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You are here : home > Sex Education > AIDS > Educating Kids About HIV and AIDS

Educating Kids About HIV and AIDS

Educating Kids About HIV and AIDS

Are your kids aware of HIV and AIDS? Did you speak to your kids about it? Here is how you can start spreading HIV and AIDS awareness right from your home by educating your kids about what are they and how to prevent acquiring them.

A large number of AIDS deaths (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) are caused due to ignorance. Therefore, educating kids about AIDS prevention is extremely important. Let us have a look at the important things which parents can tell their kids about HIV and AIDS and their prevention.

What Kids Should Know About HIV and AIDS

Here are the important things which parents must tell their kids to make them aware of AIDS prevention.

What is HIV Virus and AIDS?

The HIV virus is a virus which completely destroys the immune system of the human body leading to AIDS. AIDS is the later stage of HIV infection. At this stage the immune system is completely destroyed which leads to death.

What is the Full Form of HIV and AIDS?

The full form of HIV is Human Immunodeficiency Virus and AIDS is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

Can Anyone Acquire AIDS?

If any person is exposed to the common transmitters (explained in detail below) of this virus knowingly, unknowingly or accidently he or she can get affected with AIDS through HIV infection.

How Does a Person Come to Know if He Has AIDS?

Anybody can take an AIDS test through a Government Hospital anytime to find out if he or she has AIDS. The results of which are kept completely secret by the Government Hospitals.

What is HIV Positive or (HIV+)?

A person who has undergone an HIV test and is found to show the signs of HIV virus is known as an HIV positive or (HIV+) person.

What is HIV Negative or (HIV-)?

A person who has undergone an HIV test and is not found to show the signs of HIV virus is known as an HIV negative or (HIV-) person.

In the first place it is very important to educate kids about how and why exactly do AIDS patients die. Kids should know the fact that the HIV virus weakens the immune system of the body to such a great extent that it fails to fight germs which leads to AIDS and subsequently the death.

The Common Myths About HIV Infection

Kids should also be aware of the common myths about HIV infection. They should be aware that HIV virus does not spread by touching, kissing on the cheeks, mosquito bites, hugging, handshake, sitting with the affected person, sharing utensils or working with the affected person.

How is HIV Virus Commonly Transmitted?

The HIV virus can be transmitted through the bodily fluids and things like breastmilk, semen, blood, vaginal fluids, using pre-used of needles, using pre-used syringes, using pre-used blades or razors, using blades used by aids affected person

What are the Uncommon Means of Transmission of HIV Virus?

HIV viruses can be transmitted through some uncommon means like eating the food which has already been chewed by an HIV infected person, reusing the tattooing needle, transmission of blood of HIV infected person to another person through an unexpected or unknown cut or injury, using a toothbrush of an HIV infected person or if cuts and breaks in skin come in contact with the HIV infected blood.

How to Prevent HIV infection?

It is very simple to make kids understand the precautions which should be taken to prevent HIV infection. Help them to imbibe a habit of asking for a new blade for shaving or cutting hair during each saloon visit. Teach them to ask for disposable needles or syringes whenever they are taking shots or during blood transfusion. And most important is to make them aware of all the facts and myths about AIDS and HIV infection.

Before educating your kids about HIV and AIDS you as a parent also need to get all your facts cleared about them. If you have any doubt, you can visit the local AIDS Counselling Centers or Government hospitals for the clarification of your doubts.

As HIV and AIDS are also sexually transmitted, you also need to ensure that your kids are aware of it. Usually, you can make your kids aware of this fact while imparting sex education that AIDS virus can be transmitted through a sexual intercourse (even incomplete) with AIDS affected person as well. The education that HIV and AIDS viruses can be transmitted through a sexual intercourse (even incomplete) with HIV and AIDS affected person as well is also necessary.

So, let us not keep our regimen of spreading HIV and AIDS awareness only for the World AIDS Day. Let us start from our home and with our kids, educate them about HIV and AIDS prevention and stick the motto “Getting to zero: zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS related deaths”.

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Preeti.9 years ago
I really like the article and it is a very good thing to spread such awareness on HIV and AIDS and starting with kids is a good start. This is how we can completely remove AIDS from our globe. This is because lot of people die of ignore so spreading awareness of AIDS and HIV is good thing to prevent AIDS related deaths.
Anupama.9 years ago
I agree with you Shivani. Educating kids about HIV and AIDS is a very good thing. We should follow this thing as we are educating our future generation. Kids are the future of our nation. Therefore, educating kids about such thing is really helpful.
Shivani.9 years ago
Educating kids is very good because eradicating AIDS completely from the globe should be our motto. We should start from our home itself so that if each one of does this we can achieve our target of zero AIDS and HIV infections.
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