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Valentine's Day for Parents and Expecting Parents

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It does not mean that becoming a parent or expecting a baby is an end to your romantic life. Read on and find tips to add spice to your love life once again and to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your spouse.

Valentine’s Day is a very special day for couples. Not many of you will be romantic, but if you find the right way to celebrate this lovely day with your partner, then no worries! It may get a little harder for parents and also for parents-to-be to celebrate the perfect Valentine’s Day, but there are many brilliant ideas to have quality time together and make this day special. Just because you are expecting a baby, the fun does not lessen down, and just because you have to change your baby’s diaper in the middle of your dessert does not lessen the fun either.

Things You Must Remember

Plan Ahead to Avoid Failure

It is better to plan your Valentine’s Day earlier before you end up thinking what to do and get busy doing your daily chores with your kid or taking care of yourself during pregnancy.

Surprise Your Hubby

Surprise your husband by gifting something that he was wishing to get since long. Wear his favourite lingerie or his favourite corset you have not wore since long. You can do other funny things and involve your baby also in the act.

Plan Some Baby-Free Time

Try to have some lonely time with your partner. You can put your baby to sleep early or give him or her to a baby-sitter or in-laws for a day just to have a special time only and only with your darling.

Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Here a few ways how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day and feel relaxed, entertained, reconnected, indoors and out.

Go Out for a Picnic

Pack food, drive somewhere far in a nice and lonely area, where you guys can spend some quality time together under the sky. You can hit the beach and have food on the sand near the shore. Also, you can organize a star-gazing picnic under the sky on a clear night. Make sure you have sparkling water ready to toast if champagne is not allowed for a parent-to-be.

Enjoy Doable Games Together

If you are a parent-to-be, try playing board games together or playing mini-golf together that is going to be really interesting. If you are a parent and have no worry for baby bumps, go for bowling together or roller skating or any games that you both enjoy together the most.

Cook a Meal Together

Cooking a new meal together is very romantic. Check out a new recipe online, either read it or see the video, go to the supermarket together and fetch the necessary ingredients, come home, keep the lighting low, play romantic tunes in the background, and start cooking together.

Watch a Movie Together

Pick out some common favourite movie and watch it together with some snacks on the side like veggies and chips and dip, etc. Movies based on pregnancy with healthy pregnancy snacks are best for parents-to-be.

Have the Best Food

If you have got pregnancy cravings, make a whole meal of it and enjoy with your partner. If you are not pregnant and only a parent, then do not hesitate to begin your meal with a sparkling cocktail. Try the one having champagne with a raspberry puree and a splash of limoncello. End the meal with heart-shaped brownies or mini-cakes as desserts.

Be Creative!

Do not forget to be creative and surprise your partner with a small but creative gift that he would discover from under his pillow. You can also be creative with making cards by your own. You can spread a romantic table sheet on the dinner table and decorate it with confetti, candles, and long-stemmed roses to give a fresh romantic look. Take some time to dress and make yourself look fresh and best. Go to a spa, put a nice dress, powder your nose, splash your favourite perfume, get on the fancy slippers, and get ready for spending the day with your partner in the best way possible.

What is the best way for parents to celebrate Valentine’s Day? How can expecting parents celebrate a romantic Valentine’s Day? How can new parents celebrate Valentine’s Day with their newborn?
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Feedback on article

Name: Anju
City:   Chennai
Comments:   After the baby has arrived we do not get much time to spend together. Therefore, I am planning to do something special for Valentines day. these tips are very helpful.

Name: Raji
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   It is normal for husbands to forget wives after having a kid. The romance goes missing. This my first valentine after the baby´ s birth. My husband use to bring gift every year for me on Valentine´ s Day. I just want to see what he will do this year as he does not love me that much as he used to love me before having baby.

Name: Priyanka
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   My husband has forgotten everything after the baby has arrived. He just keeps loving the baby all the time and he has forgotten that baby´ s mom needs love to...I don´ t know what to do I feel disheartened! :(

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