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Things You Should Never Allow Your Son to Do

Things You Should Never Allow Your Son to Do
Usually, parents do not stop their sons from doing specific things thinking that it is not going to harm them or their lives. This is not true. Read on to learn about things you should never allow your son to do so that he grows up into a gentleman.
Parents want their children to be thoughtful and well-rounded, no matter whether it is about their son or daughter. Just like any child differs from another, your son may also differ from other kids on some aspect or another. You must have read and heard about what you should provide to your sons and daughters, but here we are trying to show some light on the aspects you should avoid and never allow your son to do certain things.

Things Your Son Should Not Do

Here are certain things which you should never allow your son to do.

1. Skip Household Chores

Doing household chores is not just the responsibility of girls only. Even boys should be encouraged to do household chores. A sense of responsibility will not only save him in school life, but also make his home life smooth. So, assign some regular tasks to your sons and make sure you follow up. After all practice helps.

2. Hide Emotions

It is a common concept which is conveyed to boys that they should not show their emotions. Next time when your son is upset, let him express himself. Just make sure that he does not become destructive or out of control.

3. Shift to Lower Gear

Boys have lot of energy and if you stop them from running, climbing and being active, it would harm their natural growth. You simply need to direct their energy to right direction and teach your sons to remember the places where they need to lower their gear.

4. Stop Having Interest in Non-Boyish Activities

If your son likes dancing, let him take dance lessons. Do not laugh at his interest. Instead, you should support your child’s passion and encourage him to deal with teasing from other people also.

5. To Go out Alone Before a Specific Age

Never allow your son to go out alone especially if he is quite young. It is always good to go out in a group when he plans for an outing. Dangers are lurking everywhere for not only girls but also for boys. Do not allow your child to take risk because he is a boy.

6. To Stay Alone at Home or in Hostel

May be your teenager son wants to stay back alone at home and let you go to the party or some gathering. Do not let this happen. On one hand staying alone might trigger a lot of bad habits in your son and on the other hand if he comes along with you, he will be socially active and develop social skill as well.

7. To Avoid Making Friends with Girls

Do not stop your son from being friends with girls. In fact, this will help him stay and feel normal when he meets any girl in his life. This also helps in keeping the adrenaline rush low in teenagers.

8. Stay Away from Adventurous Sports

It is quite natural that you want your son’s safety no matter what. But if your son wishes to try any adventurous sports and his age permits it, let him follow his wishes. This will help him grow and strengthen his weakness also. But never ever let your child try adventurous sports which are not suitable for his age.

9. Disrespect or Make Fun of Anyone

Boys are often compared to stereotypes. Teach your son to respect everyone and especially girls and women because everyone lives and behaves the way they are taught and think is the best. We should not criticise anyone.

10. Misbehave in Public

Boys should not be allowed to misbehave in public. Boys should be taught to behave in public and especially with girls and women. They should be taught to offer seat and open door for women. Boys should be encouraged to imbibe all the qualities that a gentleman has.
With the help of above tips you can help your son grow up into the right kind of man. Never allow your son to do gender discrimination. Raise him with unconditional love and care. Encourage and support him to chase his dreams. Aim at raising him as a well balanced individual.

Why should boys be restricted from doing certain which? What kind of things should not be done by boys? How to inculcate qualities of a gentleman in boys? Discuss here.

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Alesha.6 years ago
Discipline is not only for girls. Even boys should be taught discipline. Why only girls have to serve boys and do all the household chores. Even boys can do all the household chores like cleaning cooking etc. But only girls and women do all these chores even if they are working.
Abhishek.6 years ago
Very nice article. In India we put many restrictions on girls. Why should only girls follow values and discipline. We must encourage boys also to follow right values and our culture.
Sonia.6 years ago
I agree with you abhishek, When we expect our daughters to return home by 9 we must also tell our sons to do so. My mother used to tell me that you are a girl so you must behave and boys can do anything because they are boys. I objected her many time for this statement.
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