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How to Dress for Work

How to Dress for Work

Is it possible to dress up creatively even while following the dress code? Here is the guide on how to dress for work.

Sheena is nervous today. She has her first ever job interview and she does not have any clue about what to wear. A white blouse paired up with a trouser, a black top accompanied by a knee length skirt, and a blazer, she has a handful of clothing options. She never went wrong with her attire when she was in college. Today she is confused; she has no clue how to dress up professionally to impress her employer.
Are you sure that you wearing professional outfits at work? Are you following the rules for appropriate dress at work? Are you following the dress code set up by your work place? It is time to diagnose your wardrobe and fix it to make it compatible with your office dress code.

What to wear to office

A black trouser is must in your closet. The other things you must have are business suits, skirts, formal jackets, leggings, blazers, and shirts. Indian wears like salwar kameez, churidar kurta, and sari can make you feel comfortable at your work place. If your work place allows more casual outfits, you can team up your pair of jeans with a white blouse, a tunic or a shirt. Here are three exclusive office looks for women to appear professional.
  • Black colour pencil skirt, sleeveless off-white blouse, a black colour leather handbag, and ear studs.
  • Churidar kurta, jute handbag, earrings, and thin necklace.
  • Trouser, half sleeves shirt with checks or strips on it, office bag, and formal shoes.

Comfort is Important

Comfort is important when your mind is at work. If your attire is not comfortable, your entire day can get ruined. The gaps between the buttons of your shirt are indicating that you wearing one size smaller than your original size. Too tight or too loose clothing can put forward bad impression. The clothes you are wearing for work should be well-fitting, clean and well-ironed.

Colours Do Matter

Dazzling colours are big no no when you are getting dressed up for office. Avoid wearing peppy shades like pinks and yellows for office. Professional atmosphere prefers colours like black, white, grey, navy, pastel shades, and sometimes red. Mix and match the colour of your attire with the colour of your shoes or handbag and get the perfect look.


Women have more scope than men to be creative while dressing for office. They have quite a few options like skirts, trousers, formal dress, shirts, and jackets. With eye-pleasing attire, professional look also demands minimal accessories. A single bracelet or a ring can also enhance the look. You do not need dozens of bangles and heavy earrings to look gorgeous.
One should be particular about other accessories such as shoes, belts, strolls, watches, and spectacles while getting ready to go to office. Right clothing is necessary for success but other things such as clean nails, well set hair, and good smell are also significant. But that does not mean you should get drenched in perfume and make others feel dizzy. Professional men should never be unshaven. Wrinkled clothes, ripped handbag, hair with spikes, and body odor are some of the things that should be strictly avoided at work places.

How to Dress up for Office

As a professional employee, you need to appear highly professional in front of your boss and clients. How would you feel if you visited an electronics showroom and a salesman over there is happily wandering in his shots and tee? What would be your reaction to see your boss in a tracksuit? You will faint. Jokes apart, dressing etiquettes are must in corporate world to maintain the status quo. Here are a few tips while dressing up for office.
  • If you are not sure about the dress code of the company, discuss with your superiors and clear your doubts.
  • Be in harmony; do not deliberately dress up oddly.
  • Observe your superiors and dress up accordingly. Remember, the boss is always right.
  • Wear apparels with company logo on it. Your boss will never go without noticing it. You may get salary hike.
  • The greatest myth about dressing well is that you have to spend a great amount of money on shopping.
Now that you are well aware about what to wear and what not to wear to office, you need not to worry. Explore your wardrobe, get rid of unwanted tings and add some suitable office wears in it. Organise your wardrobe and you are ready to impress your superiors and your clients. Just a few essentials in your collection and it will not be hard to look smart and impressive.

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Gargi.6 years ago
I recently purchased dress material from Its awesome chanderi cotton dress with a very soft chiffon dupatta. Its the same shine and sheen even after multiple washes. They have good range in dress material. A must try once.
Shamim.9 years ago
simple cotton kurta work best as they look simple yet stylish. Saree is also very elegant.
Yasmin Pai
Yasmin Pai.9 years ago
it is better to wear clean and clear lines to office without any frills. In Indian wear, opt for simple churidar n kurta or sarees.
Manali.10 years ago
Check out this link
a great collection of Indian Corportae Cotton Kurtas. An amazing collection for office going women. Extremely comfortable, Great concept! I am a regular user of this brand. Hence, thought of sharing after reading the above article!
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