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How to propose a guy?

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Although, the act of proposing to someone is already labelled as a guy's job, you as a girl should never feel hesitant to do it. Today, girls are ahead in all walks of life. So, if you have found that perfect someone, go ahead and propose to him. Listed below are some interesting ideas.

It was her first day in college. Pooja bumped into this cute boy on the first day of college. They soon became friends. As time passed she realised that she had a soft corner for him. Slowly it got hard to ignore the hidden feelings. She wanted to confess to him that she considers him more than a friend but she did not spill the beans. She kept thinking that it is unusual for a girl to propose to a guy. She always thought that proposing is a man's job and girls should not make the first move.

If you have the feeling you should make way for them instead of hiding them beneath your heart. It is better out than in. Girls may hesitate to propose a guy as they do not know how to propose a guy? It is believed that men do not cry but men too are emotional beings and who knows you may be dating the guy of your dreams after learning how to propose to a guy.

Is Proposing Only a Man's Job?

Many women still wonder if it is right or wrong to propose a guy. It is the 21st century and we believe in men's and women's equality. Tradition believes that it is a man who first asks out a woman for a date but now the scenario has changed. People raise their eyebrows in astonishment when they hear stories of a girl proposing a guy. But it is perfectly all right for a girl to propose a guy. Just consider some important things before you pour out your heart to the man you love. Here is the list of things that you can consider.

1. Choose the Right Time

How about proposing a guy on Valentine's Day? Choosing an appropriate day to tell your feelings to a guy, will make proposing easier. Apart from 14th February, you may pick up some other important days such as his birthday, a New Year's Eve or any other jolly occasion to let him know you love him. If you are going to propose to your boyfriend for marriage the day you first kissed or the day you first met will be the ideal date to pop the question.

2. Choose the Right Place

Guys can be sentimental at times. Avoid picking up a crowded place to propose to him. Proposing at a crowded place may put both of you in an awkward situation. Places like shopping malls, coffee shops, and theatres are not the right places to propose a guy. Choose a place that would be quiet. Make sure the spot you have chosen to make your proposal should provide some privacy. Places like gardens or beaches can be perfect to propose to a guy.

3. Make it Romantic and Memorable

It may sound clichéd but bending down on your knees and proposing to your love with a ring is still considered very romantic. Doing so will melt his heart and he might express his love for you right there. You may toss a question at the place where you met for the first time. The fond memories will flood both of your hearts embracing you with the truest feelings of love. Your proposal should be passionate and romantic. A yes or a no is may be dependent on the way you propose.

4. Ask the Question

Be calm before asking the question. Tell him that you want his full attention as you want to tell him something important. Make him prepared for the moment and then pop the question. Look into his eyes and make way for your feelings. Tell him that you love him. Tell him why you love him. Ask him what he thinks about being in a relationship with you. He might need some time to digest what you said. Do not force him to accept your proposal. He may need some time.

5. Say it With a Love Letter

Love letters can never be passé. In the age of emails, a love letter is a rarity. One can put forward his or her feelings elegantly through written words. If you are feeling awkward to tell him your feelings you can always use a love letter. You need not use flowery language while composing a love letter. Just write whatever you want to convey to him. Lay your emotions on the paper. He will get time to think about your proposal. It will make it easier for you too.

6. Be Prepared for Rejection

Make yourself ready for rejection too. A person whom you love doesn't need to love you back. Respect his decision. If he is destined to be with you, he will be with you anyways. Otherwise accept the rejection and move on. You may get someone much better.

7. Think of the Ways of Coping

If you feel that you won't be able to accept the rejection, you can think of the other ways to convince your guy. Think about the second step in case your first proposal gets rejected.

8. Get Into the Shoes of the Guy

It is very important to get into the shoes of the guy you love to understand how he will feel when you propose to him. Before saying those golden words to him, do a thorough study of his background, his choices and his temperament.

9. Make Your Guy Feel Better

When you will be proposing your guy, make sure that you make him feel better. If he is already pressured or stressed, try to make him feel easy. Send him positive and cool vibes. Discuss a few things that will make him feel comfortable and relaxed. Always focus on trying to make your guy feel special and important.

10. Stay Positive

Although, you must have thought about 'Plan B' to always stay positive. Create good thoughts before you propose to your guy. Always think about positive outcomes.

11. Think of Creative Ways

It is a dream of everyone to get a proposal from the love of his or her life in a creative way. So think of some of the creative and interesting ways to propose your guy. Listed below are some interesting and creative ideas to propose to a guy.

Ideas to Propose a Guy

When you have feelings for someone, you should convey them to the person you love. Here are some unique ideas to propose to the man you love.

  1. Go on the beach together and write the words 'will you marry me? Or 'will you be mine?' on the sands.
  2. Bake him a cake and engrave your feelings with cream.
  3. Send him flowers with a love note. Who said boys do not like flowers.
  4. Go traditional. Bend on one knee, present him the ring and say those three magical words.
  5. Order some juice and put the ring at the bottom of the glass. He will be amazed to find the ring.
  6. Make a handmade greeting card and write what you feel for the guy on it.
  7. Go on the rooftop or terrace on the full moon night.
  8. Sing a love song.
  9. Nowadays, it is very easy to get the banner printed. You can get the banner printed for your guy to propose to him.
  10. Go on a long drive.

FAQs Related to Proposing a Guy

Here are some of the FAQs related to proposing a guy.

What is the best way to propose to a guy?

If you are planning to propose to a guy, you must gather some courage to touch him passionately, look into his eyes and with a little shyness in your eyes and smile on your face, say that you love him. This would evoke the feeling of passion in him to tell you about what he feels about you.

What should a woman say while she is proposing to a guy?

When a woman proposes to a guy, she should say that when she closes her eyes, she sees him. She should ask him to close his eyes and ask him if he could see her. She should say to him that “If it is possible for you to see me with your closed eyes, we should get married. I will take care of your as well as your family’s happiness forever. I know that no one else will love me like you do.”

How can a girl ask a guy to be in a relationship with her?

Before asking a guy to be in a relationship with you, you must first find out if he really loves you the way you do. Be open about how you feel about him. Tell him that he is a great guy and you want to be in a relationship with him. Ask him what he thinks about it.

How can a girl get a guy to propose to her?

A girl can get a guy to propose to her by subtly showing him that she is interested in him. It is not necessary to cling to him constantly. Try to give time to your family and friends. Discuss with him about lifetime commitment and marriage. Tell him that you would be interested to marry a guy who is someone like him.

In what ways can a girl show a guy that she loves him?

A girl can show a guy that she loves him through different gestures like holding or squeezing hands. She can get him to meet her family and friends. Whenever he is depressed or upset, she can make him feel better. She can always appreciate the good qualities in him. She can also surprise him with special gifts, hugs and kisses. She can do little things that make him happy and make future plans with him.

How to propose a guy in the most romantic way?

To propose someone in the most romantic way is necessary to choose the right location. You can visit any popular places around the city or you can visit a nearby beach. You can also go for a romantic candle-light dinner with your date. You can go for a long drive or you can also visit a place which is away from the regular hustle and bustle of the city. If it is possible, you can also visit a hill-station nearby. A classic way to propose with flowers can also prove to be one of the romantic ways to propose a guy.

What is the best age to propose to a guy and get married?

The age that one can choose to propose a guy and get married depends on the individual choices and circumstances. According to some studies it is better to get married when one is between the ages of 28 to 32. As per the studies the people who get married at these ages have successful marriages.

What should girls avoid doing while proposing to a guy?

It is necessary to make sure that the guy is not busy or caught up with something important. Talk to the guy when he is relaxed and easy-going. Do not propose in front of friends or when lots of people are around. Do not choose a very strange or unusual way. It will also look weird if you tell too many people about it. Never choose a place to put the ring which may make the guy feel ridiculed or embarrassed. Also make sure that you do not propose your guy empty handed or forget to practice what you have to say.

An anonymous author has said that love is like a war, easy to begin but hard to end. If his answer is a no then it is obvious that you will feel terrible for a few days. Time is the best healer. If he accepts your proposal, it will be a dream come true. Nurture your relationship with love and care. So, churn your mind and come up with a creative idea to propose to him. Let him remember the day throughout his life. So stop waiting for Cupid and shoot your arrows of love.

Have you ever proposed a guy? Are you planning to propose a guy? What if the man you love does not accept your proposal? To share your views and experiences, click here.

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Name: Saachi
City:   mumbai,india
Comments:   The guy i love has proposed me few months back and i rejected him and after that we were still good with each other ; As some issue happen in between us we were not talking for more than 3 months and than after i realize that i´m in love with that guy and i can´t leave without him...since we were not talking but still he was caring for me so much...i used to go down just to see him...i´m completely fallen for him but i can´t express how much i love i decide to proposed him at that night at sunday i proposed him he tell that i want some time now; i was feeling insure at that after few days he said ´no´ to me but still i can´t get over him...i was in love that person i can´t unlove ...and i know that he love me too but he is not telling to me why i don´t today i´m going to tell him again that just i can´t stop thinking about u....i love him for infinty , and i can´t move on to or i don´t want to move on.If by chance if i get rejected agian i will respectfully accpet his decision and love him silently

Name: Rishab Patwari
City:   Chennai
Comments:   I loved a girl but she considered me autistic 😭😖😢. She doesn´t even speak to me. She is studying very well. I don´t study well. I wish she atleast was my friend.

Name: Divya A
City:   bengaluru
Comments:   I am in love with my officemate , and he is the manager ,but we both are in the same age , and after i joined to the offs ,the next month itself i fell in love with him , but i ridiculously suffering to tell him my feelings , and moreeover i hope he too has some soft corner on me , he use to see me and smile , when i touch his hand he use to laugh , he stands next to me all he did , and after few days he asked me , do you have a boyfriend , i said ya and that is you only and then he replied me telling it is a nice joke , but again i replied as i am serioursly liking you after that he stopeed talking to me so what does it mean please help me

Name: Anonymous
City:   Gurugram
Comments:   I don´t know whether I am in love with that guy but yes I want him in my life... I want to spend each and every moment of my life with him. He has already cleared that he doesn´t believe in marriage but I do. Also I am ready to be with him without any conditions. But we are kind of long distance. How can I convey my feelings to him?

Name: anon
City:   Bengaluru
Comments:   Seriously, just go for it, via text, a note, email, whatever. Just say you like them. As simple as that. Worst thing that could happen, "meh, I don´t like you". That´s all. Perhaps, you could be friends. One important thing, don´t be disappointed if he´s hesitant. He´s just probably insecure. He´ll say yes, even if it´s later. Try asking later if you doubt this.

Name: Kirti Periwal
City:   Delhi
Comments:   I luv a guy so I want him to come in a relationship but I tried many times to do but I don´t get the right time N place so after reading this article I came to know Thanks 😊

Name: md faheem
Comments:   i love girl but she not love me.i am perposal but she not accept my perposal.

Name: Shalini
City:   Malaysia
Comments:   i love a guy,he was to humble and being kind to me. i already proposed to him,but he rejected me because he told me he need to achieve his life goals first.... until now m waiting for him..but i really wanna him achieve his goal while having me in bis life!...i really dnt know how topersuade him!!??

Name: Ritu
City:   Delhi
Comments:   I really love him want to get married but i am not that strong to share my feelings with him

Name: radhika
City:   ahmednagar
Comments:   I have fallen in love with my closest freind and he knows dat, but for our family we both are not taking next step and also he says dat he has crush on other girl. tell me how I should handle dis situation... I m dying for him..... plzz hlp

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