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Outfits For Rainy Season

Outfits For Rainy Season

Many people are confused about which type of outfits they should wear during rainy season. Some of them prefer to wear worn-out dresses so that new ones do not get stained. However, it is fun to get dressed in short pants and those short skirts during rainy season. Read on to know about rainy season outfits.

We all love rainy season and the songs meant for that, but rarely anyone likes to get drenched in rain. The real enjoyment of rainy season is to sit in your verandah having a cup of coffee while it rains outside. However, we cannot sit inside our house or come out occasionally throughout the rainy season. We have to attend our office and workplace no matter what happens. Moreover, rainy season also has its benefits and drawbacks.

One of the disadvantages of rainy season is choice of clothes. No matter what clothes you wear they are going to get spoiled due to mud, water and puddles that are here and there and everywhere. So. You need to pay extra attention to your clothes during raining season. Raincoats and umbrellas are synonymous to rainy season though. You can even make them exciting and at the same time fashionable so that it gives you a little fun and helps you look good too.

Tips for Outfits of Rainy Season

  • During the rainy season it is better to stay away from your stilettos or heels and prefer boots that can be knee high or shorter but must have the capacity to save you and your lower legs from getting spoiled and dirty. However, rubber slippers are also useful during this time. Do not ever wear your leather shoes or sandals, as they will get completely spoiled.
  • During the rainy season it is very important that you keep protective stuffs with you whenever you go out. These will save your favorite dress from getting spoiled and will also save you from any kind of embarrassing situation. This is why you should carry an umbrella or a raincoat with you. There are folding umbrellas available in the market. It is better to carry an oversized umbrella so that you save yourself completely.
  • Check out your wardrobe and wear those bright colour dresses in rainy season. These will help you look good and even boost up your spirit also. It will also look good, as most often there are clouds during the day in rainy season. It is better to keep the material cotton of your dress in case there is rise in humidity. However, cotton is an all time favorite. Cotton clothing are extremely comfortable and even versatile in changing temperatures.
If you want to get some customized dresses or outfits you can contact your boutique and get some new and fresh looking cotton dresses for this rainy season. Try to keep things and your outfit lighter during this season. Be prepared from top to bottom and always try to carry an extra pair of outfit when you are out at work especially when you depend on public transport to reach your office. If you will keep these points in mind you will easily save yourself form any kind of embarrassing situation in your workplace or wherever you go out.

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rebecca.10 years ago
hi, rainy season for us ??? is complete no ..:( wish i got get wet in the rain like Indian people..
Bhavna.12 years ago
Short frocks also look very cute during rainy season. Especially during rainy season you should wear synthetic material as it gets dried easily. Therefore it is very comfortable during rainy season. At the same time the climate is so cold that there it does not feel hot in synthetic material during rainy season.
Priyanka.12 years ago
I love to wear three-fourths during rainy season. Nothing can be as comfortable as three-fourths during rainy season. It is better to wear dark coloured three-fourths as the mud stains cannot be easily noticed on it during rainy season.
Nisha.12 years ago
I like to wear short skirts during rainy season. It looks very cute and short skirt and top is a very comfortable outfit during rainy season. This Sunday I am going out for shopping to buy some skirts and tops for rainy season. I like rainy season very much.
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