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Traditional Home Remedies

Members of the older generation in India relied heavily on Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine. It was largely due to their experience and knowledge of the medicinal properties of various herbs. Read on.

Doctors at home 

When one thinks of traditional home remedies one gets a cosy feeling associated with wise grandmothers and simple, natural ingredients like turmeric, ginger, pepper, and honey. Members of the older generation in India relied heavily on Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine, as they were not convinced of the efficacy and safety of modern allopathic treatments. It was largely due to their experience and knowledge of the medicinal properties of various herbs that they were able to treat common diseases like diarrhoea, gripes, cough, cold, fever, etc. Even today, it is quite common for parents to try to treat common illnesses at home by these methods rather than rush to the doctor at the first sneeze.

It is well known that the immune systems of babies below the age of one year are immature. Hence, they are very susceptible to falling sick with slight changes in weather, diet, etc. It is for this reason that most Indian households stock up on medicinal herbs to tackle common situations such as gripes in the middle of the night or a sudden rise in body temperature. 

The First Step: Diagnosing the Problem

According to Indian tradition, whenever an infant cries abnormally for a long period of time, the first step should be to change his clothes and make him wear loose, comfortable, fresh clothing. It is advisable to avoid synthetic clothing as this affects the baby's sensitive skin and may cause itching and a rash. If the baby continues crying, lightly press the baby's stomach, ears and back. The baby will react immediately if it is experiencing pain in any of these areas. 

Stomach ailments

If a baby (less than nine months of age) has a pain in the stomach, the recommended remedy is to crush 10 to 15 grains of dill seed in a teaspoonful of water. This extract should be mixed with a few drops of mother's milk and administered to the baby

Another common stomach ailment is constipation. Everyone is aware how uncomfortable it is to be constipated. One loses one's appetite, feels that one's stomach is distended and dreads the next trip to the bathroom. If adults find constipation so discomfiting, one can only imagine what a baby must feel. Tradition has a cure for this too. Administer a few drops of castor oil mixed with a teaspoonful of mother's milk or lukewarm water. The dose of castor oil should be adjusted according to the age of the baby and the severity of the constipation. This once-a-day dose should be terminated once normal bowel movement has been restored. 


Having a cold can be quite a nuisance, but for a baby it is particularly uncomfortable. There is a traditional method to alleviate the baby's discomfort. If the baby is less than six months old, take 4-5 nagarvel paans and place them on a sieve. Place the sieve on a cooking pan over a fire. 1 paan should be placed in the centre of the sieve to allow it to get moderately hot. These warm paans are then placed on the baby's chest one after another. However, make sure that the paans are not so hot that they burn the baby's skin. This procedure should be continued for about five minutes by re-heating the cooled paans. 

In the case of babies over six months of age, one can use balls of soft cotton cloth in place of the paans. The balls of cloth should be heated on an indirect fire. The moderately warm balls of cloth should then be pressed gently against the baby's chest and back. Here again, make sure that the balls of cloth are at a temperature that will not affect the baby's tender skin. If it is not possible to heat the balls of cloth on an indirect fire, one can heat a piece of soft cotton cloth using a hot iron and then roll it into a ball.

We will continue to add more traditional home remedies.  If you would like to suggest a traditional home remedy that has worked for you, you can add it to the accompanying suggestions page (please note that they are not views ascribed by our site).

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Name: shelby
Country: U.S.A.

nothing here to view
Name: ia_blondie
Country: U.S.A.

would really like to see natural ways to kill bedbugs
Name: I need help ASAP
Country: U.S.A.

i have a cold sore and i want to get ride of it over night in views
Name: kaira
Country: India

would luv to see some of these indian home remedies to loose wieght/fat
Name: larry
Country: U.S.A.

back pain
Name: mange
Country: U.S.A.

how to treat mange
Name: pseudonym
Country: Jamaica

i would luv to see some of these home remedies
Name: anne
Country: U.S.A.

i am delayed now for 4 days and i have isomia problem so i took melatonin and nightquil becuase if feel sick do you think i will affect the pregnancy
Name: Eleanor
Country: U.S.A.

is there any thing i can use to get rid of age sports(brown spots) on my face. they really are a pain.
Name: DEZ
Country: Ireland

hi, for age spots, you can put a cup of rice(white) in a pot, fill with water, and leave overnite. in the morning, put the water in a clean jar with a lid on it, take a cotton ball and rub the water on your face and hands. as for the rice either add new water and cook or throw out. refrigerate the water and use everday, leave on for 1 hour and then wash off. as for weight loss, eat what you normally eat, but eat it in 5 small meals a day, this will help you stop craving bad food choices. buy child size plates and use those.
Name: DEZ
Country: Ireland

hi, larry as for back pain try this only if you're flexible or have a loved one do it. run your thumb on the innermost part of your foot, from your heel to the big toe, using a press and roll motion for 30 to 75 secs. a pencil eraser also works, it may take one application or 5 but stick with it, you'll be happy you did.
Country: India

any home remedies for shortsightness
Name: doityourselfhealth
Country: India

remove ticks by putting fingernail polish on it and then removing it with tweezers. to protect yourself from stray dogs-carry an umbrella, as soon as the dogs approach-open the umbrella. stop snoring- start eating coarse "sea salt" throw out poor quality salt. high bl. pre.- to lower add 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper to hot water, gradually increase to 1 tsp. in a cup of water. a man drank 3 cups of c.p. tea and restored his hearing.
Name: shaleni
Country: India

i love natural things
Name: 4 Tee
Country: Kuwait

for painful menstrual cramps- boil a pot of water and throw in some cinnamon sticks, turn off the water and have a cup of cinnamon tea, sip slowly.
Name: DEZ
Country: Ireland

yes pooja, there is a remedy. are sunflower seeds available in your country? well, eat a handful or two everday. one woman didn't need her glasses to thread a sewing needle after eating them. they're also great for hair and building strong fingernails. as well as reproductive development in young men and constipation. good luck! if it doesn't work in a month, let me know i have a exercise you might like to try.
Name: LaLa
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tammy always gave very good advice. where is she?
Name: where is Tami
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does anyone know where tami is? is the one she was on?
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i have leg cramps mostly @ night, does anyone have any suggestions?
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Name: Aga
Country: Canada

my little 1 mnth old girl has a cold and just slight fever. i hate going to the doctors unless is really bad. her nose is easy to clear from mucus but i know she is all stuffed up inside. i belive that this remedie will help (putting warm cotton cloth on her chest).my mom says keep her warm ina cozy blanket will help too. i will try all and see...thank you website ....
Name: udontwanano
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i want to know quality diet for my 7 months old baby few relaiable sites for the same.
Name: William Rodriguez
Country: U.S.A.

i want to know how to make my eyebrows grow.because i dont have much eyebrows.
Name: upma
Country: India

my daughteris4yrs8months old.she have stomach between7-8days she has loose motions pls adviceme any natural therepy.

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