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  How to impress your boyfriend- by editor

You are lucky, if you are blessed with true love. Everyone crave to have an ideal relationship. You need to show attention and affection towards your partner in a romantic relationship. Here are relationship tips on how to impress your boyfriend and keep him happy.

When you get into a relationship, you try a lot to impress your partner. You do things to keep your boyfriend happy, you do find out the ways to keep your girlfriend happy. Do not you read 'love and relationships' columns with greater interest? Do not you find out dating tips when you fall in love? Here are a few tips for girls to make their relationship outstanding.

Take interest in his friends

It may be that for some of you, your boyfriend’s friends nothing but nuisances. Remember that your beau has a life apart from you and he would love it if you will take interest in his life. Hang out with his friends and try to get along with them. Remember, your boyfriend wants his friends to like you and not love you. If any of his friends being flirty, stay away. You may harm your relation with your boyfriend if you will encourage him. Treat his female friends creatively without any preconceptions.

Smell nice

Your perfume can act as a magnate. Do not you feel a kind of nostalgia when you are away from your beau and someone wearing same perfume your boyfriend wears passes by? Find out his favorite fragrance and wear it. He will not let you be alone for a second.

Be confident

Boys adore confident girls. Be confident when you are around your boyfriend. No one appreciates a person who lacks confident and feels insecure all the time. A confident person has bold approach towards his ambitions and aspirations. 'Confidence’ is the quality you should posses as to make your boyfriend feel proud of you. How to be confident? Just believe in yourself from within, take care of yourself, stay in shape, eat healthy and be positive.

Express yourself

Do not expect your boyfriend to guess how you are feeling or what you are thinking. Not being clear about something can lead to misunderstandings and most of the break-ups take place due to petty misunderstandings. Do not expect from your boyfriend more time for your relationship. Just speak it out. Communication is the key. Discuss things which are not clear. Conversations can address the biggest problems.

Look good

Look good, feel good. Looking good has nothing to do with beauty. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Take very good care of yourself. Small aspects such as keeping your nails clean, removing unwanted hair, wearing attire that suits you and taking care of your skin can make a lot of difference in your relationship.

Be yourself

'Be yourself' and everything will go smooth. Your boyfriend loves you for what you are. Do not ever change. Do not pretend. Do not try to be like someone else. Just be as you are. If your boyfriend is not happy with what you are then it is the time you should reconsider the relationship.

Do not say things that will hurt

Out of the rage do not say things that will hurt him. Do not comment negatively about his family and friends. Do not doubt his love for you. Small fights are bound to happen in a relationship. Keep your head even in the tricky situations. Think twice before saying anything. Remember, putting the toothpaste back in the tube is impossible.

Keep that smile on

Someone has quoted it rightly, 'Never frown because you never know who might be falling in love with your smile.’ You smile fascinates him the most. Your charm is hidden in your smile. Flaunt sparkling teeth, fresh breath, glossy lips and chirpy mood. Keeping that smile on would turn your every date delightful.

Trust him

Trust is the base of any relationship. Showing that you do not trust your boyfriend will make him lose faith in you. Tell him, 'I trust you’, 'I believe in you’, 'you are right’ 'I have faith in you’ and such things. He will be pleased to know that you think he is worth you. Never doubt his instincts unless you have firm proof. Trusting each other is the way towards blissful relationship.

Love is a beautiful emotion. Love is a sweet temptation. Love is eternal. So, impress your sweetheart and keep showering love on him. Someone has said that if you love someone you would be willing to give up everything for them, but if they loved you back they would never ask you to.

What do you do to impress your boyfriend? Does your partner notice it when you wear a new dress? Does your partner compliment you often? To share your views and experiences,click here.

Feedback on article
Name: Meher
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   My boyfriend and I are in relationship since 3 years now. The sad part in our relationship is that we are in long distance relationship. When we started dating, we both were in Mumbai and we used to meet each almost twice in a week. But then after six months since we started dating, my boyfriend got job in Pune and he shifted there. He started staying with his cousin over there. Since then we talk only on phone and on internet. Though we are not very happy with the distance between us, we are managing it well. No, distance can make us apart. I do not have to do much to impress him.


Name: Neha
City:   Jharkhand
Comments:   We are in same college and in one class. We spend most of out time together. Somewhere I hear that spending too much time together is also not that good. Sometimes we fight. He often notices when I have a new haircut or if I am wearing a new dress. I try to act innocent in front of him. I call him by sweet nicknames like cutiepie, sweetheart, choc chip, etc. He really gets impressed when I call him, ‘my baby’. I also say things like I can not live without him. He too do things to impress me, it is not like that only I try to impress him. He often surprises me with love greeting cards and gifts.


Name: Rupali
City:   U.K
Comments:   I agree that you must be friendly with your BF’s friends but if you do not like them, it is not necessary to spend time with them. I totally I agree that you should have good communication with your partner in order to maintain smooth relationship and to avoid fights. There should a trust in relationship. One should not say things that might hurt one of the partners. My BF and I are in madly in love and we are going to get engaged soon.


Name: To Meher
City:   Pune
Comments:   Hi I am from Pune and my BF in Mumbai . Over the weekends , one of us takes turns to go to Mumbai or Pun and meet each other. Its not diffiult at all . This is not a factor for you to wallow in self pity about 1


Name: rose
City:   lucknow
Comments:   actually i dont agree tht taking intrest in his frnds will help it anyway coz my bf loves meh a lot n lot n he hates it to hell level whn i talk to his frnds.n i kno possessiveness is jst da reasn.all u need is express urslf da most n dont evr lie to him coz i did it n nw m payin fr it.he doesnt trusts me anymore bt still we 2 r togethr coz we cant survive without each othr n all datz takin our relationship ahead is compromises frm mah side.


Name: giftinder
City:   amritsar
Comments:   i want to know some good ideas that how to make my boyfreind fall in love with me very deeply so that he should not have control in missing me even a second


Name: priya
City:   kuala lumpur
Comments:   i noe my boyfriend love me alot bt dat way he react at me like he doesn´ t like me..n´ he is very disciplin person..wat can i do 4 more improve my love 2wards him..


Name: Sunyurita
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   My guy me sunyurita i love him alot n alot. he supports me alot n he loves me alot v both r in madly in love, i dont wt happns in our future.


Name: ruby mehta
City:   karnal
Comments:   i love u.....


Name: sushma
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   hi, i love a guy more than myself he is my friend from past 6 years.. he likes me a lot and helped a lot than any other person could do. he shows special care but he doesnt love me. now our relationship has turned to an extend where i cant live without him. but he says he cant love me. what should i do? plz help


Name: Geethanjali
City:   chennai
Comments:   Hi, my loved ones name is mani, I Love hime a lot like anything, even he loves me a lot, and iam to possisive of him also, i feel gelous when he speakes to other girls, it doesnt meen that i dont belive him, it meens that i love him verymuch. and i expect same from him till my last..... Mani I LOVE U LOT LOT ND LOT DA CHILLI BILLI


Name: Hena
City:   Wenjhou
Comments:   Give me feed back about make up


Name: radhika
City:   kishangarh
Comments:   i think tht looking gud nd smiling helps a lot. i nd my bf remains togethr 4 long long time nd smimes hav fight bt v bt trust each other so it dsnt matter, even v think tht fights r the part of love only. good luck to all lovers.


Name: inna more
City:   Mombasa
Comments:   Actually,,i thank God for such aluvng& caring guy..luvs mi & appreciate mi..


Name: priya
City:   mumbai
Comments:   my bf stay at delhi .and he stay with his roommates i dont have a problem with it but sometimes i feel he ignore me


Name: komal
City:   delhi
Comments:   love it jst happens.we cannot force anyone to love us,,,, i am far from my bf ,,,, we hve distance in relation ,,,hope he still loves me... hope for the best


Name: Boi
City:   Gabz
Comments:   um in long distance relationship with a guy i love so much..he respects me a lot and trust more than he ever trusted anyone..dats what he always say anyway..and it hurts him to see me hurt..he always try put a smile in my face..i love u babe


Name: b.sunitha
City:   chennai
Comments:   hi me and my lover first loved after somedays he said i did feel love with i feel hurted so plz suggest some ideas to get along with him


Name: Brooke
City:   Brampton
Comments:   hi my boyfriend never talks about us what should i do


Name: aishwarya
City:   chennai
Comments:   actually me nd my boyfriend have been very close since we started knowing eachother well recently his brother came to noe about our relationship nd spoiled his relationship with me later we dint talk den i convinced him to talk den i asked me if we wer realy in love before he said yes but when we were we dint express ourselves but only after the incident i came to noe we liked each other without knowing nw we r just friends now how can i get back with him ???


Name: Amina
City:   berkeley
Comments:   Well he tells me sweet things like, you are smart and don´ t let nobody say the oppisite. and you are very pretty and great wordrobe. We are a great ouple.


Name: soniya
City:   mumbai
Comments:   I and my B.F is in same college and even in same class we both spend lots of time with each other. he often use to say me that he cannot live without me. i used to call him my bacha and he calls me jaan or mummmy. i actually love him alot.


Name: priyanka
City:   kolkata
Comments:   my boyfriend cnt invest much time on me nw a days,we both hardy talk 4 few minutes over the phone,bacause evrytime he is busy with his family business.though whenever i talk to him i feel he really does love me,but i am misunderstanding him.


Name: simi
City:   mumbai
Comments:   My boyfriend love me verymuch but he know abot my past relation n cause of my past our relation is getting worst day by day...pls advise what we can do that he should forget my past and except me...


Name: Chelsea
City:   washington
Comments:   my boyfriend and i have been together for almost 2 years and i cant even get him to plan a date or do anything special it´ s even starting to feel like he doesnt want to be around me at all. we do spend way too much time together since he isnt working. we have a baby also so it makes it way more important to me that this works. i told him how i feel more than once and he isnt even trying to change i love him but just cant keep fighting for this alone


Name: Zara
City:   mumbai


Name: vydehi
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   my bf loves me so much but from 2 weeks he is not talking with me nicely why if i ask he will say that he had problems wat to do,so pls tell me the idea to impress my love and make him happy


Name: kalyani
City:   guntur
Comments:   he use to scold me everytime when i give him a phone call.till now he doesnot giv me a complimentbut i dont know y he proposed me ?!!


Name: kalyani
City:   guntur
Comments:   i´ m very much worried about him,he says he is busy since one year.n also he is having problems im feeling very bad without talking 2 him.will u suggest me any idea?


Name: demi
City:   leeds
Comments:   i love my bf his name is dom and my name is demi i have never felt this way abouot a boy befor i love you baby boii love your babii girl dem dem


Name: demi
City:   leeds
Comments:   im stuck im worried he will leave me for another he but im confused as he wants a baby to me and he wants to propose to me any advice plz from any1 it would be really greatfull iloveyou to peaces baby dont hurt me by breaking my heart


Name: kakoli
City:   wb
Comments:   i luv ma boyfrnd very much i cannot live without him.


Name: panja
City:   assam
Comments:   hai...i ws in luv wit a boy name palash we use 2 hv a cool relation b4 but in the middle we hd a quarell regarding his ex gf ....her ex came bck in his lif and he started ignorning me. he toldme that he luvs both of us but i dnt lik this so i left him.....but i still luv him plz suggst me hw 2 bring him bck in my life..shall i muv away or wait 4 his return


Name: sukh
City:   sydney
Comments:   hi i hv a lover he love me alot and i m loving him as well. 2 months ago he went to overseas and he called me and said i don´ t love u now and i don´ t hv any feelings for u i want break up. but i m very serious for him i cann´ t leave without him he is my life. Please give me any advise how to fix all this


Name: bhawna
City:   delhi(uttam nagar)
Comments:   hi mi Name is bf name is rupesh and i love him a lot.but sometime im very much possesive for him and then he think that i dont have trust on there r many times we started fight to each other.soooooo please help me wat can i do to express mi feelings to him..... help me pls.....


Name: Angilina
City:   marion
Comments:   OMG those tips you gave the world worked!! I am married to i just did the things you told and boom he just prpossed. you are smart girl thanks!!!


Name: neha
City:   bombay
Comments:   how he should attract to me


Name: priyanka
City:   kolkata
Comments:   we both met each other in a party,i wasnt aware that i ll b truely in love with slowly n gradually we came closer and i got committed to later on i got to know that he has lied many of his thing,so i felt he never loved me,and then i talked about mutual breakup,he doesnt wanna do that.he is saying that he wont be lieng any more,initially he wasnt serious with me but now he cant stay without me.but still i cant find him loving me the way i expect or better to say the way i still love what shall i do know?


Name: alisha
City:   s.d
Comments:   i dont get it like he likes a diffrent boy buht he likes me to today its valintines day he sent me a valentine card and it said i love you but the love part was scratched out and said you are cool then at reading class he sent me a note saying evelynn dosnt wnt us to be together and said i dont wanna break up wit you tell me wat does alll that mean idgi (i dont get it)


Name: leonie
City:   uk
Comments:   it was my birthday as well as valentines day yesterday, i had an amazing day. my bf got me a gawgus neckless nd a punch of flowers. he is soo sweet nd caring ive been wid him nearly 5 months, we do argue know and then but we always make up. i cudnt live without him x


Name: Nidhi
City:   delhi
Comments:   i am in relationship with a guy who is in ma office but he forced me to join different office as he says that it make differences in our relationship and i joined other office and he joined other office but now he dnt care abt me he dnt call me twice in a day .he says that he really love me and want to marry after 4 yrs but its just one month and i dnt feel that he cares abt me or love me after saying him he calls me or ask abt unless he just forget me i just wanted to know he loves me or not ?it hurts me a lot where am i wrong.


Name: neha
City:   puna
Comments:   dont run behind a person who dosent care about u


Name: hjil
City:   sydney
Comments:   tyjio


Name: hjil
City:   sydney
Comments:   tyjio


Name: bhavneet kaur
City:   delhi
Comments:   i love my bf alot. i can´ t live without him but many times we fight after that i will very depress


Name: bhavneet kaur
City:   delhi
Comments:   i love my bf alot. i can´ t live without him but many times we fight after that i will very depress what can i do?


Name: Yaya
City:   Broklyn
Comments:   Loved this it inspired me in so many ways!!tank you so much


Name: Yaya
City:   Broklyn
Comments:   Loved this it inspired me in so many ways!!tank you so much


Name: Yaya
City:   Broklyn
Comments:   Loved this it inspired me in so many ways!!tank you so much


Name: Yaya
City:   Broklyn
Comments:   Loved this it inspired me in so many ways!!tank you so much


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