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How to keep your girlfriend happy

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Keeping your girlfriend happy is the key to a successful relationship. Read on and find out how to keep your girlfriend happy.

Sameer and Sanya are in a relationship since two and a half years. Lately they have been fighting like cats. Sanya throws a tantrum if Sameer shows up late for a date. Sameer feels jealous when she talks about other guys. If things remain like they are the relationship is surely going to hit the rocks. As time passes and the honeymoon period gets over, couples stop behaving like they did when they first began the relationship. Though it may seem difficult to understand a girl's emotions you can try some tricks to keep her happy. Here are few things a guy can do to keep his girlfriend happy.

Be loyal to her

This is the most basic and important rule. You would not mind occasional flirting but it could lead to bigger issues. Do not two time her, come what may! The relationship prospers if you are honest. Do not try to cheat on your partner. Discuss issues and communicate if you feel there is a problem. No one is perfect and there will be always something more that you will desire. Being loyal is not about not getting attracted but it is remembering that you have a partner who loves you, every time you feel attracted.

Say sorry

Do not be reluctant to say sorry if you have made a mistake or have hurt her in some way. 'Apology is a lovely perfume; it can transform the clumsiest moment into a gracious one,' whoever said this said it rightly. Never say, 'I am sorry that I hurt you'. This shows arrogance. Instead, say that you are sorry and you should not have done so.

Say that you love her

These three magical words do wonders. 'I love you' is what you have to tell her from time to time to make your relationship strong. Gently hold her hand, look deep into her eyes and tell her how much you love her and how much you care about her.

Call her back

You do not have to climb on roof tops and shout your lungs out to her. If you love her, express it. Do not forget to call her back when you said to do so. At least call up once a day to ask what is she doing? Did she have her food on time? Just make a call to say 'I miss you' or 'I love you'. It shows you care and all it takes is a five minute call.

Give missed calls

Whenever you get time, buzz her to tell her that you are missing her. Your missed calls will make her feel special. They will also create a mysterious effect and you will have something to talk about when you actually call up or meet. Activate a romantic caller tune on your mobile phone. If she returns your missed calls, she will first hear the romantic number that will captivate her heart.

Send her sweet text messages

Make the best use of technology when you are running short on time. If you cannot call her then text her. Shower her with cute messages just to tell her that she is on your mind. Text her and let her know that you are missing her a lot (do not fake it). In your text messages mention sweet names for her like sweetheart, honey or cutie pie.

Share things with her

Let her know about your life. Do not create a big gap. Tell her about your past, if it is important, before she gets to know from some other source. Introduce her to your friends, tell her about what happened at work or tell her what your mother is cooking on this weekend. Ask her opinion on which shirt you should wear for work. It will make her feel that you value her.

Spend time with her

No relationship will work unless you give it time. Remember your first date and try to make your every other date as exciting as the first time you met. Your girlfriend will appreciate that you made time for her. Do things that will make the time you spent together memorable. A candle light dinner and a romantic love song with some champagne can make her fantasies real. There is nothing more romantic than taking a walk on a rainy day without any umbrellas. Sip some coffee together after that and you see her glow with the warmth of your love. Do the unexpected at times. It can turn a simple date into an eventful one.

Give her some space

Do not keep nagging. Give her some breathing space. Do not act over possessive. Let her spend time with her friends. Do not feel envious when she is enjoying with her pals. Let her know that you trust her. Avoid clinging to her like magnet all the time. A little space is important to let her miss you.

Respect her decisions

Remember something you learnt at school? Give respect and you will get respect. Respect her decisions and encourage her to achieve her goals. Call her and wish her good luck if she is going on a job interview. Stand by her side if she is depressed regarding her career or family. Tell her not to worry and be there for her. It is okay if you cannot give great advice but just by making her feel that you are there for her can make her feel better.

Public display of affection

Show your affection for her publicly. Do not feel hesitant. Hold her hand when you are walking. Put your hand around her shoulder and make her feel that you really care for her. Avoid kissing in public or you will find raised eyebrows around you. In worse cases, you might attract some rude remarks.

Complement her

You have approached her as you liked everything about her. Complement her when you notice something nice about her. Adore her beautiful smile. Admire her new attire or haircut. Tell her that you love the perfume she wears. Do not criticise her habits and do not try to change her. If there is really a problem, discuss it with her and find a solution together.

Drop love notes and letters

Go with the saying 'old is gold'. Adopt the old way of writing a letter. Write a letter, sprinkle the perfume you wear on it and mail it on the address of your sweetheart. She will be more than glad to receive a love letter from you. Without her knowledge leave a love note wherever she can find it easily and surprise her.

Surprise her with gifts

Shower her with gifts frequently. You need not buy very expensive gifs. Out of the blue treat her with her favourite flavour of ice-cream. Give her a bunch of roses, call her and tell that you have booked movie tickets for one of the latest movies she wanted to watch. A cuddle toy melts the hardest hearts; send it to her with a love note attached to it.

Be yourself

Do not pretend to be humorous, if you are not. Be your self. She will love you the way you are and not for some other reason. She will easily see through you. You may not be good at cracking jokes but you may be a romantic at heart. Be an original and you will be loved.

Make her laugh

You need not to be a laughter champion to make her laugh. A few spontaneous jokes can make her giggle. Tell her about funny incident that happened to you when you were a small boy or tell her about some funny thing you read somewhere. You do not have to try any tricks for this, just share some funny episodes.

Pamper her

Who does not like getting pampered? Sometimes treat her like a small girl. Buy chocolates and pastries for her. Pick up the heart shaped balloon for her. Tell her a story. Write poems for her. Think of your favourite love song and sing it for her. If you cannot sing then give her a CD of songs you would like to sing to her. You can also dedicate a song for her on a radio channel which plays songs on your demand. However, do not forget to ask her to tune in at the right time.

Hugs & kisses

Warm hugs and passionate kisses blossom a relationship. A loving touch can work like magic. Greet her with a warm affectionate hug when you meet her. Not only hugs and kisses but a loving touch like holding her hand and caressing her is necessary to show your love towards her. When you are sitting with a group of friends, hold her hand below the table and see her trying to hide her blush.

If you have been going through a rough patch with your girl friend or just fallen in love, you now have the secret to make your girl friend happy. A relationship needs to be nurtured and it is the small things that make a big difference. It is time now to give her wonderful reasons to fall in love with you all over again. What are you waiting for?

Is your relationship working well? Do you think your girl friend is happy with you? Have you ever given her a surprise? To share your views and experiences, click here.

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Name: Abhi
City:   Jhansi
Comments:   First we were very happy with each other ...but after some fights there is a gap between us and we are unable to meet publicly and privately because she´s not so interested in me today´s time ...but I love her what to do so I can get her back

Name: Matthew George
City:   Brooklyn Park
Comments:   These tips are educative. I will follow these rules. It help me a lot to understand the importance of being a relationship with the care about. Good materials!

Name: ryan
City:   kingston
Comments:   well right now is either we have broken up or still together, she said she is unhappy in the relationship sigh, right now i am trying to make things better. knowing that she is hurt, hurts me even more i feel down getting depressed. i just want to make things better for me an and her so i will follow these tips day by day for a month. Lets see what happens

Name: jhgdfxhcgj
City:   hgfht
Comments:   it gives you good reason and tips

Name: manish
City:   Jaipur
Comments:   This tips is so nice I follow this tips the steps we walk in this tips me so happy and my gf so thnx

Name: Subhendu
City:   hooghly
Comments:   Ya.its going wrll

Name: alejandro
City:   maryland
Comments:   treat ur gf well never get her off ur mind be happy tht u have the best gf ever say i will never let u go i will always be wiff u and say i love u everytime because she likes it and when u see her in school or something kiss her and holdher hands and never let go

Name: carolyn
City:   Tenerife
Comments:   These tips are a bit basic. To really ensure that your woman is happy, you need to understand what makes her tick. Try reading this book for some excellent advice; It´s called "How to make a woman happy" and it´s by author Denis Hickey

Name: Gopal Dwivedi
City:   kaithal
Comments:   I like these tips after my friend love me more and be my girlfriend. Thanks

Name: Maui Malinao
City:   Quezon City
Comments:   I did some of the steps and my girlfriend is more happier with me now, so hapy that just her going home will just make her call me. Thanks a lot

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