that I have rash on my neck. I was using skin cream with clotrimazole. But it seems its not safe for baby. Pls suggest any

Name: shaina
Country: U.S.A.
i am 8 months pregnant an this is number two for me. i'm having a problem with a really bad rash & pimples all over my body!!!! i have the pimples from the top of my but (i know sick)to the back of my knees an on my arm, hands, back,chin, neck, i have like a rash it's not that bad like you can not really see it. it's just really itchy an when i itch it, it starts to get a lot worse. under my lips i have like the same sort of rash like my hands an arms but you really can see it when i go out i try to put cover up on it but you can see it. it's red ,very dry an it gets really itchy but i will not itch it because i dont want it to scare well i hope it dont!!!! this is really bugging me cause of the pimple on my but an the rash on my body it is like stopping me an my boyfriend from having sex i am scared that it will make him go limp or something l.o.l. he trys to but i always try not to have sex . is it because of being pregnant?? i need help , what should i do??? will it go away ??? is it because of the weight i gained?? i asked my doc but she like dont care she is one of them people. i have been using cortizone.10 please help im only 21 years old an when i'm not pregnant i have a good looking body an weight. i have to worry about losing the weight i do not want to have to worrie about this bull crap can someone help or let me know if it goes away???????????

Name: Rosemarie Endaya
Country: other
i am running 9 weeks now and ive noticed that plenty of pimples are appearing on my face. the worst is i cant use any medicine to avoid it. im wondering if there is anyone who can recommend me of anything i can use to avoid this yacky pimples without any side effects to my baby.tnx!

Country: usa
i have black dark patch on my face when i had the second baby and they are just their. i am having third one now i am so affraid that they will even more darker then before. can some let me know what to do any home remdies or a medications for these black patches.

Name: Jayshree
Country: india
it is very nice article for the pregnant women, it has a solutios of lot of problem which womens face during pregancy.

Name: Halima
Country: england
im 28 weeks pregnant, and while everyone eles seems to be 'blooming' in their pregnancies, i seem to have gone the opposite way. my skin is the worst its ever been, with a rash of spots across my face, and all the cleansing i do, doesnt seem to make it any better

Name: Mehar
Country: india
i am running sixth month n have begun to get dark patches on my face i.e on the cheeks. i wonder if these would go with time. it troubles me quite a bit. also m using a lotion recommended by my gynaec but it does not seem to be of any help. but the article says that these patches would go with i hope the same

Name: Lee Lee
Country: usa
please help. i am 17 weeks and i have been having a problem with itchy bumps on my face when i applied cocoa butter it spread to my neck now my neck and face are constanly itching and the bumps are so ever present. any suggestions anyone? please e-mail at leelee71269@ya

Name: Jessica
Country: usa
my baby is now five months and i have started to get acne and i've never had it before! is this normal?

Name: maria
Country: usa
i'm 8 months and i just noticed some little white bubbles just under the surface of my lips, on each corner of my lips. i'm worried, help!!!!

Name: Sonya
Country: australia
i am 18weeks pregnant, and i am having trouble with my pimples on my face which i didn't had before. i would like to know any natural way to solve this problem.

Name: Tommy
Country: jamaica
i am 8 month pregnant and my skin get darker and my lip get very dry, i also develop a lot of stetch mark around or on my belly.can something be dont to it?

Name: Kerry
Country: usa
i am 10 weeks pregnant and i have developed a rash on my abdomen and chest. i am worried that there is really something wrong. sound familiar to anyone?

Name: preeti Nathoo
Country: usa
i am 7 months pregnant and just a few weeks back i have noticed my skin on the face is looking very dry & lifeless and dark the skin on my neck looks very dark too .

Name: Tasneem
Country: england
i am 7weeks pregnant, and i am having trouble with my pimples on my face which i didn't had before. i would like to know any natural way to solve this problem. please i'm desperate.

Name: Mrs. Anita Sunil
Country: india
i am 5 months pregnant and just a few weeks back i have noticed my skin on the face is looking very dry & lifeless and dark the skin on my neck looks very dark too .

Name: Kim
Country: australia
leelee, i'm nearly 16 weeks pregnant, and yesterday..a rash started developing below my chin. it then spread downwards of my neck and upwards to my face just around my mouth area. it is soooo itchy!!!! after scratchng myself senseless and trying cocoa butter (don't use cocoa butter, cos it made it worse..and was what started the spreading), i tried anti-septic cream which seemed to calm it a little. i then went to the pharmacy, the pharmacist was bewilded with the rash, saying it is not serious as it's just on the skin surface..but she couldn't figure out how i got it until i told her i was pregnant..and then she started to laugh. saying it's my pregnancy hormones! apparently, it's a common symptom! she then prescribed me dermaid (for sensitive skin). it's a steroid cream, but extremely gentle. she said i cannot use normal steroid cream, as i am pregnant. hope that helps (i don't know the date you posted your message). and if anyone has the same problem, hope this helps you too. cheers!

Name: Ana
Country: usa
well, i don't know yet if i'm pregnat or not.this is my second month trying to get pregnant and i still will have to wait a couple of days to take a test but the thing is that today is the second day that i'm having a very bad itchy rash in my body, mainly in my abdomen, neck, knees and's sooo itchy. i wonder if you can get this rash even before you know you're pregnant!

Name: jqydee
Country: usa
i am 5 weeks pregnant going on my third child and on my first pregnancy i developed dark, dry,scally, ruff blemishes on the back of my neck and under arms which never went away, and now i am getting them even darker. what can i do

Name: Jennifer
Country: usa
i'm 18 weeks pregnant and i started out with this hot rash on my face, so i kinda just let it go for a day and then the next thing i know it's on my neck shoulders big red areas that get blotchy bit not really itchy. i hate the way it looks. so my family doc pres. me something that is safe (a pill) and i just started taking it but it kinda freaks me out that my skin is doing this and i think that it is spreading to my legs now! yuck! anyone ever have anything like this before? jen

Name: Lilly
Country: canada
i am 29 weeks pregnant and have developed a bad rash across ny neck that spread up my face and behind my ears and side of my neck and now its on my stomach. it is soo itchy and doesnt seem to be going away. the only thing doctors prescribed was steroid cream which does nothing! should i be worried or is there someone else who's had this? if someone could please help me with some advice, email me back at

Name: Sarah
Country: australia
one time in my life when i should be blooming like a flower, my skin on my face seems to be at its worst state ever. i have red blotches on my forehead and my cheeks and no matter how many times i cleanse and tone it does not seem to be getting better. i just need some good advice, you can email me on thanks

Name: nehemiah
Country: usa
i was going in my 2 onth of pregancy i develop a rash on my back like a lot of pimples that became dark marks

Name: Carleigh
Country: australia
i am in the final week of my pregnancy and have severe itchy skin mainly on my arms and upper chest areas. the itchyness started about 4 months ago. all my tests have come back clear so its not any kind of liver disorder or anything like that. the more i itch the worse it gets. i've tried just about everything imaginable from calamine lotion to cold baths,anti itch creams, lotions etc... nothing works. does anyone know of any thing that could ease this itch, its driving me nuts. also my feet, ankles and legs are so swollen and even when i elevate them for hours the swelling is still there. i have two other children and didn't have these problems. why this time?

Name: hoknzfepfy
Country: Oman

Name: April
Country: U.S.A.
perioral dermititis can be helped by using tooth paste without flouride. you may purchase it at most natural health stores. but my main suggestion to anyone that has posted on here is to go see your dermitoligist. just b/c you are pregnant doesn't mean you only need to see the obgyn- i had perioral dermititis and went to the dermitoligist- that's the only way to go!

Name: Maria R.
Country: U.S.A.
i am not pregnant anymore. however, while i was pregnant with my 2nd child i developed a rash on my face. it started around the lower part of my mouth and progressed around the top of my mouth and on my cheeks. my doctor couldin't prescribe anything at the time, due to my pregnancy. know my 2nd baby is 3 years old now and i still have the problem, it has since been diagnosed as perorial dermatitis. i have been given in the past steroid creams, anibiotics however, everything they give me doesn't seem to work, can anyone help, or tell me of a specialist in the bay area. my face is on fire and it feels like it is going to rip when i smile or eat. help me

Name: Jules
Country: usa
during the beginning of my first trimester i began to have pimples on my back and chest - now it has spread to my upper stomach and has left dark marks. i have never had such severe pimples - my face is bad too -from small little pimples to huge jumbo ones. it's uncontrollable. yikes!

Name: Marianne
Country: australia
i am 27 weeks pregnant, and i too have burning hot rash,across the hole of my chin and above my lip. it is bright red like a burn, and lumpy like pimples. when i wake up in the morning my skin feels realy tight and it is so flaky its not funny. my doctor has just prescribed me sigmacort 1% to use twice a day and to smother my face at night with 100% pure sorbolene cream after 3 days i can see an improvment, but he said it could take up to 4 weeks to clear up. he said he could put me on antibiotics if i dont see and improvment in 5 days i'll keep you informed. 29/7/2006.

Name: Jennifer
Country: U.S.A.
i am 5 weeks pregnant and i have developed a itchy red rash on my stomach and legs.. i think it might be the palmers cocoa butter? does anyone know?

Name: tkhvelg
Country: Oman

Name: mary
Country: U.S.A.
i am 26wks pregnant. and i have just gotten a very itchy rash. the rash almost looks like poison ivy. but i have not been around any plants. my doctor said it was an allergic reaction to the palmers cocoa butter for stretch marks. he told me to use caladryl(pink liquid). that it should dry up the rash.

Name: jourdan
Country: U.S.A.
i am 22 weeks pregnant. i started itching on my stomach, arns and legs 4 days ago. my ob said it was bile acids. he said it won't hurt the baby. he also said to see a dermatologist at my earliest conveneince. the itching is horrible. i have been using calamine lotion, sarna, cortisone with some releif but i don't know how i am going to go the next four months like this.

Name: Robyn
Country: Germany
i am 5 weeks pregnant. a few days ago i got a rash all over both of my arms... they don't bother me to bad, but they look bad.. i don't know what it is. i am praying it's nothing bad. anyone know what it could be?

Name: Robyn
Country: Germany
i am 5 weeks pregnant. a few days ago i got a rash all over both of my arms... they don't bother me to bad, but they look bad.. i don't know what it is. i am praying it's nothing bad. anyone know what it could be?

Name: Bhing
Country: Philippines
i am two months pregnant but i experienced red rashes all throughout my body... its very annoying, very itchy really i cant sleep because of that... is anyone knows the best medication for that just to ease the itch???? please help

Name: Emma
Country: Australia
i had the rash on my tummy that was like flea bites too, especially on the soft or stretchmarked areas. luckily on my second pregnancy i haven't had any but i remember my mum made me up a mixture of bi carb soda and water to dab on it, it was really soothing, also i found wiping the skin over with a hot cloth between applications was much better than a warm one.

Name: sammy
Country: United Kingdom
i am 9 weeks pregnant and have developed a rash on my forehead can anyone tell me or help me wat it could be and wat i can use to get rid of this mess thnx

Name: Brandy
Country: U.S.A.
i am 24 weeks. last week i started getting really itchy on my lower stomach and under breast area. i wasn't really concerned until i started getting little mosquito bite looking bumps all over those areas. then when i was outside the next day sweating, it got out of control. soooo itchy and spread up my chest and neck. i immediately called my doctor. he said it sounded like i had pupps. it's literally a really itchy rash that pregant woman get. it's not fatal or serious for mother or baby, so there's not alot of research. they think it's caused by an allergic reaction to the amniotic fluid. it generally lasts till after you deliver. unfortunately there's not alot we can do about it. aveno baths, witch hazel, i can take 1 claritin in the morning and benedryl up to 2 times per day for severe itchiness. i usually take benedryl right before bedtime to help me sleep. but basically i'm dreading the next 4 months. if you've had this and know of anything else that helps, let me know.

Name: courtnee
Country: U.S.A.
i am 14 weeks pregnat iv ben noticing the my skin is gettin so dry and pimples are appering like crazy on ,my face what can do please help its depressing!!!!

Name: carebear
Country: U.S.A.
i am 15 weeks pregnant and i have pimples on my lower back, breasts, and stomach. has anyone had this problem and is it harmful to my baby.

Name: Melissa
Country: India
here is some useful info i found on the web. i have also used cold water and it seems to bring some releif. research it more. it sounds like all you are getting this. i am 39 weeeks pregnant with my second child and am having the extremely itchy itch. i have had it for about a month and it just keeps getting worst. benedryl will help you get sleep and a cold shower before bed. look at the info on pupps below: pupp it's a cute name for a not-so-cute condition. pupp (pruritic urticarial papules and plaques) describes itchy, red, raised patches on the skin. you might notice them first on your stomach. and they may spread to your arms and legs. this condition runs in the family, and usually happens only in first pregnancies. if you experience it, talk to your doctor about oral medications and anti-itch creams that might help. oatmeal and baking soda in the bath can give you some relief. the symptoms do go away after pregnancy.

Name: zxbettucoc
Country: Portugal
cod overnight tramadol

Name: Katey
Country: Canada
i am 29 weeks pregnant and i got this terrible itchy rash on my stomach back and chest i also have a few on my legs. it won't stop itching and when i do itch it, it gets way worse. what is it and what do i do about it?

Name: youngmummy23
Country: Canada
if your face is burning try using some aloe lotion on your face. i would recommend seeing a naturopath or try some natural herbal medicine, with minimal side effects. i have a different problem. my neck is discolored from my pregnancy. this has happened with my first and now with my second. its slightly itchy but, it looks bad. darker than my neck color. i want to know if theres any product that help with pigmentation restoration. thanks.

Name: rhiannon
Country: U.S.A.
i got red itchy spots when i got pregnant w my 3rd child and they didn't go away even after i had him i am now on my 5th child and still have them on my legs face and when i'm hot i get them on my neck and shoulders when i first got them almost 6 years ago they did not itch and they have been itchy for the past 3 years or so they are also on my stomache under my breasts and on my back. been to the doctor they have no clue what it is im so sick of it its very emberassing and uncomfortable. i need a remedy if anyone knows one

Name: Teri
Country: United Kingdom
i am nearly 7 weeks pregnant and before i even knew i was pregnant my lips had swollen up, particularly my upper lip and was extremely itchy. i also had itchy red raised blotches over my cheek, chin and neck. this has re-appeared today and is quite frustrating, but reading all of your entries i feel a lot more confident that its common in pregnancy.

Name: kittieKatAtkins
Country: U.S.A.
i'm 6 weeks pregnant and i have a rash from my neck to my lower belly i've used and tried everything i can safe for me and baby it is so horrible i can't sleep or go in public cause i can't resist scraching i need a cure fast

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