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How to keep your boyfriend happy

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Relationship blossoms if both partners are happy to be together. Learn how to keep your boyfriend happy and take a small effort to flourish your love relationship.

Gaurav and Sadhna are going to celebrate 3rd anniversary of their relationship. They are madly in love with each other. Gaurav loves gajar ka halva prepared by Sadhna. He says that Sadhna is his support. Gaurav got promotion last month and he gives all the credit to Sadhna. She believed in him and motivated him when he went through the low phases. Sadhna knows what it takes to keep him happy. Now it is your turn to unfold the secrets to keep your boyfriend happy.

Compliment him

Who says only girls like to receive compliments? Guys too love receiving compliments. Give your boyfriend a chance to be on a cloud nice. Make sure that you are complimenting him because you mean it. Admire his new sturdy motorbike. Admire his new hair style. Praise him for his achievements on career front.

Cook for him

It may sound cliched but the way to man's heart is through his stomach. You do not have to be an expert in cooking but trying your hand on some cooking and making delicious preparations for him will make him flatter your cooking skills. As Shakespeare said that course of true love never did run smooth, you may come up with terrible recipes but your sweetheart will be happy that at least you cooked for him.

Give him a nickname

Pick up a cute nickname for your love. This nickname can resemble to his qualities or personality. The nickname you give to your boyfriend should be based on his positive traits and not negative ones. You may call your boyfriend 'hot chocolate' if he is tall, dark and handsome. You may call him 'sugar cube' if he is charming and cute. Look at the snap of your beau and you get inspiration to come up with an exciting nickname. He will go crazy for you when you will call him by that name.

Respect him

Respect makes relationships deeper and stronger. Respect his decisions. Respect his family and friends. Respect him. Appreciate his efforts to make your relationship do well. Show considerations for his beliefs. You must be thinking what about my values? Do not worry, go with this old saying, respect given is respect earned.

Do not be a nag

The deeper you go in a relationship your expectations about each other grow. Do not try to change him. You are in love with him as you like him how he is. Avoid nagging on trivial issues. Stop complaining about trivial matters. Sometimes you nag as you care but anything in excess is not good. 'Be responsible', 'you are being so careless', 'take out more time for our relationship', are you finding these expressions familiar. Quit nagging and make your relationship lively.

Be an open book

Do not keep any secrets. You do not have to tell everything from your past but the more you tell the better. Do not keep important things in your life under the wrap. Let your boyfriend know the thick and thins of your life. It makes a lot of difference to know something from you and get to know something about you from someone else. Keeping secrets can be maligning for your relationship.

Support him

You are the important part in his life. If he will get your support in whatever he is doing or whatever he is aiming for, he will surely succeed in his task. In the relationship you both are incomplete without each other but that does not mean you should be completely dependent upon each other. If he is going on a family holiday greet him a happy journey. If he is going to be the part of cricket tournament be there to cheer him up. Your support counts a lot.

Do not be over possessive

Being over possessive can be harmful for your relationship. Do you feel envious when your boyfriend talks with someone who is of opposite sex? Respect the freedom of your lover. Give him some space. 'Do not be over possessive,' is one of the significant dating advices. Avoid clinging to your partner too much. Avoid seeking explanations for everything he does. Avoid asking questions such as, 'where were you?' and 'who was that girl?' stop being a doubting Thomas.

Shower him with love and affection

Wear your heart on your sleeves. Guys love public display of affection. They too need their share of hugs and kisses. Say 'I love you' frequently. Leave behind a love note in his book saying, 'I can not live without you, you make my life worthwhile.' Occasionally surprise him with a bunch of fresh flowers and gifts. If he is arguing with you kiss him, he will forget for what he was arguing. Send him cute text messages saying how much you are missing him.

Now you know most of the tricks to keep your boyfriend happy. So what is on your mind? May be you are thinking about buying a surprise gift for him or you are thinking of all possible nicknames you can give to your sweetheart. You are lucky that you have that true love that makes ride worthwhile. Good luck!

How your relationship is going? Do you think your boyfriend is happy with you? What do you do to impress your boyfriend? To share your views and experiences,click here.

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