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You are here : home > Sex Education > AIDS > Sequence of events

Sequence of events

Sequence of events

In this article


Infection (exposure) Sexual Intercourse. Blood transfusion, Intravenous drug abuse, Mother to unborn child.
Influenza like illness 2 - 3 weeks after infection (fever, fatigue, rash). Subsides on its own, often without the patient noticing it. So transient it is, that the very occurrence of this is being doubted.
Seroconversion 6 - 12 weeks. HIV test now becomes positive. Patient absolutely fit and normal. Till this stage only the most advanced tests can help diagnose AIDS. (This period can be as long as 6 months also
Enlargement of lymph nodes.AIDS related complex (weight loss, fever, diarrhoea, oral ulcers, herpes). Depending on the patients own immunity and how severe the initial infection is, these related stages come at roughly around 5 years (but this is variable - a long period if infection is through intercourse and short if by blood transfusion)
AIDS (Symptomatic HIV) 20 % of those infected develop it in 5 years and 50 % in 10 years. Till this stage the patient is merely HIV positive. AIDS is labelled when the patient has I) Opportunistic Infections ii) A malignancy called Kaposis Sarcoma and iii) some neurological deficit. After this the patient soon succumbs. (See Note 6.)


  1. A patient is infectious to others right from the moment of infection. A receiver can /may manifest symptoms much earlier than one who hands over the infection.
  2. Infection can only occur, (essentially) if the viruses enter the blood stream and not merely surface contact.
  3. Only recently has it been confirmed that a few cases despite being HIV positive 13- 14 years ago have not as yet developed AIDS.
  4. There have been reports of some CSW's/ patients not acquiring AIDS despite continuous exposure to the virus. [Active research is going on this direction also, as to why are some persons naturally resistant to HIV]
  5. Doubtful reports talk of spontaneous reversal of HIV status.
  6. Present terminology is symptomatic HIV (i.e. AIDS is now more properly called Symptomatic HIV) and asymptomatic HIV. Terms like AIDS or full-blown AIDS are no longer in vogue.

PART 4 -

How and Why Exactly Do Aids Patients Die

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Medha.9 years ago
I want to know why AIDS is symptomatic HIV. Person with AIDS show specific symptoms, though sometimes in late stages. Even though a person may not show symptoms, he is infectious.
Medha.9 years ago
I want to know why AIDS is symptomatic HIV. Person with AIDS show specific symptoms, though sometimes in late stages. Even though a person may not show symptoms, he is infectious.
Roxy.9 years ago
Wow! A detailed sequence of events for AIDS. It is a deadly disease so better be safe than sorry.
Poomina.12 years ago
i am an american educated person. but, i feel that some of the words to describe the illness and in the article in general were to big and difficult to understand. i do not have a medical background and i am sure alot of other people reading this article don't either. simple wording, in terms that are easy to understand, i feel would be better.

thank you.
NONE.12 years ago
really nice article for the laymen to understand what this actually is and how does it work and affects us..
ANONYMOUS.12 years ago
described very nicely about aids.
kylina.12 years ago
i think aids is the worst disease i think it is fascinating to read and learn about i want to everything about aids that i can
doubht.12 years ago
can aids transmit through saliva as mentioned?
then we can't share the same utensils like glass/plate, right?
raj.12 years ago
dear members of the forum i am looking for your valuable advise pls.
i have recently tested hiv+ and luckly my wife has tested -ve.
with the advancement of medical technology it is now possible to have a baby for the mixed status couple without the other couple geting infected.
1)can any of you please advise if there is sperm washing technology available in hyderabad ?
2)can you pls let me know the address and the contact details of dr. roya rozati please.
3)can one you please suggest the best ivf -isci
clinic in hyderabad
any information would be very helpful
RICKY.12 years ago
aids is very dangerous diseases and plz use condom for saver life. bcos life gaves u only one time>>>>>?
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