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How to impress your boyfriend

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You are lucky, if you are blessed with true love. Everyone crave to have an ideal relationship. You need to show attention and affection towards your partner in a romantic relationship. Here are relationship tips on how to impress your boyfriend and keep him happy.

When you get into a relationship, you try a lot to impress your partner. You do things to keep your boyfriend happy, you do find out the ways to keep your girlfriend happy. Do not you read 'love and relationships' columns with greater interest? Do not you find out dating tips when you fall in love? Here are a few tips for girls to make their relationship outstanding.

Take interest in his friends

It may be that for some of you, your boyfriend’s friends nothing but nuisances. Remember that your beau has a life apart from you and he would love it if you will take interest in his life. Hang out with his friends and try to get along with them. Remember, your boyfriend wants his friends to like you and not love you. If any of his friends being flirty, stay away. You may harm your relation with your boyfriend if you will encourage him. Treat his female friends creatively without any preconceptions.

Smell nice

Your perfume can act as a magnate. Do not you feel a kind of nostalgia when you are away from your beau and someone wearing same perfume your boyfriend wears passes by? Find out his favorite fragrance and wear it. He will not let you be alone for a second.

Be confident

Boys adore confident girls. Be confident when you are around your boyfriend. No one appreciates a person who lacks confident and feels insecure all the time. A confident person has bold approach towards his ambitions and aspirations. 'Confidence’ is the quality you should posses as to make your boyfriend feel proud of you. How to be confident? Just believe in yourself from within, take care of yourself, stay in shape, eat healthy and be positive.

Express yourself

Do not expect your boyfriend to guess how you are feeling or what you are thinking. Not being clear about something can lead to misunderstandings and most of the break-ups take place due to petty misunderstandings. Do not expect from your boyfriend more time for your relationship. Just speak it out. Communication is the key. Discuss things which are not clear. Conversations can address the biggest problems.

Look good

Look good, feel good. Looking good has nothing to do with beauty. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Take very good care of yourself. Small aspects such as keeping your nails clean, removing unwanted hair, wearing attire that suits you and taking care of your skin can make a lot of difference in your relationship.

Be yourself

'Be yourself' and everything will go smooth. Your boyfriend loves you for what you are. Do not ever change. Do not pretend. Do not try to be like someone else. Just be as you are. If your boyfriend is not happy with what you are then it is the time you should reconsider the relationship.

Do not say things that will hurt

Out of the rage do not say things that will hurt him. Do not comment negatively about his family and friends. Do not doubt his love for you. Small fights are bound to happen in a relationship. Keep your head even in the tricky situations. Think twice before saying anything. Remember, putting the toothpaste back in the tube is impossible.

Keep that smile on

Someone has quoted it rightly, 'Never frown because you never know who might be falling in love with your smile.’ You smile fascinates him the most. Your charm is hidden in your smile. Flaunt sparkling teeth, fresh breath, glossy lips and chirpy mood. Keeping that smile on would turn your every date delightful.

Trust him

Trust is the base of any relationship. Showing that you do not trust your boyfriend will make him lose faith in you. Tell him, 'I trust you’, 'I believe in you’, 'you are right’ 'I have faith in you’ and such things. He will be pleased to know that you think he is worth you. Never doubt his instincts unless you have firm proof. Trusting each other is the way towards blissful relationship.

Love is a beautiful emotion. Love is a sweet temptation. Love is eternal. So, impress your sweetheart and keep showering love on him. Someone has said that if you love someone you would be willing to give up everything for them, but if they loved you back they would never ask you to.

What do you do to impress your boyfriend? Does your partner notice it when you wear a new dress? Does your partner compliment you often? To share your views and experiences,click here.

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Name: George
City:   England
Comments:   Me lov for Anna from Polanska is so 2big4u. I luve her sooooooo mucc, although me not so sure if actually luvee. I want to marry her sister, but don´t tell her hahaha just kidding she would kills me soooooo much. I want to take Anna to movie, but movie cost money and I sooooooo poooooor that I can yes not even understandings her deep mind. I think she like myself.

Name: Gelila
City:   Addis Ababa
Comments:   This tips helps me a lot ,thanks for everything,i love my Nahom more than anything in this world,he makes me smile when I´m sad,ohhhh no word could describe my love i have for him and i hope this relationship continues

Name: Ritika
City:   Haryana
Comments:   It helps me a lot. I just want to say one thing that I love uhh so much. Please never leave me..... Uh are my life

Name: munesh
City:   vadodara
Comments:   My bf is 2 gud when I behave badly with him ,I feel guilty Nd low bt these tips help me a lot , now due to these tips I´m more close 2 him then before ,I luv u a lot yash

Name: Majitha
City:   Tenkasi
Comments:   it really works nd this tips r very usefull to us

Name: Zainab atheeq
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   Till nw i hv nt done anything to impress him. He love me wtever i m. Yes he notices wenever ill wear a new dress nd often he also gve compliments for me.

Name: neha
City:   madras
Comments:   it really worked and my boyfriend and me r going to get married very soon

Name: MLGOverload
City:   cowra
Comments:   my bae wil love me more than i love myself thx

Name: Kriti
City:   Kurukshetra
Comments:   I think this will really helpful

Name: jhagathesswary
City:   malaysia
Comments:   this is really so useful...thank you so much.. i really love my Darvin ( Tharmendran ) so much...but its been about a year never meet him,,he is staying quite far from me..sometimes i call him and talk...but my parents didn´t agree for my love...because we both are still young...but i really miss him a lot.. my heart is full of him...dying to meet him i hope this methods can help me to impress him...

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