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Fancy Dress Ideas for Preschoolers

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Children like dressing up in their favourite fantasy characters. Fancy dress event is a fun filled moment for the children. Preschoolers feel a part of this event when they are able to relate with the characters. Make fancy dress event the most memorable event of your preschooler with our innovative ideas.

Fancy dress ideas for a preschooler should be fun and innovative; these are only two requirements that will cheer them up. The whole point is to make the event exciting and engage the attention of the child as well as make him feel included. Fancy dress event is an entertainment activity that should also help the child to learn a lot of things in a fun way. Talking of ideas, a preschooler is always found to be excited by objects and things that they can readily relate to. 

They are mostly fairy tale characters, cartoon characters, animals and characters from their favourite animation or superhero movies and also certain characters from their rhymes.

Given below are some ideas for parents that can be used in the next fancy dress event:

Nursery Rhyme Characters

Be it the Little Bo Peep or the Hickory Dick, kids always love their rhyme characters. Make some fancy dresses by tweaking some dresses in exciting colours, stitching some ribbons or laces at the frills or by adding a zing with some leather bands, belts or hats.

Fancy dress events are a wonderful opportunity to teach the rhymes to the kids without making them feel bored. Kids love to display and the idea of dressing up is an incentive enough to get them going and learning the lines.

Party Themes

Most of the fancy dress options comprise of Halloween, Carnival, Playtime, Mardi Gras and costume parties. Parents can make some innovative costumes for their preschoolers and even use home made face paint. In this segment you can go for the sandwich board costumes that can be crafty as well as inexpensive. These require some clean cardboard boxes, strings, fabric scraps, and poster paints.

Characters from Children’s Stories

With the Twilight books and vampire stories being a rage with the kids, you can also buy some accessories like the purple vampire eye shades, dripping blood fangs, gloves or the velvety capes to add some extra effect.

The groovy goggles part masks are another favorite with the kids. They are easy to make and you can play with the designs and colours extensively. Give it some funky shape like a start shape, or make a shamrock eyeglass just by cutting and assembling party paper crafts. 

An important point that needs to be noted here is that all the innovative ideas that you put in for the fancy dress must inevitable bear a positive impact on the kid. The whole idea should be fun and soothing one, the tender minds must not feel jarred and frightened with the deadly mask that you are planning to put on his innocent face.

As you make the cardboard panels, involve the kid in the activity and they will get to know a lot on how to assemble and arrange things into a definite shape. This will enhance their creative instincts and they will know how to cooperate to make something a success. This is also an opportunity for developing social skills.

In order to make the fancy dress a success, you can always include some plays and dialogue which will be more fun for the preschooler. Decide on a fun theme after discussing it with the kid and be sure to build up a supportive audience. You should also arrange for prizes like medallions which will act as an inspiration and reward and make sure that every kid is offered a prize in some category so that no one feels left out. After all this should be an opportunity for relaxed entertainment.

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pooja.1 year ago
my kid is in doon public school. she needs to prepare for fancy dress: fruit or vegetable, with recitation of 10 lines
manwani.2 years ago
i have a boy . he has to participate in fancy dress comp. the topic given is summer season. plz suggest me some ideas
Kimayi.2 years ago
my daughter has been given a topic on fancy dress competition in her school. she has to dress up as a fruit. how can i help her. give me some suggestions please
swetha.3 years ago
please give me adivce to prepare my 3 years old child for her fancy dress comptetion on INDEPENDENCE DAY with any one state in INDIA and costume please
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