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  How to Improve Relationship with Boyfriend- by Editor

Are you looking for relationship tips and advices for improving your relationship with your boy friend? If you follow some relationship advices, you can definitely make your relationship with your boyfriend better. Read on to know how you can improve your relationship with your boyfriend.

If you are in love and wish to carry on the relationship forever, you must be looking for expert tips that would help you improve your relationship with your boyfriend. There are many reasons why a relationship gets sweet or sour. However, to understand this, you need to know first what men like and what their dislikes are. At the same time there should be some limitations and space in the relationship. There are many aspects that should be taken care of for the betterment and strengthening of your relationship.

Tips to Improve Relationship with Your Boyfriend

Have a quick look at some relationship tips and advices to improve your relationship with your boyfriend.

Be Feminine

Today, many girls are prejudiced by the feminist movement and this is why they often demand much more from their boyfriends. The boys are also getting too much confused and this is a big hindrance in having a long lasting relationship full of love and care. If you wish to have a long term and enduring relationship, try to be feminine and understand the value of becoming more feminine.

Forget Yourself

True love happens only when you forget yourself. Try to find out first what you are and what you want and then give more to your man. Giving is not just gifts or other things. It is a feeling that comes from within.

Make it Last Long

Having an extraordinary relationship is desired by all couples. This happens when there is clear polarity between the two. The attraction between the two give rise to passion, bliss and intimacy and this lasts through years. Pay attention to your relationship and give your best to it.

Pay Attention to Inner Feelings

The physical looks only matter for the first one or two meetings. Try to develop a soft and tender heart. Make your man feel needed and love him beyond question and fulfill his needs. You will have a good relationship, no doubt.

Be a Girl

The more girlish and soft hearted you are more attracted will be your boyfriend. At the same time if you are strong and independent, you might lose the confidence and love that he has for you at present.

Keep Money Apart from Relationship

It has been observed that many relationships break because money comes in between the two. Do not weigh anything with money.

Resolve Conflicts

When you have expressed anger and you had a conflict, you must also know how to resolve it. If you think a 'sorry' from your side can save your relationship or make it better, do not hesitate to say sorry.

Keep Your Love Life Alive

Do not take it for granted that he loves you. Do something special so that you can keep your love life healthy.

Always keep in mind that men and women are made differently in many ways. It is good to be different and only then the relationship lasts. Remember, opposite poles attract each other. Your relationship will last and become strong only when you maintain the basic difference.

It is a universal truth that men are like men and they take care of women. Accept the fact that men are different and this is because there is a reason behind this. Do not try to change the rules of God and life.

Remember that chains are not going to hold your relationship. It is only many threads that sew people together and keep them attached through years. Your relationship will be stronger only when these threads will be stronger.

What do you do to impress your boyfriend? How do you manage fights between you and your boyfriend? Are you always ready to say 'sorry' to save your relationship? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

Feedback on article
Name: Asmi
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Saying sorry is ok to improve your relationship. It does not harm to say sorry and patch up the problem in relationship even if the mistake is not yours. Saying sorry is a must and sorry can help to save many relationships. Therefore, do not hesitate to say sorry and save your relationship.


Name: Maya
City:   Jaipur
Comments:   I really liked your relationship tips on improving the relationship with boyfriend. Some times we do not know what to do as we are under lot of stress due to the ups and downs in the relationship. Such articles are very helpful to save relationship.


Name: Prital
City:   Panjim
Comments:   It is very necessary to keep the love life alive for keeping your boyfriend happy. Relationship should be maintained and improved by giving gifts and acknowledging all the love which you get from your boyfriend. Saying thank you and arranging romantic dinner or lunch occasionally can help to improve the relationship with your boyfriend.


Name: adnesh
City:   alibag
Comments:   yes, right asmi i m agree with ur suggestions


Name: meenu
City:   mumbai
Comments:   nothing


Name: Yogita Patil
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   i am married 3yrs bt now it is not working at all i really love him bt he keeps on fighting with silly reasons please help i want a baby now but he is saying no


Name: Aifuwa Izoduwa Joy
City:   Lagos
Comments:   Advice on how to make a long lasting relationship


Name: kajal chande
City:   mumbai
Comments:   mail me


Name: Indhu
City:   Chennai
Comments:   You have kept the concept in simple and good


Name: Twinkle
City:   chandigarh
Comments:   fwe


Name: Caitlyn
City:   Vancouver
Comments:   This is terrible advice. It is completely sexist!


Name: jaansi
City:   chandi
Comments:   good tips for us


Name: Soaxtooxboova
City:   Kakamega
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Name: Jane
City:   Owerri
Comments:   I like the advice gvn on hw to keep ur relationship strong but one more thing l wnt to put in it is always b dia for hm wen he need u most weda in pains or joy.pls l always ve a fight with hm wot wil l do


Name: Ashley
City:   Davao city
Comments:   my relationshp with may bf are nt wrkng. Plz help me, hw to find anther relationship.


Name: roxy
City:   cebu
Comments:   i usually say sorry to him .when i think if i am who started the quarrel between the two of us


Name: roxy
City:   cebu
Comments:   i usually say sorry to him .when i think if i am who started the quarrel between the two of us


Name: roxy
City:   cebu
Comments:   i usually say sorry to him .when i think if i am who started the quarrel between the two of us


Name: roxy
City:   cebu
Comments:   i usually say sorry to him .when i think if i am who started the quarrel between the two of us


Name: roxy
City:   cebu
Comments:   i usually say sorry to him .when i think if im the one who started the quarrel between the two of us


Name: roxy
City:   cebu
Comments:   i usually say sorry to him .when i think if im the one who started the quarrel between the two of us


Name: roxy
City:   cebu
Comments:   i usually say sorry to him .when i think if im the one who started the quarrel between the two of us


Name: nneku chinonye
City:   jos
Comments:   i brokeup wit ma bf bt i stil love him and want him bck.wat wil i do.


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