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Child Development Topics..

You are here : home > Child Development > Speech, Language, Hearing and Vision > Does your child stammer? > Comments


Country: India
Youtube link adlakha speech therapy

Name: DR.SAJIV ADLAKHA (9811157179)
Country: India
Anil Sharma, Speech is not genetic,its a learnt behavior. It is not necessary that your father in law & mother in law stutter so your child will also develop stammering. Your child or any other child might acquire due to environmental reasons. So do not worry. Enjoy blissful parenting as & when you are blessed. For more information you go to our website: Youtube: http://www.youtub ankadlakha93 Regards, Dr.Sajiv Adlakha

Name: Anil Sharma
Country: India
Hello sir my father in law & mother in law both stammers but my wife is perfectly fine, i just had a doubt are there any possibilities that my children will have the same problem because of this. reply will be appreciated. Thanks Email-id:anil420hai@

Name: Anil Sharma
Country: India
Hello sir my father in law & mother in law both stammers but my wife is perfectly fine, i just had a doubt are there any possibilities that my children will have the same problem because of this. reply will be appreciated. Thanks

Name: Dr.SAJIV ADLAKHA(Speech Therapist)
Country: India
Visit YOUTUBE:Adlakhas Swar Sudhar Society.See how Fluency is achieved & maintained.

Name: csrao
Country: U.S.A.
I have several success reports of relief from stammering and halting speech after practicing 'focusing on breathing'as explained in my web page /fob/relax/ben efits/relief-f rom-stuttering -stammering-an d-speech-problems/. This can be taught to children as well. Please practice on your own after reading in my web site or e-mail me through my web site as cited above. I will be happy to help. I hope this information helps .

Name: kiruba
Country: India
my son is 4 yr old.... he is stamerring ... help me at m

Country: India
Does your kid stammer? Or do you? And looking for a stammering therapy that actually works? Don’t worry! Here are excellent remedies which can make you free from embarrassing situation of uttering words with many stoppages. YES, I’m going to show you effective techniques to stop your stammer once and for all. Stammering is not a disease but a speech disorder, so it can not be cured by medicines. That is very important to understand. There is no instant cure or a secret potion that magically cures your stammer. It also takes a bit of work on your part, and you must have patience and stick with it. It needs a special therapy to cure it and a lot of patience, continuous support and encouragement. Stammering is a very embarrassing situation which forces repetitions of sounds and make speech non-fluent. It has great impact as a whole on the speaker, who feels himself very frustrated for not conveying his message properly. The stammerer is not able to speak certain letters properly. In order to get rid of it they try to avoid those letters or words and use alternative words. Feelings and perceptions of Stammerers: It is very natural to feel very embarrassed when you are not able to convey your message properly to the listeners. What to speak about the stammerers who feel many obstacles for saying one simple sentence. They have very negative feelings of these unavoidable situations. If others make fun of their inability they feel very unhappy and disappointed. Some are as followings: Frustration: They feel frustrated very much for not able to express their views in fluent way. Shame: Stammerers feel ashamed by their inability to talk in an effective way. Low self confidence: Their self confidence is very low while speaking to others because they feel that they will not be able to convey whatever they want to. Guilty feeling: Stammerers feel themselves guilty for not able to speak in proper way. Hopelessness: They don’t have any hope for getting rid of this embarrassing situation. They always tend to hide their inability. To cure stammering 100% completely, I am providing much effective course namely “SELF THERAPY FOR THE STAMMERER” which contains superlative Techniques & Practices. You can practice these techniques at your home at your convenient time for minimum 4 hours per day for 45 days to get complete cure. If you are interested and require further details please call 09362196536 or mail to: or visit ringcare

Country: India

Name: Sivamani.Susendhran
Country: India
Stammering is not a disease. It is a defective style of speaking problem, hence it can be effectively cured by practicing breathing exercises and doing vocal exercises. I am an ex-stammerer and sucessfully cured myself using my own techniques. Anybody who wants to get relief from the burden of stammering may contact me. Please mail me at

Name: Lakshmi
Country: india
this is really a very informative article. keep it up!

Name: jaskaran singh
Country: usa
i been looking for cure, but i don't know where to get it. when i talk alone and sing it speak clearly.some time i know answer very well, but i don't say it because if i stammer, other kids will make fun on me.but i realy like ur article. i got to know lot of information. thanx

Name: tom
Country: india
i have a five year old boy who started stammering all of suddenly please help me how i can cure or help him

Name: menaka
Country: india
i am graduate with good fluency in english,but i am unable to express because of stuttering.please help me out in this.

Name: Viswanath
Country: india
i am viswanathan (24 yr) from tamil nadu. i am having some difficulties (stammering)while speaking to some senior officers, other unknown person over telephone, and even direct face to face also. normally i am not getting any problem in my speaking fluency with my friends or family. this problem happens only when i emotionally affected, feeling, lack of confidence etc. i have completed my graduation in 97, since then i have been working in it industry. please anyone could guide me with some tips so that i can come out of this problem. i am very much thankful for all the time if anybody can help me. my email id is (viswanath_25@indiatime

Name: C S Rao
Country: india
please read my article 'who is controlling your mind? not you' in the web site 'geocities. com/suryamchenna'. a proven 'beginner's method' for control of mind which also cures stammering is described in it. it has helped a person aged 50 get rid of his stammering which he had from his high school. please write to me if you need any clarifications about it. addresss to 'suryamch'. good luck. c s rao

Name: andre
Country: usa
hey i thk you very much for this article it is right on target with it's information. i've had a stammer since i could remember and it has been better at times and very bad at times. but i;ve always been able to handle it. although you stated earlier my first born son now has the same problem and i would like to help him becuse i sense that he will be alot more senative than i was. amazingly, my second son has no sign of a problem again your info really helped me understand more about the problem.

Name: Devi
Country: malaysia
the article was very informative. basic guidelines on how to deal with the situation would make the article more resourceful

Name: singingyogi
Country: india
there is an qualified and experienced speech therapist dr. ajit harisinghani in pune, india who might be able to help stammering cases.

Name: Kumar
Country: india
let me thank you for the article. the " neurological disorder" you have mentioned - will it occur due to any "accident" like say a fall during childhood. my sister's son had a fallfrom the swing to a tiled floor. he is a brilliant and intelligent child ( 2years old ) has a good vocabulary of 200 words and could form logical sentences comprising of 3-4 words. he could identify and name the flags of the nations ( 30 countries ). he started stuttering all of a sudden. he could recite the numbers in english, tamil , hindi & russian too...the only thing we could observe is the sudden change in environment. he is brought up in his grand parents home. will such change in living conditions create a shock and result in stuttering ? please advise. thanks in advance -

Country: india
pl tell me how to help my 4 1/2 yr. old who has started to stammer at times. this is only when he begins to spesk at other times he is absolutely normal. he also has difficulty prnouncing some alphabets like s, sh, c, ch. pl guide

Name: M_D
Country: england
i am 15 yrs old and i have a recurring stammer, how can i get this under control or stop it all together?

Name: mil
Country: india
can i get a telephone # to dr ajit harisinghani at pune, india very distressed

Name: Aniket
Country: india
i had undertaken the tongue freeing minor surgery at pune around 10 years back with your advise during my visit to pune . there was no significant improvement after that. i have the realisation after going thru your several articles and that yoga & medidation may help in a long way . pl help me in getting related help on net so that i may put efforts towards the same. kindly reply to the following id " saurabh.akhauri@t re gards,

Name: adhi
Country: india
it is good

Name: darren
Country: england
i have had my stammer since i was a young boy. it was bad at my parents sent me to a speech therapist.i went on weekly courses,which learnt me to speak slowly and not to rush when speaking.i dont stammer as much now only when im nervous,im 34 years old.i have three daughters,my second daughter seems to stammer slightly she is 4 years old.i will continue to monitor her and if it seems to get any worse i will take her to see a speech thearpist. my parents cant seem to workout when i actually started satmmering,but my auntie says it started when my grandfather died when i was about 6 or 7 years old

Name: krista
Country: usa
any help that anyone knows of for helping your child at home? my son is 3 years old, and it seems his studdering is getting worse not better...

Name: Stutteringboy
Country: india
hi, does anyone have experience about dr. ajit harisinghani's therapy ? . is it good or just another lie?

Name: D.L.
Country: singapore
i had been stuttering since primary school. i don't know how it started. sometimes in the night, i can suddenly speak very fluently, without any stutters.sometimes,even when i am not nervous, i also stutters.i have always been laughed at for being a stutterer.i really do not know how to cure my stuttering, if anyone of you know any cure for stuttering, please tell me, i will be wery grateful to you.

Name: sangita
Country: india
my 4 year old son has stammering from the past 6-8 months. he speaks 4 languages and is very fluent in 2 of them. he speaks ot me in one language and his paternal grandmother in another. his grandfather (to whome he was very attached) passed away 6 months back. could this be the reason for his stammer? or is the thinking process of converting languages too much for him. please hep a very worried mother

Name: Sally
Country: united kingdom
i look after a little boy of 4 who stutters. i so want to help him. could any one give me any advice

Name: Edinah
Country: zimbabwe
help my 3 yr old daughter is stammering and it seems to be geting worse. she is a bright little girl. her 5 yr old brother is perfectly fine. please help me.

Name: R.G.C.E.
Country: usa
is there any known surgery that can cure people who stutter, from stop stuttering? if yes please tell me.

Name: claire
Country: united kingdom
this is really a very informative article . i like yr aticle i think its gr8 !!!!!

Name: Tsering
Country: india
i've gained a lot of knowledge via ur page...keep it up!! i'm 25 yrs old...n i also have the stammering problem...sir! how could i overcome with that really makes me very embarrassing when i'm talking with my frds...please suggest me... contact me at : lucy_ani987@yahoo.c om

Name: Nishant
Country: india
sir, i am having stammering problem . i am 24 yrs old , and in feared situation i stammer a lot. plz suggest me some thing to overcome it . plz sir. my id . nishant022@rediffmail.c om

Name: alwin
Country: india
iam a student of age 21. i am badly suffering from stammering. my future looks dark. so plz help me. plz mail some remedies. to

Name: arjun
Country: india
i am a 23 yr old graduate.i have stammering problemfor eighteen yrs.this matter help me to understad what actually stammering is.but toid me how i can over come this habbit.what shoulid we do? i will be very gratefull if u give me suggestion on

Name: T
Country: united kingdom
i was about 17 when i started stammering... since i was young i was very shy... in high school... i got bullied... i'm very much into music... and sports... i received speech therapy and the speech therapists were great...! now about to get married... does anyone have any tips for repeating vows... not much of a public speaker! take care and god bless... well done to all of you for getting this far - keep up the good work...!

Name: sabin
Country: nepal
same is the case with me. some time i like killing myself because of this. i have not tried any therapy up to now and i am 18. plz.. help me to ged rid of this . sabin_2044@hotmail .com

Name: nathaniel
Country: usa
i have stuttered since i can remember and badly too. i am now 16 and it is at its worst. i can hardly get a single word out most of the time and am so depressed because everyone i know either laughs at me or ignores me because they think i'm retarded or something. i have tried everythying, miracle thereapies and am so fed up with life like this. help me.

Name: Mala
Country: india
hi, i read your article. both my sons stammer. one is 17 & the other 15years of age. i would like to know how i can help them. pls advice & write to me at thanks

Name: omer
Country: pakistan
hi sir, i am 21 year old, i am student in university, since from 7 age i suffer in stammering, i cant speak infront of people and i dont want that people know that im suffering of stammering, people dont give me value, and keep interest in me coz of stammering, please help me, some time heart say to do suicide, please help me and save me.

Name: alwin
Country: india
hi... i am an exstammerer now. if u wish to get through this problem contact me. i can help u.

Name: rahul
Country: india
this is very nice effort by this site. and i would like to thanks the person who is really involve for this peace full work. thanks

Name: Jitendra Kumar
Country: india
hi i am a stammer person but only g and j word i cant speach all words if comes form g word i cant speach as like geeta, ganesh, up grade, etc so if have any solution pls helpme and my two younger brother is also stammering.

Name: sachin
Country: india
i am very thankul towards the site ,it gave me the right way to think about stammering i assume that its a natural problem caused by heridity but site says its a general problem preferably catch to male.

Name: nomi
Country: pakistan
i like this site because it help me alot

Name: rajeev
Country: india
it is nice article indeed.but plz tell me how we remove that as soon as posible thats bcoz people get frustate due to that.

Name: joe
Country: united kingdom
my son stammers he is 21

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