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You are here : home > Sex Education > AIDS > How to avoid acquiring HIV?

How to avoid acquiring HIV?

How to avoid acquiring HIV?

(What all should you do, so as not to get infected)
  1. Avoid sex with multiple partners or even with a single partner who in turn has multiple partners (ideally speaking stick to one single, absolutely faithful partner).
  2. If sex is unavoidable, always wear a condom (though there is no guarantee, at least this offers the best protection) - e.g. during sex with a Community Sex worker. Other methods of contraception provide NO protection.
  3. Avoid unnatural modes of sex (anal/ oral)
  4. Avoid intravenous drug abuse - and if unavoidable at least don't share needles and syringes you can use disposable ones.
  5. Take blood transfusions, only when you must and that too from a blood relative / friend and after getting it thoroughly tested.
  6. Petting, Masturbation, Mutual Masturbation are the safest alternatives to sex.
  7. Insist that your barber use a fresh blade every time he shaves / cuts your hair.
  8. Always insist on disposable needles and syringes when taking shots.
  9. Contact your local AIDS Counselling Centre / Government hospitals for any further clarifications.
  10. Remember even a single act of unprotected intercourse (forget the complete act, even unprotected penetration without going the whole way) with an infected partner can lead to infection.
  • Active research is going on at such a rapid rate, that a few of the concepts (true at the time of going to print) might turn out to be invalid in days / months to come.
  • The write-up is an extremely simplified picture of the very complex disease process. The above stated points are accepted by the majority. However not all doctors/ specialists might be in agreement with all the points.
Dr Vivek Jain is Skin, VD and Sex specialist, practising in Baroda.

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Leonne.9 years ago
AIDS is a deadly disease and is preventable. Practice safe sex or safe alternatives to sex. Even a casual approach towards sex can infect you with HIV. A little precaution can keep this deadly disease away.
Pramod.9 years ago
This write-up dispels many myths associated with AIDS. This is well researched article touching all the points. People will be more careful so as to not get infected.
Megha.9 years ago
This article is informative at helps in raising HIV and AIDS awareness. Information provided on HIV will help in general prevention of the disease. The write-up can be understood by everybody as it is written in simple language.
Poomina.12 years ago
i am an american educated person. but, i feel that some of the words to describe the illness and in the article in general were to big and difficult to understand. i do not have a medical background and i am sure alot of other people reading this article don't either. simple wording, in terms that are easy to understand, i feel would be better.

thank you.
NONE.12 years ago
really nice article for the laymen to understand what this actually is and how does it work and affects us..
ANONYMOUS.12 years ago
described very nicely about aids.
kylina.12 years ago
i think aids is the worst disease i think it is fascinating to read and learn about i want to everything about aids that i can
doubht.12 years ago
can aids transmit through saliva as mentioned?
then we can't share the same utensils like glass/plate, right?
raj.12 years ago
dear members of the forum i am looking for your valuable advise pls.
i have recently tested hiv+ and luckly my wife has tested -ve.
with the advancement of medical technology it is now possible to have a baby for the mixed status couple without the other couple geting infected.
1)can any of you please advise if there is sperm washing technology available in hyderabad ?
2)can you pls let me know the address and the contact details of dr. roya rozati please.
3)can one you please suggest the best ivf -isci
clinic in hyderabad
any information would be very helpful
RICKY.12 years ago
aids is very dangerous diseases and plz use condom for saver life. bcos life gaves u only one time>>>>>?
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